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Didyouknow Large amounts of mercury being sent to our landfills

Didyouknow Large amounts of mercury being sent to our landfills


Did you know? www.fleximaging.com

out of sight, not out of mind

Did you know?

Fluorecycle is dedicated to the protection of the environment and reduction of hazardous mercury waste to our landfills. Help us to help you, by recycling ...

October 2017 - A new home for old clothes and shoes. Have an old shirt or pair of shoes you never wear but are still in good shape?

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Sustainable Lighting - To make Sustainable Lighting decisions go by the numbers. LED's are nearly always the better choice in Sustainable Lighting

Get PAID to recycle your old E-waste. Easy, and great for the

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Did you know that, *22,000 tonnes of batteries from our home are sent to landfill? That's the same weight as 3,666 Tyrannosaurus Rex's, and these small ...

Hazardous effects of Mercury to ecosystems and human health

Another great recycling infographic!

facts about the nine planets of our solar system

Hazardous waste collection is extremely important if you hazardous materials on your property is essential to dispose of them properly if they are not ...

What is municipal solid waste? Image illustration.


Largest Landfills, Waste Sites, And Trash Dumps In The World

Get more details on pollution in our background report, Towards a pollution-free planet.

This summer, join gardeners in donating fresh produce from your garden to our local food pantries. While picking your produce, set aside a bag of beans, ...

It seems nearly impossible to escape plastic in our every day lives, doesn't

Did you know that the amount of trash buried in landfills has doubled since 1960?

Did you know? The Mercury from one single. Fluorescent Tube is enough to pollute 30,000 Litres of Water beyond the safe drinking level

'The Pharaoh's Serpent' is a large, coiling mass caused by an exothermic reaction

Lessons learned from old landfills

Did you know that 90 per cent of waste mercury-containing lamps end up in landfill each year? FluoroCycle is a ...

UN Environment also serves as the Secretariat of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production, which promotes ...

... 4. reusing ...

Guys, there is a huge base on Mars... Did you know that?

Our ingredients are carefully selected to support the health and well being of your pet as well as our planet, which is why all our featured ingredients ...

... RECYCLE5 at checkout to receive an extra $5 when you #sell your #device to us! Visit http://www.TetchyTech.com for more #sociallyresponsiblerecycling ...

Some estimates put the amount of recyclables in the American waste stream at 75%,

PC RECYCLERS - Did You Know About E Waste? Infographic

The Breast Cancer Evaluation Types Used In Diagnosing Breast Cancer Giuliana Sgrena was supposedly composing a

Did you know more people recycle metal than just about any other material? Scrap metal

Did you know that 90 per cent of waste mercury-containing lamps end up in landfill each year? FluoroCycle is a ...

Learn about the impact of paper waste on the environment and what you can do to

... Energy (WtE) has seen a surge in popularity in the UK and internationally in recent years as a way of bridging the gap between recycling and landfill.

Being one of the first off-bottom oyster farms on the East Coast, Fishers Island Oyster Farm has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience that ...


Where your used electronics go in China

Composting Can Help Reduce Organic Waste in Landfills

The purpose of this study is o assess the environmental impact of the practice of dumping municipal solid waste at the site near Jebel Kujur, ...

Polluted: 'Millions of tonnes' of the world's e-waste ends up in

Zero to Landfill commitment at The Beehive

A Victorian Ban on E-Waste Being Sent To Landfill Is Coming

Carleton is committed to operating an efficient campus that promotes reduction and reuse and maximizes the amount of waste diverted from landfill .

Recycling is a wonderful thing, and with the growing knowledge that our resources are limited and the impact their extraction is having on our environment, ...

... Light Bulbs) last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs and use up to 66% less energy, switching to fluorescent lighting reduces the amount of bulbs ...

types of garbage dump

Building Operators & Recycling Lightbulbs

How We Can Stop Australia's E-Waste Problem From Getting Worse

Electronics Recycling Blog

Did you know? Motor oil never wears out or “goes bad

Quick reference guide

Damaging: The mountains of 'e-waste' that builds up in landfill sites

As Donny Osmond sang “One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl“, we say “one bad plastic bag DOES mess up the machinery”.

... mercury are released inside the soil and ground water; 23. Trench Method for Landfill  Soil is ...

Did you know a ...

Why Is Aussie Mercury Waste Being Sent Overseas?


Landfill Free Myth

Decay: Despite millions of tonnes of e-waste and appliances making its way to

... 2012, the Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Public Act 97-287 of Illinois prohibits the disposal of e-waste (electronics) into Illinois landfills.

Did you know that broken fluorescent, High Intensity Discharge (HID), Mercury Vapor (MV) & High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps are considered hazardous waste?

The Rise in Blood Lead Levels at Pregnancy & Menopause | NutritionFacts.org

... from ending up in landfills. At the same time, you can get paid and help contribute to organizations that will sustain our communities and environment.

Reducing reliability on landfills and keeping our coastal environment clean and safe for our future generations is the mission of New Hanover County's ...

Ongoing investment in the DCW fleet ensures optimum service delivery

Landfill ...

It is ILLEGAL to throw away mercury thermostats! Remember the Three R's: Remove, Replace, Recycle!

Did you know that compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury and, if broken or tossed into landfills can be harmful to you, your family and the ...

Did You Know? The Lighting Council Australia estimates that only 10% of lamps containing mercury are recycled. The rest end up in landfills, ...

Mercury drops - Heavy Metal Toxicity

Forbes Waste Inforgraphic

Old thermostats may contain mercury.

dental fillings infographic · View the Infographic

At various stages and locations along the wastewater plume, different forms and amounts of mercury are released. Where the wastewater is first deposited, ...

Fluorecycle is dedicated to the protection of the environment and reduction of hazardous mercury waste to our landfills. Help us to help you, by recycling ...

... pollutedRequires large amount of spaceIt is not a environmentally sound treatment; 21.

How Is E-Waste Recycled? (VIDEO)

Did you know we already have coal ash in our Lowndes County landfill?

Are Phantoms Haunting Your House?

Residential Collection Schedule

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6 infuriating facts about pollution that you should definitely be upset about - HelloGiggles

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Toxic (Cancer-Causing) Waste In YOUR Home?,melanoma, skin cancer Save. How safe is your ...