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Vw save water ad Vintage Volkswagen ads t Save water

Vw save water ad Vintage Volkswagen ads t Save water


Volkswagen's "Save Water" ad. Text reads: "Presented by Volkswagen, the car with the air-cooled engine that doesn't use any".

vw save water ad

Easy to push VW Beetle AD This had to have been 1961 because my 1960 Beetle had no gas gauge.

"The Volkswagen is the one in red." ad.

1961 Volkswagen Beetle Ad ~ Last to Conk Out, Classic Vintage Volkswagen Beetle & Bus Ads

The legendary VW ad campaign of the by New York's Doyle Dane Bernbach – How many brilliant ways can you sell a car?

1969 Volkswagen Bug Print Ad - VW Beetle - 1956 VW

1967 Volkswagen Print Ad - VW - Bug - Beetle

1969 Volkswagen Beetle Print Ad - VW - "Live below your means" - VW Bug. Magazine AdsVintage ...

1962 Volkswagen Beetle Double Page Print Ad - Air-cooled Engine - VW Bug

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The Complete Book of Classic Volkswagens: Beetles, Microbuses, Things, Karmann Ghias,


1967 Volkswagen Station Wagon Print Ad - VW Van - VW Bus

1967 Volkswagen Beetle Bug Print Ad Picture - In Water - Keeps dampness out

67456-2. This ORIGINAL VINTAGE MAGAZINE PRINT ADVERTISEMENT is Approximately 7.5 inches wide ...

VW Bug 32 MPG 1961 Ad Picture

Print ad Volkswagen Beetle floating



1969 Volkwagen Print Ad - VW Squareback Sedan and VW Fastback

1966 Volkswagen VW Beetle Ad ~ Slightly Convertible, Classic Vintage Volkswagen Beetle & Bus Ads

Ads are carefully bagged and boarded and secured flat in between sturdy bend resistant cardboard then shipped inside a water and tear resistant polyethylene ...

vw ad 3

VW Beetle Aircooled 1962 Ad Picture

VW Bug with 13 Improvements 1969 Ad Picture


I love those great old VW ads

1966 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Bug - Ugly Is Only Skin Deep - VW - VINTAGE AD


"You're missing a lot when you own a Volkswagen" ad. vw ad 4

74vw ad. Volkswagen's introduction ...

1963 Volkswagen Beetle original vintage advertisement. Recounts the story of Albert Gillis who owned a 1929 Model A Ford for 33 years and chose a 1963 VW ...

1962 Volkswagen Beetle "Why do we put such big wheels on our little car?" ad .


Photo: VW

Remember those great Volkswagen ads?: Amazon.co.uk: Alfredo Marcantonio, David Abbott, John O'Driscoll: 9781858946344: Books

Retro Advert: VW Campmobile?

... that VW has brought this advertising style back several times. I re-discovered the following ads while going through vintage ads I collected from a ...

It's hardly an amphibious vehicle, but the original Beetle could indeed float


19. Ford Falcon Sprint. 1960s Print Ads

By the early Seventies, the Type 3 was showing its age a bit, but was still much more modern than the Beetle. As was mentioned in the VW Notchback post, ...

What are the benefits of using the MedEdQR platform?

Volkswagen started the '70s with an air-cooled, rear engined lineup and closed out the decade with a water-cooled, front engined lineup (save the ...

View VW Bug 22, Temporarily Sold Out

We've been talking about Volkswagen a lot lately, for pretty obvious reasons. And pretty often in all this talking, we've encountered a lot of references to ...

VW Advertising: The art of advertising the air-cooled Volkswagen: Richard Copping: 9781906133634: Amazon.com: Books

Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?: Alfredo Marcantonio, John O'Driscoll, David Abbott: 9780953703210: Amazon.com: Books

1968 Volkswagen vw Bus 'Superwagon' microbus superman colors vintage print Ad

1962 VW Volkswagen "How can you be sure you're getting a '62

1961 VW Volkswagen Beetle car in spotlights photo vintage print Ad

As the times changed, so did the advertising. All things change eventually, but no one can dispute that DDB created some classic advertising.

KBDaBear on Twitter: "National Lampoon's "Ted Kennedy Volkswagen Ad" that caused heads to explode in the 70's http://t.co/CcwUMw8zcW"


1964 VW Volkswagen red bus microbus Xmas bow photo ad

1966 VW Beetles only · Volkswagen USA · Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club

Plymouth, 1953.

How VW was rebuilt by a stubborn Englishman

Mueller's contract as CEO at Volkswagen had been expected to run through the end of 2019, so a change now would represent a substantial reduction in his ...

Other versions of the Volkswagen campaign.

It's impossible to talk about the Volkswagen without mentioning where it came from: a division of Hitler's Third Reich called Strength Through Joy (Kraft ...

All The Great 1960s Volkswagen Ads

ORIGINAL 1967 Volkswagen VW Squareback Sedan Ad - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING VWL

The Shift to Models with Water-Cooled Engines

1967 VW Beetle classic car floating in water photo Volkswagen vintage print ad

CLICK HERE to see parts 1, 3 and 4 too. (Part 1 has the history of the ad campaign)

All The Great 1960s Volkswagen Ads / Surfingbird - мы делаем интернет лучше


... vw 111 ...

VW Beetle Basic Model 1962 Ad Picture

1975 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6 Petrol

By 1971, you could get your Volkswagen in small, medium and large. Personally, I would have gone with the Squareback.

How to Turn a Possible Negative Into a Positive | VW

In the past, Volkswagen had been known for their stellar advertising materials, using wit and simple messages in a way that ensures their salience in the ...


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Volkswagen Print Ad - The desire is in the detail

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Golf ad. “

“How ...

The President had prepared a rough design for the magazine cover, much as it now appears. However, to enable the magazine ...

VW Beetle.

Polo ad. “

It is available for sale from genuine VW dealers and parts shops, or subscriptions are available for 80c per year. The introductory issue is dated 'Autumn ...

Swiss Consumer Protection Group Representing 6,000 VW Diesel Car Owners Seeking Damages For Excess Emissions