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Artist daniel branca Googlesgning Scrooge t Donald

Artist daniel branca Googlesgning Scrooge t Donald


Smarter Than The Toughies

Donald can't cut a tree down, but then he can. This is meant to be contributing to the mystery and all, but I say unto you, once again: it is not useful.

Halloween ComicFest is excited to have this iconcic character a part of the event, and we sat down with the original editor of the Donald Duck comics David ...

Uncle Scrooge (1954 Dell/Gold Key/Gladstone/Gemstone) 225

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written by Gail Renard and drawn by Daniel Branca in 1990, appearing in the US in Uncle $crooge #352. Definitely one of my favorites if only for ...

It just isn't summer without an Uncle Scrooge comic book

Donald and Daisy by Daniel Branca from the cover of the (Dutch) "Donald Duck" [D

Uncle Scrooge #21 cover. Art by Carl Barks.

Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: "The Son of the Sun" -

glitteringgoldie: Gladstone's Uncle Scrooge #44 (Art by Don Rosa)

Uncle Scrooge 384 Credits ...

Donald Duck "Christmas on Bear Mountain"

Uncle Scrooge (1954 Dell/Gold Key/Gladstone/Gemstone) 284

"North of The Yukon" by Carl Barks, cover art by Don Rosa

Donald Duck and Friends (2003) 321

Scrooge, by José Massaroli

The wise little hen Donald Duck He kinda looks like he's having an identity crisis!! Haha!

"Tis the Season" -- This blows DONALD DUCK AND THE CHRISTMAS CAROL completely out of the water. Mike Peraza's six-page, picture-book-style story -- actually ...

Chapter 3. Love the messy hair.


Donald and Mickey: The Magic Kingdom Collection

Donald Duck #12. Osvaldo Pavese, Joe Torcivia (w) • Romano Scarpa, Daniel Branca (a) • Dave Alvarez (c) “Vicious Cycles!” Scrooge's latest money-making ...

Images for : Legendary "Uncle Scrooge" Artist Rosa Builds a Library in Duckburg -

Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge - The Taxman by Carl Barks

News and Views by Chris Barat: DUCKTALES Fanfic Review: "The Sincere Fraud" by "Commander"

Ah, but our second story is drawn by an artist who simply doesn't know the meaning of the word "simplistic" ... the every reliable Victor Arriagada Rios, ...

19 Things You Didn't Know About Scrooge McDuck

At least Scrooge and Launchpad weren't summarily thrown out of Rome for being such "disgraces to the Empire" that even tigers wouldn't touch them.

Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge And Donald Duck:The Treasure Of The Ten Avatars (The

duckyeahducks: Cover gag By Daniel Branca. Scrooge ...

Donald & Friends ♥

The Good Duck Artist[edit]

Daniel Branca

Barks' Fleece wasn't protected by anything in particular, and that story certainly wasn't lacking in "excitement."

Walt Disney's Donald Duck Adventures Voodoo Hoodoo (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 16) 0th Edition

"The Metal Detector" from Uncle Scrooge #282, Disney Comics, 1992. Plot by John Antrobus, Script by Les Lilly. Pencils by Daniel Branca.

marcocalvi: Marco Calvi- Magica De Spell Graphite on paper

Donald Duck httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumbb

Disney's Donald Duck:)

News and Views by Chris Barat: DUCKTALES RETROSPECTIVE: Episode 28, "Treasure of the Golden Suns, Part Five: Too Much of a Gold Thing"

Donald Duck tells it like it is

<3 Donald & Friends <3

Scrooge McDuck, Don Rosa and Magica de Spell by Marco Rota

Scrooge Mcduck, Donald Duck, Pato Donald, Daisy Duck, Freemason, Fox, Uncle Scrooge, Disney Mickey, Mickey Mouse

Evidently on something of a roll, Scrooge resorts to some ingenious reverse psychology to keep Webby out of harm's way. Far from another example of the DT ...

News and Views by Chris Barat: Comics Review: DUCKTALES #3 (July 2011, kaboom!)

After Scrooge (who swings between grumpiness and cluelessness throughout before one final, glorious moment of redemption) violently rejects Fenton's request ...

(Greg) We head inside as a beaver fury called Mr. Beaver (LAME-O!) want[s] his employees to actually do what Scrooge wants them to do.

... of Scrooge's quest to find the lost treasure of Collie Baba. There are, of course, numerous other examples of the "Ducks in Egypt" trope in both media.

Were the artists simply obsessed with the idea of having all the Hero Squad costumes look alike?

