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Junk food kitty Save thy planet kill yourself t Cat Animal

Junk food kitty Save thy planet kill yourself t Cat Animal


Here's a picture of a kitty eating sghetti

TNR Is Dangerous Both to Cats and to Other Animals

They need all the tools you can give them to properly diagnose your cat. We are available to come and talk to groups about animals with disabilities.

Thinking about getting me a buddy?

Before you buy a fancy cabinet to put my litter box in…

A cat scratching at a door, trying to escape.

8 All-Natural Ways to Win the War on Fleas

Keeping your yard clean can help to prevent worms from infesting your cat. When you can keep your yard in order, you can eliminate the chance of fleas ...

Your favorite cat game to play with me involves a laser pointer. The result:

Cats' impressive individuality makes it hard to study their smarts

Feral cats can roam over great distances, a new study finds.

cute tabby kitten in pint size chair

This could perhaps be the most unpleasant step in the War on Fleas; however it is definitely not one you want to skip. I don't know about bathing your cats, ...

Feral cat

A Cat Comfortably Laying Down

Could a nasty little critter be lurking in your kitty's ears? See more cat pictures

Bake homemade dog or cat treats to show your animal friends how much you adore them. Catnip crackers for cats Cats will go bonkers f.

problems with silica gel cat litter


Cat Hair Control

Sorry, But Your Cat Is Actually A Total Jerk. It's Just Science. | HuffPost

hum un bon gros dodo .

Please look after these animals! They are very important! Fresh water far from your

Cats vs dogs: in terms of evolution, are we barking up the wrong tree? | Elsa Panciroli | Science | The Guardian


Ferals deserve love too.

If I'm spraying outside the box, I'm not being spiteful.

There are six more artificial food colors that were approved for food and later banned by the FDA: Green 1, Green 2, Red 1, Red 2, Red 4, and Violet 1.


Mickey is a blind kitty that came to us from animal control. Blind Cat Rescue ...

Why Adopting Two Kitties Is Better Than One

12 Amazing Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats That Will Stop Ear Mites in Their Tracks - eHome Remedies

Can You Have Too Many Cats?


Adorable kitten!


Dunno why but this cracked me up.m Cat eating cheese puffs. No shame!

Claws are essential so barn cats can fight off predators and catch prey. A cat

Cats vs dogs: in terms of evolution, are we barking up the wrong tree? | Elsa Panciroli | Science | The Guardian

We all know that at times, our furry little tigers litter box may not smell all that good, and what they leave behind in the kittly litter-box can be quite ...

Just because I'm purring doesn't mean I'm happy and content.

Two cats lounging in a window bed together. There are steps you can take to

I'm assuming you mean house cats, and by falling hard you mean not a controlled fall. Cats are natural daredevils.

Training & Behavior Common Cat Sleep Disorders

kittens drinking milk from bucket

how to get rid of fleas on a cat: photo

Wilson and Sidney-Beans Jablonski - my godchildren

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Kitten gets a butt hole Rescue ...

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

I live with this little white monster.

There's no question that if you keep me inside and don't let me wander the neighborhood…

The first is outdoor cats. The second is absolutist people who see the world in black and white and refuse to acknowledge that arguments have two sides.



cats laying on couch

An orange tabby cat with his ears flattened, stalking a bird.

It Just Needed a Few Adjustments

Supplements and Water Added


According to the NCBI studies, imidacloprid provided a significantly greater killing effect than other chemicals. A single topical application of ...

Cuddle Clones Discount Code

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat, all weights, 8 Month Protection


Why Did My Dog Kill My Cat ...

Learn how to kill Fleas on your cat and in the house, plus how Fleas

A gray tabby cat scratches an itch behind his ear.

ALL animals..when you see them as you see yourself...you


Grumpy Cat: What doesn' t kill you.Disappoints me


points":"0"},{"title":"You're not qualified for a fast food job. The next President of the US it is then!","points":"0"}]

33 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Ninjas

Image titled Get Rid of Tapeworms in Your Pets Step 1

PETARMOR Plus Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats with Fipronil (over 1.5 Pounds), 6 Monthly Treatments

Cat Toilet

Increase the likelihood that your new cat will get along with the existing cat(s


Nature's Miracle Premium Clumping Corn Cob Litter Tough Odor Formula

Young boy looking at a kitten scratching itself.

Petcentric, sponsored by Purina, is your trusted source for helpful facts and fun pet

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat: photo


Cat knocking over cup

Introducing a New Cat

Feline Nutrition 101

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath or Spray

Researchers say there is no evidence of health benefits for dogs and cats from a raw