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Uzu ryuko Tumblr Anime Anime t Tumblr and Search

Uzu ryuko Tumblr Anime Anime t Tumblr and Search


ryuko x uzu | Tumblr don't ship it but I like

ryuko x uzu | Tumblr

ryuko x uzu | Tumblr

ryuko x uzu | Tumblr

ryuko and aikuro | Tumblr

satsuki kiryuin | Tumblr

ryuko x uzu | Tumblr

*gets shot by kuroko multiple times* happy valentines! <3 I blame @taikodrum for this

Inumuta x Jakuzure height factor http://hounonfeels.tumblr.com/


motto shiritai yume wo ou yo


“Ryuko: “How can you not resent him for using you like a mere

Kill la Kill Game Campaign Official TUMBLR Page

Kamui Senketsu

Ryuko by Rui Li

Last one. People like Mako, right? I like Mako. How can you say “stop feeding me trash” to that face. You don't wanna see 'er cry, now do you.

Ryuko & Mikisugi by FioreRose


Day 1710 - 8 September 2015

S O A R H I G H E R !



Don't Look at the Silver Lights


(op 02 Ryuko Matoi Uzu Sanageyama Anime anime human hair color cartoon mangaka joint fictional

Ryuko. Otaku AnimeAnime ...


Junketsu Ryuko (JR) is, imo, only a crazy, uncontrolled, and blood-thirsty beast when she is in transformed Junketsu, but in non-overridden Junketsu I ...

s;kgjfsdka Mikiryuko feels~!!

Source: キルラキル37 | こんぽたーじゅ [pixiv] Reprinted with permission

Kill la Kill • Matoi Ryuko x Mikisugi Aikuro

an old fave

mako mankanshoku, ryuko matoi, uzu sanageyama, kill la kill, naked sanageyama


Ryuko Matoi genderbend

Post-OVA designs of Ryuko, Satsuki, Mako, and the... | Worshiping Satsuki's eyebrows

Ryuko x Uzu moment (Kill La Kill Fan made video)

Rooftops by blueLudebar ...

inumuta houka | Tumblr

For mikiryuko and uzuisafuckingpansage

Uzu isn't done yet he begs Satsuki for a second chance, she grants it. His new suit is the Three-Star Ulitma Uniform: Blade Regalia Mk 2! Ryuko assumes she ...

Laundry by blueLudebar ...

Houka Inumuta KLK by Hwang3D Houka Inumuta KLK by Hwang3D

Sanageyama Uzu · download Sanageyama ...

Commission for Character from anime "kill la kill" (Matoi ryuko x Aikuro mikisugi) commission status: commission (Open) (The equivalent in points it would ...

(7) Likes | Tumblr

List of Kill la Kill episodes

kill la kill ryuko matoi kill la kill edit ryuko is my life ryuko-is

Victory ultimately goes to Ryuko, Satsuki, and all mankind, but it isn't easily achieved. Sanageyama's initial raid on Honnouji results in a scene suffused ...

artists on tumblr kill la kill uzu sanageyama super excited for next episode omgoodnesss

ryuko x aikuro | tumblr

I've been wondering this for a while, is Ryuko.

Kill La Kill- Ryuko x Aikuro. Find this Pin and more on anime ...

KILL la KILL ...



*First Look* Anonymous Noise vol. 9 Preorder: https://goo

When Ryuko beats him it opens Uzu's eyes to how full of himself he is; in the beginning Uzu can physically see, but he cannot see past his own ego, ...


Matoi Ryūko

[Spoilers] Kill la Kill Episode 17 Discussion : anime

[WIW] Kill la Kill. [Archive] - Page 2 - RPGnet Forums

Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill Decal


Full-Lengths: 04, 36

kill la kill ryuko Isshin Matoi ryuko matoi soichiro kiryuin senketsu mako satsuki satsuki kiryuin ragyo

1/ IT 0 子 Ryuko Matoi Nonon Jakuzure Satsuki Kiryuin cartoon anime

Kill la Kill - Ryuko Matoi by Sakura-Rose12 ...


Anonymous Noise, volume 1! Volume 1 of Anonymous Noise came out on Tuesday,

Don't Toy Me On a Whim

Ryuko-by-Dandonfuga by dandonfuga

pic 1

Makoto's new voice actress is Ami Koshimizu, who also voiced Ryuko and I can'

Kill la Kill episode 6 Uzu Sanageyama



OP2 Satsuki Uniform.jpg

This obviously explains why Uzu had to lose his sight in episode 6; but why does he get it back? The answer is simple. By the time the series is near the ...


Male!Mako Mankanshoku and Male!Ryuko Matoi by R-A-Enbows ...

Good news: someone on tumblr redesigned the Ryuko costume for you: