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Petition Help save Tank Abused and in need of help t

Petition Help save Tank Abused and in need of help t


Petition · District Attorneys Office • PO Box 1854 • Lexington, NC 27293: Justice for Tank Davidson co. NC · Change.org

Teach Kids & Teachers How To Fight Sexual Abuse: Make it part of the syllabus

Petition · Kathleen Wynne: Help Save Kiska, The Orca at Marineland · Change.org

Free Tilikum from SeaWorld Captivity petition to ethically release orcas from confinement of tanks thru USDA

Petition online: 50 years of captivity in the smallest tank in America - help Lolita - she hasn't seen another orca in 35 years

petition: Whole Foods, Don't Use Abused Factory Farm Pigs!

Don't let Tilikum's Death be in Vain - empty the tanks, SeaWorld

The Cove: Help Save Japans Dolphins - Please sign the petition to stop this years dolphin slaughter!

No Dolphin Rescue Display Tanks At The Vancouver Aquarium

Sign and share my petition urging Ripley's Aquarium to be compassionate to animals and remove their 'Touch Tank' exhibit.”

PLEASE SIGN a Petition · USDA and Congress: Please help to rescue an abused elephant named Nosey. People, please ride the Nosey's owner, Hugo Liebel instead ...

Sign the petition.

Bolo is in Pennsylvania. He has been padlocked and chained for eight straight years,

How to Create an Effective Care2 Petition: What to Do After You Write the Letter

This Woman Is Fighting To Save Fish From Alleged Cruelty At Walmart | HuffPost

Help this wild orca trapped in a tiny concrete tank for decades.

Stop hermit crab abuse at Petsmart stores!

Stop small betta tanks that do not meet livable size requirements and better inform public

Help save my emotional support mini pig from being taken away from me.

Betta Store Hell! STOP THE ABUSE


Include the FCM 1A heavy tank in Battlefield 1's France DLC

Learn Everyday on

Image titled Help Save Elephants Step 1

Help Mansfield Wildlife Rescue To Continue To Help Wildlife

Abandoned Syrian T-62 tanks on the Golan Heights

Please don't buy a ticket to a dolphin show. Put an end to

New Zealand - Don't Let Seabed Mining Threaten Critically Endangered Maui Dolphins

Chris Brown

Justice for family dog abused by 14-year-old girls - The Petition Site

Sipping Licorice

Grandview Aquarium Denies 'World's Saddest Polar Bear' Is Sad, 500K Sign Petition For Its Release - YouTube

Only 185 of 1,750 vehicles ordered by Tehran were delivered

Wildlife Petitions

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WANTED:COREY MICHAEL SWEENEY FOR ANIMAL ABUSE. Let's pin this everywhere and help! I'll hunt this sweeney ass bounty hunter style and then lock him in a dog ...

Hanako the elephant was the subject of a campaign to have her sent to a sanctuary

A tank rolls into a yard in Paderborn, Germany. A technical malfunction with a

Join SID to support the petition campaign launched by Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) calling on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to support the ...


10 Worst Tanks for Dolphins and Whales


The bill fixing this DFL crisis was chief authored by Sen. Housley. The DFL knows that it's being run through the Senate first. (PS- the bill # is SF3437.


Parents of children from the Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem hema-oncology department in the High

A UN tank helps civilians evacuate from Kigali, Rwanda, 1994.

Sign the Pledge to Reduce Ocean Trash and Pollution

remove plastic from tea

Outraged parents of the Bowden-Brompton area of Adelaide, South Australia, have created

How to Create a Care2 Petition: Getting Signatures

Kettering Borough Council stop prosecuting homeless people for asking for help

Daily Mail on Thursday

All GroundWhat ...

How to Overcome The Pathological Lies Of The Narcissist And Win The Divorce, Settlement And Custody Battles | Melanie Tonia Evans

Daily Mail comment yesterday

The walrus calves and beluga whales have been observed swimming in circles in their small tanks, and the bears, Arctic wolves, ...

The loss of UK jobs caused by the decision to make the new blue passports abroad

'A Dog's Purpose': Petition Urges Boycott Unless “Significant Portion” Of Proceeds Goes To Animal Welfare Groups

Limba elephant by SameerPrehistorica

Case 1:15-cv-02642 Document 1-1 Filed 12/04 ...

*Click on inserts to enlarge and facilitate reading

Stop the cycle, sign the petition today to make refill available and keep plastic out of our ecosystem! SIGN NOW -->http://bit.ly/2jkKeC1 #stopsingleuse ...

Kanu included in the petition a memory stick which he said contains exclusive videos, pictures and documents which he tendered to the Information and ...

Indefinite detention devastates mental health – help end it.

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Signing up: Katie needs 100,000 signatures for the petition to be considered for debate in


Debunking Captivity: 3 Reasons Not to Keep Dolphins in a Tank

Hundreds of Greyhounds Have Been Killed Due to the Dog Racing Industry in New South Wales

Hossein Golabchi smiles with the big cat draped over his shoulders, which appears to have



You go to the pet shop and you buy a betta. All the other fish are in proper tanks, but the bettas are in cups swimming in their own poop!

Image titled Help Save Elephants Step 9

The Grandview Aquarium in Guangzhou, China, opened the doors to its animal prison on January 9, 2016, and has already been called "one of the saddest zoos ...

Online petition demands Matt Damon be scrapped from Ocean's 8 over sex assault comments

justice league zack snyder original vision deleted scene

Editorial: Law should help speed response to child abuse

Don't release domestic abuser Craig Thomas from prison five years early. Make him serve his full ten year sentence.

Thank you for your help!!

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Zuvaa/Kelechi Pay Your Vendors

Casino Royale star Eva Green revealed how she was 'shocked and disgusted¿ at an


Gabe Hoffman


Steve Erdman

Sexist: Self-styled dating guru Julien Blanc advises men to treat women with chilling

IN RE Strunk - DC Cir - Petition for Writ of Mandamus | United States Constitution | Fourteenth Amendment To The United States Constitution

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The Dodo Archive


Illionis Petition

Nina, an Elephant with Carson and Barnes Circus

Woman starts petition calling for justice for abused Davidson County dog | myfox8.com

Spying – Snooping and Sneaky Tricks to Enforce the TPD