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Geniusbee tfw you really regret agreeing to collab w this guy im abt

Geniusbee tfw you really regret agreeing to collab w this guy im abt


geniusbee: “ tfw you really regret agreeing to collab w this guy im abt to

A Guy Who, Heart Hamilton, Hamilton Cast, Hamilton Musical, 10 Founding, Dollar Founding, Founding Father, Dr. Who, Guys

look back at the bill of rights Madison fanart by geniusbee

"The World Was Wide Enough" in Hamilton I'm on the Hamilton bandwagon

Yo I'm John Laurens in a place to be, two pints of Sam Adams but I'm working on three. Them redcoats don't want it with me cause I will pop chicka pop ...

He In A Snuggie - Alexander Hamilton fanart

“Hamilton and his son Philip and Burr with Theodosia ; I am not crying you are…


Okay but get this: Jefferson practically invented macaroni and cheese and that is the best thing ever. Still don't forgive him for being a slaver, ...


thedrawingduke: “Hams and Laurens “silently” judging ur choice in military leadership.

I read somewhere that while Laurens says this line onstage they share an intimate moment?

“Why do you write like its going out of style?” Yooo Hamilton is really, really good and I am listening to it Non-Stop (eheh). This is a super scrappy and ...

bloodoxheart: “ “if you stand for nothing, burr, what'll you

My art so many feelings hamilton inktober hamilton musical hamilton broadway hamiltunes eliza schuyler eliiiiiiza I

Meet Me Inside Part 5

Burr and Ham

geniusbee: “ tfw you really regret agreeing to collab w this guy im abt to pass out but i doodled this at work so i slapped it together after. fede…

love-distancelongaffair: “ …may be the last face I'll ever see

This is all I have ever wanted and more.

grrrenadine: a collection of Hamilton typography done by yours truly (top to bottom: The World Was Wide Enough, My Shot, Ten Duel Commandments, ...

"but really, its rap about the founding fathers" - hamilton humor

Maria Reynolds, Thomas Jefferson, King George III, James Madison, and Philip Hamilton

Now I'm the villain in your history… by geniusbee

aswithasunbeam: “ “This portrait of Hamilton was drawn from memory by Gordon Fairman the

(I really should be working on my french paper.

devonmanney: “ I've been desperate to hear the songs from Hamilton for well over a year — now that it's been released, I can't stop listening to it.

My name is Lin Miranda, I know you don't know who I am, but I wore these pants and I'm willing to dance like an idiot if you just give me the ...

Hamilton was 32 at the time of the constitutional convention, so he was in between the early poetry hippy and the scared old man who writes poetry


James Madison // Hamilton x Star Wars by 0tterp0p on Tumblr CORRECTION: This one

Someone get this to Lin-Manuel Miranda immediately

Wicked Musical, Musical Theatre Broadway, Hamilton Musical, Hamilton Lin Manuel, Lin Manuel Miranda, Philip Schuyler, Hamilton Comics, Harry Potter Spells, ...


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Meet Me Inside Part 6

i am sick as a dog from standing outside in the rain last wednesday for the matinee hamilton lotto, but it's ok, because we won, so it's worth the sneezes i ...

Oh god Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton decapitated head weeping mother stick

Me listening to Take a Break Eliza: Angelica Angelica: Eliiza Alex: The Schuyler Sisters Me: But what about Peggy

Hamilton Musical, Hamilton Lin Manuel, Lin Manuel Miranda, Musical Theatre, Nov 2016, Cinnamon Rolls, Alexander Hamilton, Shakespeare, Broadway

504 best Young, scrappy, and hungry images on Pinterest | Hamilton lin manuel, Lin manuel miranda and Broadway theatre

A conversation between Genderswap! Alexander Hamilton (Alexandria) and Maria Reynolds | Hamilton(yay hamlet) | Pinterest | Alexander hamilton and Alexandria

Punch the Moon (Drawing Hamiltoons on Hamil10′s while listening to.

Alexander and lil' Phillip in Take A Break #Hamilton #musical || spookydraws

Mabel ft. Not3s - Fine Line (James Hype Remix)


Actually, I'm consistently dehydrated, so I think it's more like

Hamilton Lin Manuel, Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton Fanart, Alexander Hamilton, Random Facts, Random Stuff, Musical Theatre, Hamilton Musical, Holi

I love Maria's hair!

Hamilton talking to Lafayette about Burr or Laurens talking to Hamilton about Lee

stop you two that's GAY

"i know i don't deserve you eliza" - Szukaj w Google

Hamilton/Mean Girls Crossover

A conversation between Genderswap! Alexander Hamilton (Alexandria) and Maria Reynolds | Hamilton(yay hamlet) | Pinterest | Alexander hamilton and Alexandria

I have a burning need to cosplay this.

I am the biggest procrastinator I know

James Hype - Gold Digger VIP

Semi hiatus bc I'm gay and I have problems Alexander Hamilton and G…

myowndeliverance: “ “i will never be satisfied / that would be enough ” ”

This "Hamilton"-inspired poster print features the art of Isabelle Melançon. It shows most of the primary cast of "Hamilton," including Aaron.

I don't know what tune to sing it to!

He looks so happy awwwwww | I swear his hair looks like it's channeled into the

Death doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes. And history obliterates, in every picture it paints, ...

hahah this is szin <3


Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip-hop musical about a Founding Father makes its official Broadway opening.

even my best friend hates me when i do but she still loves me

mostardx: “i'm pretty sure the scene doesn't happen like this but I can't really get this out of my head since the first time I listened to the reynolds ...

All things Hamilton, a growing collection of lyrics, photos, and videos

The first one isn't even misheard, it's just what would happen if they replaced Hamilton with me. I mean meeting Aaron Freaking Burr!

I've been really loving this new season of Rupaul's Drag Race and have been

"GenderBend of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison( from Hamilton the Musical)" by

Do I run, fire my gun, or let it be

A fan turned the the musical Hamilton into Disney style drawings and it's amazing!

Hamilton's Anthony Ramos on his unabashed love for Boy Bands & Spice Girls secret

James Madison - American Heroes Caramel

Omgggg Leslie Odom Jr was the pompous Princeton guy in Gilmore Girls?

Lin-Manuel Miranda – History Has Its Eyes On You Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Hamilton and Jefferson

"I've been listening to this for weeks" - incredible fan art from


Prequel to comic I posted earlier

Anthony Ramos in a baby-style onesie is something I never knew I needed, but now I very much need.

Boring Mom Burr coming into play

Oceans, Hamilton, Musical Theatre

Super cute ❤ ❤️

life / life pins

”These are wise words, enterprising men quote 'em, Don't act surprised, you guys, 'cause I wrote 'em” “Daveed Diggs as the Thomas Jefferson PS ” Hamilton

Me if I ever get to see Hamilton with Hillary Clinton. Later I would apologize.

If I Stay, Hamilton Musical, Staying Alive, Alexander Hamilton, Random Things, Theatre, Aaron Burr, Lin Manuel Miranda, Founding Fathers

awwww poor Eliza want me to give ya a hamilton pillow so you can punch it?

My Heart is My Home

johnlavren: “ I'm so shocked that this photo has never passed by my

Bacause of what had happened in Orlando the day before, the cast didn't use guns for their Tony performance - Hamilton

By: Szin (idk how you write it lol)

As long as he raps, and Lafeyette is a guest star, you can have a guy eating fireworks.

my half of a bf trade with you for giving me this opportunity to draw my Sparkly Literary Sleazebag Man

"I'm not stupid" // Hamilton meme