Daniel Branca

eeveekeyblade: Some Ducktales Discord madness! We've had this…

Duck Gang... woo hoo!

alboartblog: Della and Donald Love all of the Della and Donald…

(Greg) Scrooge doesn't care how many names he calls [MEL] unless he gives Scrooge his money back of course. MEL no sells because his money is valued as a ...

William Van Horn, Mau Heymans, Daniel Branca, Pat McGreal (w & a) • Daan Jippes & Ulrich Schroeder (c) When Donald and hyper-lucky Gladstone race to find a ...

Scrooge, Donald, and the nephews are off on more adventures in these tales from around the world!

HD&L don't come off as poorly here as they did in "Yuppy Ducks" -- that would be a well-nigh impossible task, to be frank -- but they don't cover themselves ...

In stark contrast to what will be their attitude towards Scrooge at the start of "Don't Give Up the Ship," HD&L seem keen on establishing a link with their ...

News and Views by Chris Barat: DUCKTALES RETROSPECTIVE: Episode 37, "Catch as Cash Can, Part Two: A Whale of a Bad Time"

Full Name. Scrooge McDuck

Hortense introduces Scrooge to her twins, Della and Donald. Donald Duck's father Quackmore is behind Della. Della is the mother of Huey, Dewy and Louie.

Launchpad's clumsiness appears to be catching for once, as both Mung Ho and Scrooge are turned into what Greg would term "bump machines" at various points ...

Lavender and Old Lace by Carl Barks; from left to right: (standing) Scrooge McDuck, Grandma Duck, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Gladstone Gander; (seated) Huey, ...

Uncle Scrooge: The Tourist at the End of the Universe

Art by Andrea Freccero Colors by Max Monteduro

Uncle Scrooge (1954 Dell/Gold Key/Gladstone/Gemstone) 377


Scrooge's promise to let the boys come along with him "just this once!" resurrects some questions that I raised during my discussion of "Don't Give Up the ...

Goodbyes follow as Scrooge uses the "last bar of bombastium" (couldn't Gyro always cook up some more??) to send Bubba and Tootsie back to the past.

Perhaps Scrooge's "Barksian life force" was transferred to Dewey somewhere along the line. The cleverest of the triplets (so saith Dan Haley -- and so the ...

... dignity by letting him be the one who creates Protectoglass spectacles for Scrooge in the first place, just as he created Impervi-wax in WDC&S #171.

Donald Duck - Bathtub - Snow - Rubber Duck - Ice Skates

It's SO shocking, in fact, that we never actually get to see Scrooge in jail; we only see him coming home.

disneyxd: This DuckTales poster has it all! Scrooge, Huey,.

China (Hongkong) - Donald Duck (Chinese) Scanned image of comic book (© Disney) cover


Donald as "Paperinik", known in the United States as the Duck Avenger. Art by Marco Rota.

Donald Duck: Timeless Tales, Vol. 3. Guido Martina, Romano Scarpa, Lars Jensen, Mark Shaw, Laura Shaw, Flemming Anderson (w & a) • Walt Kelly (c)

(Greg) Donald gulps as MP #1 (MP's are the privates of the Navy see. He's the fat dogsperson on the headphones) calls for the attack sonar to engage and MP ...

The other major issue that I have with this ep is the simple fact that Armstrong's "reign of terror"... well, doesn't seem all that terrible.


... the Rambo-style duds that the Quack Pack Nephews wore during "Feats of Clay." Scrooge came well prepared for all contingencies, I'll give him that much.

The simplicity of Jeffrey Scott's central plot, and the slightly shopworn nature of the subplot (Fenton reacting to the mites' destruction of the Gizmosuit ...

The devious guide's trapping of Scrooge and HD&L in the ancient ruins has always struck me as somewhat contrived -- not the act itself so much as the mere ...

Note that TD had no objection to the earlier scene in which Scrooge can be heard drinking the meds off-screen after Launchpad mentions that he'll soon be ...

I will give K&W credit for restraint in one area of this grand rehash: they did not show the Beagle Boys running completely wild and spending Scrooge's cash ...

Donald Duck & Goofy from Mickey Mouse Little Golden Book

I think that K&W missed an opportunity in not making more of the comically sinister moment in which Scrooge momentarily gets the "perfectly demented idea" ...

... Scrooge's Family Portrait, ...

The Nephews' good-luck business streak continues thanks to their over-the-phone investment advice (which the recipients, needless to say, don't recognize as ...

The Nephews understandably assume that Scrooge and Gyro have perished as a result of their fall, but Unca Donald had better hope that Huey's lament "We're ...

and Scrooge's belated use of the magnetic cane make for an exciting ending and a climax that Captain Ahab could only have wished for in his dreams.