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Get two steps ahead with Dual Source CT

Multiplanar reconstruction[edit]


The reduced radiation dose in this CT is as low as 60% relative to conventional CT machines. Click here to learn more about our high-end spiral CT …

A CT-scan is a radiological examination which uses X-rays that are emitted in a very fine beam to produce images of the human body.

Neusoft Medical, a Chinese firm, won FDA clearance for and is releasing its NeuViz Prime 128-slice CT scanner. The device sports spectral imaging, ...

CT scan slices

Siemens 2 Slice CT Scanner

CT-guided therapy

GE's "Veo" scanner technology helps lower patients' ...

SOMATOM Definition AS

Every CT scanner. Exactly the way you want.

What is a CT Scan? Risks, Preparation and Procedure of CT Scan

File:CT-scan double tubes.jpg

Shimeji Mushroom:3D CT scanned data

Our CT machine is designed to simplify the diagnosis of diseases in the heart, brain, lungs, joints and extremities. It acquires images of outstanding ...

CT scan

Der neue Toshiba Low-Dose Routine-CT Aquilion Lightning feiert seine Weltpremiere auf dem

The Difference Between MRI and CT Scan Procedures

CT scanner / for full-body tomography / 80-slice


ExiTron™ nano 6000 liver and spleen CT imaging

CT - internal body structures

... SOMATOM Force im Herbst 2013 in Chicago arbeitet die Klinik Augustinum München ab Frühjahr 2014 als erster privater Träger in Deutschland mit diesem CT ...

Special photography, head CT scan pictures


A Night Out of the Museum: Mummies In The CT Scanner


Dual Source CT Scanner

Bij een CT-scan lig je op een onderzoekstafel die door de scanner kan bewegen.

external image ctscan.jpg


Example of a CTPA, demonstrating a saddle embolus. The white area above the center is the pulmonary artery, opacified by radiocontrast.

Pet CT Scan images Pet CT Scan images

neurologist talking with female patient specialty treatment.

Download figure ...

CT scans 'can predict risk of stroke' in TIA patients In a new study, researchers say all patients should have a CT scan within 24 hours of a transient ...

Picture of a person having a CT scan

Vorbereitung der CT-Messung eines. Schlachtkörpers (Schweinehälfte)

Picture of a CT scout (scanogram or topogram) as used for planning every scan slice.

De CT-scan maakt met röntgenstralen foto's van de binnenkant van je lichaam. De foto's zijn op een computerscherm te zien.

A CT scan provides a more detailed image than an x-ray.

Image of patient getting a CT Scan

CT Scanner – SOMATOM Force

CT Scan

CT Scanner - SOMATOM Scope - Clinical Case - Bladder cancer

A single slice from a normal head CT at brain window (left) and bone window (right) settings. Arrows indicate tissues of different density, including water, ...

Bij een CT-scan (Computer Tomografie) scant een dunne röntgenstraal in een cirkelvorm het lichaamsdeel dat moet worden onderzocht.

... GE Healthcare Discovery IQ PET/CT. Image Quality. Intelligent Quantitation.


CT Scans

This is an illustration of a patient moving into the bore of a CT scanner.

Multiple images are taken during a CT or CAT scan, and a computer compiles them into complete, cross-sectional pictures (“slices”) of soft tissue, bone, ...

CT scan (Computed tomography) with 3D graphic show normal human's skull and cervical spine

ct scan

Image: One of Toshiba's CT scanners, the Celesteion (Photo courtesy of Toshiba Medical

Ultra-low dose CT scans successfully detect fractures

examples of axial CT images of the head, chest, abdomen, and thighs

Cardiac Image Gallery

The CT without contrast reveals a right-sided intraparenchymal hemorrhage in the basal ganglia. In view of location (and patient history), ...

CT scanner with cover removed to show internal components. Legend: T: X-ray tube. D: X-ray detectors. X: X-ray beam. R: Gantry rotation

CT Scan

Changes of body fat on abdominal CT scan. CT scanning for measuring fat area was

Siemens Healthineers - CT scanner - SOMATOM go.Up

Image Gallery

Pet CT Scans

CT Colography

Image 15.

CT Scanner SOMATOM Scope

Image: An example of the application of iterative Metal Artifact Reduction (iMAR) in

Ct scan vs MRi

CTisus CT Scanning | CT Shoulder Arthrogram with Tear

CT Scanner SOMATOM Perspective – 16-, 32-, 64- and 128-

The detector then converts the data into an image of the patients' body. CT Scanners are widely used for diagnosing cancer, aneurysms and other conditions.

CT-scanner op de SEH

Ook krijgt u tijdens bepaalde onderzoeken contrast toegediend via een infuus. Klik hier voor de (PDF) folder over de CT-scan.

File:Wilms Tumor CTScan.ogv

File:Eosinophilic gastroenteritis CT.jpg

Beispiele CT

Toshiba CT-scanner

CT opname van een rechter schouder, waarbij de kop naar achteren is geluxeerd