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Bat the protruding snorkel nostrils of a tube nosed fruit bat quite

Bat the protruding snorkel nostrils of a tube nosed fruit bat quite


bat | ... the protruding snorkel nostrils of a tube nosed fruit bat quite well

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Philippine tube-nosed fruit bat

Can I eat your ring?

Here's one more picture I grabbed from the internet that shows the protruding snorkel nostrils of a tube-nosed fruit bat quite well:

Tube-nosed Bat - Nyctimene spp from Tolga Bat Hospital

Common tube-nosed fruit bat

Eastern tube-nosed bat

... protruding snorkel nostrils of a tube nosed fruit bat quite well. See more.

A bat with trumpet-like nostrils and a katydid that "aims

Sword Nosed Bat

Tube Nosed Fruit bat

Tube-nosed Bat - Nyctimene spp from Tolga Bat Hospital :: VideoLike

Andersen's Bare-backed Fruit Bat

Scientists unveil 20 new species ...but with a blue scorpion, and a tarantula the size of a hand, couldn't we have got by without knowing? TubeFruit ...

Nyctimene robinsoni.jpg. BatsDeep BrownTubeFruit

Eastern Tube-nosed bat (Australia)

YPM MAM 5629 & 5636: Bats with snorkels on their noses

The Life You (And I) Never Knew: YPM MAM 5629 & 5636: Bats with snorkels on their noses

They hunts by using their sensitive nose. Aardvark destroying termite's den with its strong claws, then insert his nostrils to ...

Elephant seals with their unforgettable nostrils can be found in oceans around the globe. Simply adult males have these inflamed noses that permit them to ...

#1 The snub-nosed monkey

Philippine Tube-nosed Fruit Bat

They have stop-sign red nostrils as well as eyebrows bordered by bright blue skin, making the shades attract attention even more, and also the colors are ...

Giant golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus)

YPM ICH 11443: Simenchelys parasitica, eater of shark hearts

Osteoglossum's unique predatory behavior has been observed by many locals, and confirmed via examination of the stomach contents of museum specimens such as ...

It's amazing this shark handles to eat with that said substantial snout sticking out of his face. You might probably land planes on that particular point.

#7 The pink handfish

JoTT | 26 December 2017 | Vol. 9 | No. 12 | Pages:

#2 The Ili Pika

Before signing off, I must direct you to this video, from a National Geographic show. Unfortunately it doesn't show an arowana catching a bird, ...


Hooded Seal

Saturday ...

This specimen's colors have faded over the years in ethanol. Live zebra morays actually look even truer to their common name:

3. Pinocchio Frog

Makeup free fez


My room:) Okay, I already forgot the exact procedure but let me remember through photos.

Flying Squirrel

Favorite ...

I use this shade, Hot Red, which is perfect for morenas. It creates a peachy glow.


Star nosed Mole

15 months 1 15 months 2 ...

#9 The Cherax Pulcher


Photo: Pablo Necochea

... Alien presence and Dulce base combat

alina “

Long-eared Elephant shrew

It's ...

As well as the usual hard corals, there was lots of leather corals with horned and blue sea stars, and feather and basket stars brightening the contrasting ...

Favorite ...

post-6239-0-52660500-1385420253_thumb.jpg ...

Favorite ...

I'll close this post with pics of the shuttle Atlantis and Alvin, taken from Wikipedia and the Woods Hole website, respectively:

sad woman with hand in head with redhead hair


Chris Smart (with very grateful thanks to Alfie Collins)

... post-6239-0-30623700-1385420265_thumb.jpg ...

Meet the pug-nosed eel, Simenchelys parasitica. This specimen was collected in 1995 by a vessel called the F/V Patty Jo, near the Hudson Canyon, ...

We slept well and were woken by the tea man banging his pot and a rooster crowing below deck. We could see the cone of Hiri straight ahead and 1700 metre ...


... tailgating behind ...

Why I Don't Think My Son is Growing Up Too Fast

Perfect otter hunting ground - half submerged kelp forests.

#5 The Amazon river dolphin

Photo: Michael Pennay Photo: Michael Pennay Nostrils ...

... 16 months 10 ...

Selfie before the procedure! Can you see my warts? I can't. Haha.


... ten feet long, ...

Proboscis Monkey. This monkey's nose ...

Photo: Pablo Necochea Photo: Flickr/Cloudtail

... tailgating behind ...


A bizarre spot to relax, especially with a large band of black macaques playing and foraging nearby, cautiously skirting around our encampment – we could ...


... Photo: Flickr/Quinten Questral

Jenna and Dan fixed to the computer!

MALE CELLAR SPIDER ON NARROW GRAIN WOOD (Image from a 60 mm lens, 2X extension tubes, F-32, and double flash on Velvia 50 film)">Open ...

They were also kind enough to inject a pimple removing liquid to my very annoying beneath the skin pimple. It dried within seconds!