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Some Karezi from that college au uvu Homestuck t Posts

Some Karezi from that college au uvu Homestuck t Posts


Humanstuck Karezi by Ikimaru on Tumblr I believe it is a part of her college AU

Karezi!!! Ikimaru is my favorite Homestuck artist <3


homestuck trolls My art karkat vantas terezi pyrope karezi karkatxterezi

Karezi Homestuck | ... to the pairing Karezi (Karkat and Terezi from Homestuck). Here it is

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Karezi by Ikimaru on Tumblr

some karezi sort of?? Homestuck ...

Homestuck humanstuck Karezi, Karkat and Terezi. Art by Ikimaru~

Tang's Humanbound by demonoflight on DeviantArt

oh it's 3 in the morning? welp, pin karezi anyway

Aw Karezi OTP. Homestuck ...

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Cute karezi and karkat

Homestuck - karkat and Terezi This is one of my OTP ships

plot twist, they actually studied, or at least Terezi did ((Dave stole borrowed Jade's DS to play AC btw hah) [college au]

im stuck between karezi and davekat help

Have some karezi

Karezis by ikimaru-art

IF YOU DON'T SHIP KAREZI THEN i respect your opinions and won't

Karezi~ I don't get how anybody can hate this ship Ps this is the only time I've ever seen karkales smile

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petstuck | Tumblr

ikimaru.tumblr. Homestuck ...

Homestuck - Sollux Captor x Aradia Megido - AraSol

hahaha Karkat doesn't have to have holes in his hat or wear it slightly back cuz his horns fit inside it < <

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Karezi Winter by ikimaru-art

Merstuck by ikimaru.tumblr.com

Homestuck Karezi, young Karkat and Terezi. Art by Ikimaru~

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Homestuck (by ikimaru on tumblr)

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Drunk rose

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Karezi by on deviantART

Karkat and Terezi- i think the saddest part is that Terezi really did love Vriska

(Sadstuck) - If I Die Young - why did I watch this. The Nepeta and Equius pinky-promise.

Image in Homestuck collection by LunaChase on We Heart It

Homestuck - Kurloz Makara x Meulin Leijon - Meuloz

Homestuck karezi ( karkat and terezi ). How cute! Karkat is laughing and terezi if smitten~ <3

Have some cute karezi

Humanstuck - Karezi by MelSpontaneus

strider sword dirk pose - Google Search

more Fox Dirk AU by ikimaru-art

demichan576: viria: Long time no homestuck, so here, have some.

[Jane, Roxy] kiss your girlfriend, Janey.

Find this Pin and more on Fandoms by pamelaalvarez678.

Homestuck, Velvet

Karezi I love this ship!

Homestuck - Karkat Vantas x Terezi Pyrope - Karezi

homestuck, feralstuck, kanaya, maryam, kanayamaryam

drunk Rose district, ikimaru: found some humanstuck stuff from a while.


Lil Hal and Davesprite

Sorry if its your OTP, but I honestly don't really ship these two together, but this is just plain adorable.

demonstuck terezi - Google Search

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drunk Rose district, based on this post I guess i can consider this as.

sleepychu: the heroes Tags: #other_peoples_art homestuck

Some more Karezi~ <3

homestuck, karezi. I seriously don't ship this like holy fuck it's my

Karezi is my forever OTP. So u guys just have to deal with that

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"Helloooo" I CAN EXPLAIN nvm I can't happy birthday Dirk (original

PuRe MoThErFuCkInG mAgIc

some Dave with wings just because :^)

drunk Rose district, mAN I got so tired with finishing this but here's.

drunk Rose district, last part of those troll flowercrown iconS!

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Karezi - I don't really ship it but this is so adorable

drunk Rose district, ikimaru: found some humanstuck stuff from a while.

Karezi 2 by Night-of-Void.deviantart.com on @deviantART. Homestuck

Homestuck Karezi, Karkat and Terezi. Art by Ikimaru~

homestuck fanart strip featuring terezi and karkat i am stupid please eat my face EDIT: wtf guys seriously.

Karkat and Terezi by Wildparsnip on Tumblr, Homestuck --(they look so short here. Like the most Badass Shorties to ever roam the streets of west side ...


Karkat and Terezi.

Homestuck - Terezi Pyrope x Vriska Serket - Scourge Sisters


ii thiink KK liike Terezii . how cute

drunk Rose district: you look just the same, but without glasses

Ikimaru Homestuck kidswaps- Jade, Rose Jade looks really cute!

the thane of vare

Homestuck karezi (karkat and terezi) shorts


Homestuck - Karkat Vantas x Terezi Pyrope - Karezi


drunk Rose district : Photo

Homestuck - Karkat Vantas x Terezi Pyrope - Karezi

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Human! Scourge sisters. < < < I like think of Vriska as Blonde with blue streaks but I like this to