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This is a date korra behave by kynero ATLALoK Korrasami

This is a date korra behave by kynero ATLALoK Korrasami


But now with season three, this is pretty much how it went down. Date the boy. Break up with the boy. Date his ex and live happily ever after. Korrasami ...

Legend of Korra: korrasami snapchats

Korrasami IS CANON by batlesbo

So after the series ended I kind of went on a binge of all things Korrasami related. Still pretty happy with how these things turned out even though i.

Korra and Aasami journeyed into the spirit world together, but luckily for us they brought their phones.

8 Amazing Pieces Of "The Legend of Korra" Korrasami Fan Art | Korrasami, Korra and Fan art

Convo with Mako Pt 2

[Image - 504804] | Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra | Know Your Meme

I haven't seen much of Turf Wars Part 2 on my dash today,

tumblr_oa9mv1b09L1r6agiko1_1280.png (900×1245)

Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra – Turf Wars Issue #1 - Read Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra – Turf Wars Issue #1 comic online in high quality

Korrasami fanartist brings us adorable Snapchats from beyond the 'Korra' finale

Maid Korra AU [k-y-h-u] [NSFW]

Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra -- Strong characters; reasons I love Avatar

Legend of Korra by littleowler.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Korrasami in Final Fantasy

Forever Korrasami by K-Y-H-U.deviantart.com on @deviantART

looks like i'm drowning in post-finale korrasami headcanons involving marriage and adopting

Korrasami (The Legend of Korra) by Lazy-Afternooner

A quick Korrasami piece to celebrate the season finale. It& not my usual fare, but it is a special occasion. Korrasami is best ship.

Fire Nation, Korrasami, Air Bender, Avatar, Fanart, Happy Dance, Legends, Art Blog, Canon

Pin by Celia Itzel Villegas on Korrasami and Nanleo, Kuban | Pinterest | Avatar, Korra and Korrasami


The legend of Korra (AU) - Page 7 by xEthelwulfx on DeviantArt

That Korra smirk never changed

Korrasami Comic (4) by denimcatfish

Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Korra, Asami Sato, Korrasami, Baby Sato

Legend of Korra - Kya x Lin Beifong - Kyalin | Kya & Lin | Pinterest | Korra, Avatar and Korrasami

Legend of Korra 03

Lin and Tenzin date.

Korrasami by Ratana Satis


My new favorite OTP in Legend of Korra!

Legend of Korra - Kya x Lin Beifong - Kyalin

No one knows how badly I want this. I ship both Makorra and Korrasami even though Korrasami is cannon. But I could so see Mako and Korra doing this!

Asami Hot

Korra | Book 1, 2, 3 and 4

Korrasami Week Day LipsSometimes I miss super impulsive Korra. This took me way longer than I thought it would so it's kinda late.

keyade: YEAH KORRASAMI :D I'm super new to the ATLA/LOK fandom (literally only 2 weeks into it lol…can anyone be my spirit guide haha) but I'm probably ...

Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra – Turf Wars Issue #1 - Read Nickelodeon The Legend of Korra – Turf Wars Issue #1 comic online in high quality

korrasami | Tumblr | A lot of Korrasami gayness NSFW/18+ | Pinterest | Korrasami, Korra and Avatar

Aha, I finally made a Korrasami comic! I'm not sure what more to say, besides KORRASAMI FOR.

Asami Loves Korra: Battle Couple, Epilouge by JakeRichmond

Korrasami comic page 3

Legend of Korra - Wu x Mako - Wuko

I wonder if Korra had always known she was bisexual or if she saw Asami one

I didn't need my heart anyway :'( | KorrAsami / Korra &

permalink ...

the first and the last way korra looks at asami

Korrasami is love, korrasami is life.

Girl-Talk part 2

Korrasami as Wonder Woman and Supergirl! They're my favorite ship

Legend of Korra by plastic-pipes on DeviantArt

Korra by Dayuun

Korrasami season 1!

Saving Kuvira Part 1

Korrasami family Korrasami children I almost started crying

Komiks. Sokka and Toph. 2.

beroberos: Suave Korrasami Korra has been replaced with I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass-but-I-love-you Makorra Korra. Also this is based on a scene from Tonari no ...

i dont ship korrasami but this is so cute. EMMY- TOO BAD CAUSE ITS

I understand what it feels like to be afraid - Korra

Korrasami Comic (5) by denimcatfish

Omg I forgot that Aang refused to go into full avatar state because he didn't wanna give up Katara!

A korrasami comic

Legend of Korra. New obsession.

The Korrasami Kids Are Back!

Legend of korra - korrasami - part 4

kyoshi warriors - Google keresés

ajckorrasami: denimcatfish: Quick Korrasami comic I made today during my breaks from work. Text is a little small when viewed in the dash xD. It's a bit ...

Legend of Korra - Wu x Mako - Wuko

Kuvira ~ Avatar the legend of Korra

More Avatar Korra and gorgeous animation


I ended up marathoning Korra with my husband and daughter for the past few days. Korra and Asami

I'm Korra. You gotta deal with it. - Our World XD : Foto

Korrasami comic part 13

Aww poor Asami Thankfully it ended up canon!

Inheritance by kathrynlayno (I do not ship Korrasami, but this is freaking adorable) < < <

Fire Ferret Fuzzies: Korra in the Avatar State Just the background

About years after their conflict, Kuvira aided Avatar Korra in restoring balance to the new world to redeem herself and as an act of gratefulness for when ...

Korra: The main girl character we've all been waiting for

The legend of Korra: jinora has no idea what her grandfather was really like lol

Legend of Korra x Overwatch I would like it the other way (Korra as Pharah and Asami as Mercy)

Korrasami - Bellamione by RowenaJackson on DeviantArt I love being a nerd!

Mako bolin' mother revealed ' legend korra, Although "the legend of korra" is over, nickelodeon still has more answers to the many family trees in the ...

The Great Uniter by on DeviantArt -- Kuvira

"Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra" [Archive] - Page 6 - CBR Community

The Last Airbender as Star Wars!

Korrasami, Avatar, The Legend Of Korra

Bolin Korra avatar-the-last-airbender-the-legend-of-korra

Korra & Asami ☺ by nymre ♥ Korrasami (Legend of Korra)

Tokka Tango by FuuFuuCuddlyPoops on deviantART

Avatar Korra (@korra_2) en Instagram: "So basicly from the math I

Korra by anaxus.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Korra and Katara clothes swap

Avatar Airbender, The Last Airbender, Air Bender, Team Avatar, Aang, Fictional Characters, Korra, Bending, Fanart

The Legend of Korra finale. But the korrasami canon at the end was well planned and i loved it

Varrick and Zhu Li Finally Do The Thing. I was super happy everything is now fine! Minus this being the final episode.

Legend of Korra: team avatar

Korrasami First Date!