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QuotI have been you Sam Winchester Your insides reek of shame and

QuotI have been you Sam Winchester Your insides reek of shame and


Meta Fiction [gifset] - "Your insides reek of shame and weakness." - Gadreel and Sam Winchester, Supernatural

"I have been you, Sam Winchester." - Gadreel Meta Fiction [What is Gadreel perceiving as weakness within Sam? Because Sam Winchester is not weak. Shame ...

insert favorite quote from favorite show here | SPN- Gadreel | Pinterest | Dean

insert favorite quote from favorite show here | SPN- Gadreel | Pinterest | Dean


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Aren't you worried, man? Aren't you worried I could turn into Max or something? DEAN Nope. No way. You know why? SAM No. Why?

You drape yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right?

A Deeper Look At Supernatural Season Eight Sam Winchester, Part Two

In the beginning of the season, we were all a bit frustrated by Sam's declaration that Dean's disappearance broke him, and he ran to a fantasy life.


I was wondering why we don't see this ability more often.




Threads Lite: Supernatural 11.10 "The Devil in the Details"


I do wish a bit more time was given between Sam, Dean and Castiel over the Mark of Cain thing. Just a bit more dialogue of warning, something that made the ...


Guess everyone gets a turn to be an angel now. Supernatural 13x23 “Let The

The slow reveals and dragging plots this season has been somewhat maddening, and that's where I segue into how the Metatron story this week raised a big ...

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The Winchester Family Business - Far Away Eyes' Review: Supernatural 8.07, "A Little Slice of Kevin"

He knows where Metatron is and they have to investigate. Dean just wants to get Sam to a hospital, but Sam knows that they can't help him.

As has happened since he was an infant, Sam becomes the victim and/or recipient of a giant twist of fate. Once again the universe hangs in the balance and ...

Dean looks at his brother, then tells Cas, “Look, you find Heaven, you drop a dime. Meantime, I got a knight to kill.” Dean regards them both coldly, ...

Sam-Dean-Winchester-supernatural-14215408-1280-1024. If you've ...

He states brokenly to Castiel, "Look, I don't need to feel like hell for failing you, okay? For failing you like I've failed every other godforsaken thing ...

SAM WINCHESTER APPRECIATION: An interesting meta by semirahrose on Tumblr. (See more character meta here. )


In 11.06, Dean claims that Amara overpowered him and Castiel easily sees through his bullshit.

This is symbolic of Sam needing to listen to Cas right now since the same hue light has been shining in the corner of Cas' frame for this entire scene.

My copy has the gorgeous Winchester Brothers on both the front and back cover, Dean ...


The whole scene is confusing and disturbing- the typical gender roles are switched- and it's unsettling because it's funny. A perfect example of emotional ...

He approaches his car and opens the door, only to catch sight of Sam. He then carefully shuts the door, making a decision. Warm and cold tones again ...

He pointed to his own head with the pencil still held loosely in his right hand, then pointed toward Castiel with his left. Castiel furrowed his brow, ...

Was slightly horrified in how he didn't know the answer but I've never laughed so much after seeing this 😂😂😂

Cas groaned, the edges of their lips brushing as he spoke and it shot aching bliss down his belly. Dean pulled back slightly, face stormy, eyes dark.


WHAT ABOUT SAM? It's okay Amara, I've always been more of a Dean girl too.

Still I look a myself and cry

There are a lot of revelations this episode, fan theories proven right and fan desires made true. I have to say even though I don't always support their ...

Stay single until you find someone who pushes you forward, because love should never hold you back.

All night I was rolling over and smelling you. All night I was rolling over and thinking about how you make me forget which way all my limbs are supposed to ...

So if seeing Sansa get raped makes you no longer want to watch Game of Thrones stop watching. I have family members that refuse to watch the show because ...

The Night's King then reanimates all the dead and Jon stares on in horror from his (painfully slowly) retreating boat.

“If you're first out the door, that's not called panicking.” — John Tuld (Jeremy Irons) to Sam Rogers (Kevin Spacey) in “Margin Call.

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...and him

I was unaware of the controversy on my first viewing, and I liked the episode. I liked it because I spent the first twenty minutes shouting obcenities at ...


When Sam and Dean meet back up they agree that they have to keep Len alive until either he goes darkside, or until they figure out a way to get his soul ...

Amara and Dean

How did MLMs get a bad rap?

Gadreel asks him, “You really think Sam would do anything for you?” Dean turns and faces him. "Oh, I know he would.“ See what I mean? "I have been in your ...


Gadreel and Sam stalk each other, hiding in the shadows (with Gadreel doing a much better job… until you realize what is happening).

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.

He's alone on this one, it's his burden to carry. There's no get out of jail free card for incest.

C'mon, Bodhi, why don't you take off your shirt,

Sam is defiant with Dean this time. He was chosen, so he's doing the trials, whether Dean likes it or not. This time though, neither of them is dying.

“And Gadreel said that angels are returning to Heaven? How? I thought that the spell was irreversible.” Oh… but Dean never said this about the spell to Cas ...

SAM WINCHESTER APPRECIATION: An interesting meta by semirahrose on Tumblr. (See more character meta here. )

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ill get you. “

City Club is out now via on Casablancas' ...

Game of Thrones Who Will Survie Who Will Die

9.18 Meta Fiction

“Margin Call”: J.C. Chandor's debut film is our best dramatization of the global financial meltdown and should be seen on a double bill with “Inside Job” ...

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who find this hot and

Samuel Bogart

Litres of champagne, boxes of Lindt Chocolate and many a one night stand have been had in trying to overcome a break up. And no matter how many times people ...

"Bill saw that we were young and hungry, and he just took us under his wings - he was just this incredible guy who cared about the process, ...

History, Acts of the Anti-Slavery Apostles (1883), by Rev. Parker Pillsbury, Abolitionist Activist

A SPN quote not related to the photo whatsoever. Photo is mine! #supernatural

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s.c.'g. sl old OLD PENDLETON DISTRICT NEWSLETTER n Di'strict volume 14 NO. I January OOO OFFICERS - PDF

(BTW if you haven't watched the season 5 finale– don't read this. Actually get off the Internet and go watch it or don't complain about spoilers).

Recap/review of Supernatural 6x05 "Live Free or Twihard" by freshfromthe.com

Contrary to what Claire believes, Lowery, a lifelong Jurassic Park supergeek, doesn'

JFK Postcard

A/N: This series was lowkey inspired by a book I read and also another favorite character of mine. (Bonus points to those who can guess which character I'm ...