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Fuck this is old Ruki The GazettE I like itilikeit alot t

Fuck this is old Ruki The GazettE I like itilikeit alot t


fuck this is old Ruki. The GazettE

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Ruki. The GazettE.

Uruha. The GazettE.

Ruki. The Gazette

Pin by poshy豪華な💋( 松本 たかのり) on THE MAN I WANT TO MARRY RUKI | Pinterest

Last heaven of mine.

Uruha. The GazettE Love this ❤️

Reita - The GazettE - Facts

The GazettE Guitarist -> Uruha I wish i could do my make up like VK

the GazettE 100 Questions. RUKI:

Ruki & Uruha (the GazettE) URUKI!!! \(^o^)/

Young Ruki (the GazettE) he's so cute!

... Guitar: URUHA | the GazettE ...

the GazettE SPOOKY BOX 2 - ABYSS - Ruki

Ruki. Reituki♡ the GazettE.

Takanori Matsumoto (aka, RUKI) the GazettE

... Guitar: Aoi | the GazettE ...

Vocal: Ruki | the GazettE ...

Young reita and uruha am ruki ❤️

Ruki-The GazettE

Ruki smile- The GazettE

Ruki-The GazettE

Ruki - the GazettE

He looks like that silent but sexy guy you find in college.

Ruu Matsumoto

Don't worry Ruki, we all love you despite your height ♥ In fact, it makes you cuter ^^

Ruki of The Gazette

RUKI ---

Uruha and Ruki(The GazettE)

the Gazette. (From above to below, from left to right. Aoi,

The Gazette - Everyone wants Uruha xD by KaZe-pOn ...

The Gazette. When his hair is like this is even more hotter. He is so cut and awesome like this

Uruha. The GazettE.

Kai's new Ruki's old Leech-hair.

Ruki of The GazettE

aoi/the GazettE

of course I want by Akita-sensei on DeviantArt

Takanori Matsumoto (Ruki, the GazettE) oh how I love this picture so much!

I never really liked his PLEDGE look but his lips look so frigging sexy in this picture... as always. XD

Ruki's tattoos

Ruki and Koron-chan!!! (or another dog, not sure) ♥ If this doesn't make you squeal from cuteness I don't know what will.

AA T ¶ ⒞

Kai's new Ruki's old Leech-hair.

his face is precious and I'm not even sorry

Ruki and Uruha. The GazettE YELLOW!

... Bass: Reita | the GazettE ...

Google Image Result for http://download.minitokyo.net/Minitokyo.

A bunch of people actually liked this on Twitter, so I thought I'd upload it to Tumblr as well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't recall this set before o. Ruki - The GazettE UGLY PV

Ruki. The GazettE.

Takanori Matsumoto (Ruki, the GazettE) my, my! He's a real cutie without make-up! (He's ALWAYS a cutie! :3)

Aoi - The GazettE <3

Reita. the GazettE.

Ruki. The GazettE. I love this. We know you took the cookies,

Aoi: ah yes, thanks for the great show, everyone 〜♨ Aoi

【TAUJAN×the GazettE 葵 コラボアイテム販売開始!】 タウジャンとのコラボシリーズ《PULSE》の新作が本日12:00より販売開始いたしました!


Ruki-The GazettE tattoo showing

FILTH IN THE BEAUTY Ruki by LeAwesomeSloth ...

Ruki from The GazettE by ShadowofChaos666 ...

Kai, Ruki and Uruha. The GazettE

the GazettE

Ruki. the GazettE.

Takanori (Ruki) Matsumoto - the GazettE

This was like a ten year old dream that I wanted to eventually fulfill. Ten years of loving this band and they finally went across the damn ocean before I ...


Kai(The GazettE) takin a boss selfie

Aoi of The GazettE. Aoi pretending to like Metallica

Takanori Matsumoto - ruki

Uruha. The GazettE.

ruki-the-gazette-5683119-501-777.jpg (501×

Kai: thank you all so much for everything. we had really great Halloween shows

Things that make my drab, dreary existence a little brighter :)

Aoi trade by mittilla ...

Ruki: we're currently right in the middle of working on the new album

Reita calling the Whitehouse to 'have a chat'

Takanori/Ruki Matsumoto - the GazettE

Ruki. The GazettE.

Brothers Mizuki (Sadie) and Aoi (The GazettE)


Uruha you look stupid by Kakai-san ...

Love. Just one word. URUHA:


【TAUJAN×the GazettE 葵 コラボアイテム販売開始!】 タウジャンとのコラボシリーズ《PULSE》の新作が本日12:00より販売開始いたしました!

Ruki The GazettE rock and read

Uruha of The GazettE