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Immersun installed immerSUN t

Immersun installed immerSUN t



We have solar panels and like many people want to make the most of the electricity they produce. There are products that can redirect any excess electricity ...

immerSUN unit

When you have some ImmerSUN

immerSUN MK2 T1060 solar PV immersion heater controller

immerSUN installed.

immerSUN T1060 - Product Overview

Running totals on the Immersun display

How does solar energy work

SISEM are passionate about making a positive difference and creating a more sustainable future.

Savings made so far with the ImmerSUN

immersun solar controller system ...

With the immerSUN control unit, only the electricity that would have been exported to the grid is used by the immersion heater. This device means that you ...

EnaSolar immerSUN Initial Set Up


Immersun grid tie power diverter, zero carbon water heating

What can't be shown is that about two minutes after the last picture was taken a whole load of grey clouds came over and the whole process kind of 'died a ...

How I connected the ImmerSUN up:

Immersun 2 T1070 Wireless Sensor

Both ImmerSUN and PowerVault rely on current clamps to get their control signal. Such clamps fit around an electrical cable and measure the flow of ...

immerSUN readout

My solution is simply to install the current clamp for the high priority device around both the incoming power cable and the cable to the lower priority ...

Also uses the main supply voltage to calculate the power accurately unlike third-party monitoring devices using current only. Using a hard-wired sensor ...

myimmerSUN Remote Monitoring T1090

ImmerSUN Basic User Functions

The 'Immersun' device works by automatically redirecting solar energy to your water heater,

Our Work

How I connected the ImmerSUN up:

4Eco to launch immerSUN 2

Solar.jpg (79.33 KB, 1500x828 - viewed 1514 times.)

immersun Diagram

Fully Charged – Robert Llewellyn now has his zappi installed. It's been excellent to have Robert as our first install because he's got all the latest mods ...

Heating installation guide

#immerSUN @4ecoltd Fit the immerSUN......the professional solution for self-consumptionhttp://bit.ly/1TnObk1pic.twitter.com/esmy8BCMjb

Immersun short circuit 2

Case study of a property with and without the immerSUN

myimmerSUN Remote Monitoring T1090

Capture.JPG1173x624 54.1 KB

Manufactured by 4eco Ltd - the UK's leading designer and manufacturer of microgen energy saving devices

Whether you already have Solar PV system installed and simply require a bolt-on ImmerSUN unit or you would like a new installation please don't hesitate to ...


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... Immersun Solar Controller

Malabou Solar Power Diverter Immersun

SISEM, the UK's leading designer and manufacturer of microgen power diverters and Viridian Solar, manufacturer of the award winning Pod-PV solar heat store, ...

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The newly-formed partnership will see 4eco's renewable system – the immerSUN – installed into thousands of homes across New Zealand, Australia and the ...

#Immersun just installed. If you have #solar panels and want free hot water - get in touch #energysavingpic.twitter.com/l9uLHR7s1X


How to use an EnaSolar Immersun

immerSUN - trusine PWM Control

immerSUN MK2 T1060 solar PV immersion heater controller: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

It's now over a year since I built my solar-powered car charger which is enabled automatically by surplus electricity output from my solar panels, ...

1GB SMA Bluetooth Repeater/Extender

ImmerSUN Power Diverter – T1060 - Solar Power Diverter in New Zealand and Australia

Whether you already have Solar PV system installed and simply require a bolt-on ImmerSUN unit or you would like a new installation please don't hesitate to ...

#immersun hashtag on Twitter

Iboost and Immersun

Solar Pv Panels To Heat Water

... power in' i.e. battery charging rising first, followed by 'grid power out' which is actually power available to the immerSUN and should correspond with ...

Download the SOLiC Fact Sheet here.

immerSUN MK2 T1060 solar PV immersion heater controller: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics


However the above graph from the immerSUN shows my battery successfully tracking the PV output, so my arrangement is working successfully.

Solar PV Immersun & Solar Thermal Kingspan in Tandem

Immersun Solar PV water heater part 1

IMG_20170107_162100_470.jpg895x1272 483 KB


Lee Sutton, technical director at 4Eco Ltd, takes us through the latest sector trends, explaining the rise in self-generation and consumption; ...

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Start generating your own solar energy

solar PV can be used to heat water. Q: We have recently installed an Immersun ...

Site Address Details


If you're one of the 400,000 homeowners who already have solar panels installed on your property, you're helping to reach the target of a world that is 20% ...

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immersun. solarcache Remote Controller - optional addition to a solarcache system to see and control from anywhere

More ideas from immerSUN. piggy at #ecobuild London

@SunPower @SMAsolar 3.92kWp #solarpv FREE electricity heated water via # Immersun @4ecoltd #solutionriseseverydaypic.twitter.com/PLaWspCbhA

Submitted by richmc on Wed, 29/08/2012 - 12:51.

From the immerSUN's perspective as PV output rises the load of the house (which is actually the battery charging) also rises. Once the battery is charging ...


As promised, here is the information on the basic diverter, less the optional display module. (edited as I've just realised that code tags don't work here!)

immersun. solarcache Switch Module - optional addition to a solarcache system to control other equipment

5v 2A Solar Panel Power Bank USB Charge Voltage Controller Regulator for mobile

Boost Your Solar Array With a Hot Water Diverter

Overview Section of myImmerSUN iOS App screen (diverting 1305 W to the Immersion Heater)

Benefits of using immerSUN Use your free electricity when you're out Our energy saving device for solar directs excess electricity to the immersio…

From the battery's perspective between 10 and 12 it can be seeing hitting its maximum 800 VA, while a varying amount of excess power is seen to be exported.

In order to illustrate how the combination of battery and immerSUN distributes generated electric power at different levels of generation I created this ...


Although some of the data was only collected from mid-March 2016, the graph still shows useful information. I think that the graph overstates bought ...