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RalMeteoroiD t

RalMeteoroiD t


... Bass: ral (螺琉) | MeteoroiD ...

螺琉 (Ral) - бас

Meteoroid-Ba-Ral (Love his facial expression. He looks like he thinking"Did I bury the body deep enough?")!


Bass: ral (螺琉

... Bass: ral (螺琉) ...


... Bass: ral (螺琉) ...


... Guitar: Machi (マチ) ...

Guitar: Machi (マチ)

... Bass: ral (螺琉) ...


MeteoroiD raL Mood Board iPhone Wallpaper

帝 (Mikado)

[USED]yo/METEOROID/raL./(1枚)チェキ [20151124-939]

Vocal: genki (幻鬼) ...

... Guitar: Machi (マチ) ...

MeteoroiD 帝くん、朋夜さんとも! バタバタでマチくん、raLくんと撮れなかったのが残念だった…でも!このツーマンツアーでみんなとの距離が縮まって、本当に楽しくて ...

Machi: meteoroid

... Drums: Tomoya (朋夜)

Vocal: genki (幻鬼) | MeteoroiD


... for all and my friend With MeteoroiD #meteoroiD #genki #tomoya ...

【原宿店】METEOROIDのGENKIさんとralさんご来店!8/6にアルバム『GEMINI』発売!原宿店では8/16(土)に「握手会&私物サイン会&2ショットチェキ+2タイプ同時購入で6ショットチェキ撮影 ...


... MeteoroiD #meteoroiD #genki #tomoya #machi #mikado #ral #genkimeteoroid ...

お疲れしたー!そうですよ!笑 そしてみんなどんどん脱いでしまえばいいんだ!笑 またよろしくです☆“@METEO_ral: 昨日はお疲れっした☻ 腹出し同盟が笑早く俺もライブ ...

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look machi


raLくん誕生日おめでとう山。今回呼んでくれて楽しい時間を過ごせたなー。久しぶりにライブした華鳳ちゃん初めての莉蘭くん夢くんとも楽しかったな。 MeteoroiDの皆さん ...

MeteoroiD releases 6th single “Natsu no 83 Sankakukei” and opens English website!

ral, meteoroid, and tomoya image

MeteoroiD 帝くん、朋夜さんとも! バタバタでマチくん、raLくんと撮れなかったのが残念だった…でも!このツーマンツアーでみんなとの距離が縮まって、本当に楽しくて ...

MeteoroiD 2nd Single Release

MeteoroiD's 5th single “Heisei no 'Yami' wo Osoji Shamasho.”

raLくん誕生日おめでとう山。今回呼んでくれて楽しい時間を過ごせたなー。久しぶりにライブした華鳳ちゃん初めての莉蘭くん夢くんとも楽しかったな。 MeteoroiDの皆さん ...

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look mikado

RED universe, currently in MeteoroiD. Gu. TaNo ex. RED universe, currently in REIGN Gu. Kosuke ex. RED universe. Ba. ral ex. ELL., シネマストリップ(Cinema ...



【大阪店】MeteoroiDの帝さんとraLさんがご来店下さいました☆2/10に「BULLETBOX」の発売、1/26には大阪CLAPPERでワンマンとアウトストアイベントがあります☆今日 ...


MeteoroiD's Yutori will Depart


MeteoroiD releases 6th single "Natsu no 83 Sankakukei" and opens English website!

Professor Richard Harrison, Chief Scientist:

自主盤倶楽部 on Twitter: "【MeteoroiD】raLさん・朋夜さんご来店☆配布中の無料ワンマンチケットの追加&サイン入りPOP&新しいフライヤー頂きました♪企画にも参加 ...

Name: ral (螺琉)

ral, meteoroid, and sibile image

Lixx: This is MeteoroiD's first visit to the United States. Welcome! You actually came in a few days before the convention. Was there anything you were ...

This is Emily, an Explorer, who asked 'How can people get more involved in space?'

4:16 AM - 25 Oct 2016

... Ral😘😘😘😘😘😘 #japanesemusic #japanfashion #japanese #japaneseboy ...

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look genki

... Mikado [METEOROID] #meteoroid #mikado #japaneserock #fanpage #japaneserockband #jrock ...

Image may contain: 1 person

... my favorite of the two, hard rock beauties MeteoroiD. We had lots of laughs while dishing on cultural differences, their recent releases, and meat ^^.


【MeteoroiD】ral さん、忌子さんご来店!新しいフライヤーを持ってきてくださいました!11/21(金)には高田馬場AREAにて主催イベント開催です!

Yutori to Leave METEOROID

Kuloe♡ (Morrigan) , Andy (The gallo) & Ral (Meteoroid)


Kaya Cheki

METEOROID 1st maxi Single~"DIVER


Name: Tomoya (朋夜)

Ral and dr.Tomoya. Yutori decided to leave MeteoroiD on his and other guitarist (machi)'s birthday live on September 27th due to “A difference in direction ...

8:53 AM - 28 Feb 2017

meteoroid ral. “

VisualKeiForever 1 0 Ral [ MeteoroiD ] by VisualKeiForever

Two components in meteor spectra The spectra can be explained by the superposition of two components

Fans Contribute to MeteoroiD's Album Cover

本日METEOROIDのralさんとゆとりさんさんがご来店!! 新しいフライヤーとポスターを持って来て下さったので早速てんとうにて展示、お配りしております☆

Figure 4 – Counts of EDMOND single-station SPE meteors in smoothed 2-min

Figure 2 – Total counts of SPE meteors observed by ED- MONd stations during the

ex-MeteoroiD Members Form New Band GreeΣ

1 Spectra of meteors and meteor trains Jiří Borovička Department of Interplanetary Matter

Mikado💜💜💜💜💜 #japanesemusic #japanfashion #japanese #japaneseboy #japan ...

I almost hate to list them as number one because it's probably the most expected answer I could ever give. I want a twist, damn it. In all honesty though, ...

Lixx: MeteoroiD went through a major rebranding early last year, taking on a darker look and heavier sound. Do you feel like the current MeteoroiD better ...

MeteoroiD X Timora Cheki [CHAOTIC HARMONY EXCLUSIVE] — Chaotic Harmony Imports


Phoebe, also a Beaver, asked us 'Is the Moon made of cheese?'

Figure 3 – Number of SPE meteors detected at AGO (left) and ARBO (

Meteor seen over West Michigan

VisualKeiForever 1 0 Karuto [ Vankill ] by VisualKeiForever

... I have always thought of music as a universal language, proven by the fact that people all over the world listen to and love bands like MeteoroiD even ...


高田馬場ZEAL LINK on Twitter: "【MeteoroiD】ralさん、忌子さんご来店!新しいフライヤーを持ってきてくださいました!11/21(金)には高田馬場AREAにて主催イベント ...

Wow ...

genki vo

2015 Trainees

... Guitar: mikado (帝) | MeteoroiD ...

Name: genki (幻鬼)

And even though I don't understand the specific words, I understand the feel of the song. I'm very moved by it, so I understand that feeling very well.

Evolution of Chelyabinsk meteor trail over a 3-h period (