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You need to stop putting things on your head at fansignings ok we

You need to stop putting things on your head at fansignings ok we


Suga ❤ my hubby ❤

we are bulletproof!

Can we just take a moment to recognize jimin looking at an army? <> <> <> And how beautiful J-Hope looks *.

SWEET YOU. | Do not edit.

jm: yoongi hyung sometimes looks like a child, or a boy.

suga imagine

Allow me to explain this to you first.

My One Ok Rock Meet & Greet (fansigning) experience! :'D in Hollywood Lucky Strike Live 10.22.15

it'll be okay, you'll be okay (everything will be okay)

[Picture/Fansitesnap] BTS 4th Mini Album 화양연화 pt.2 Fansigning (Myeongdeong) [160102]

ربما تحتوي ...

That was what I was worried about the most. I was also afraid about whether I'll be able to do well.”

Hiiii~ I was wondering if I could have a ship with Sf9, ikon, Monsta x, and nct? Thank you~♡

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141127 Fansigning - 1st Album Dark & Wild @Gangnam

(a fan shares their experience, jk always has something to say)

And yes yes yes, Iwa with shaved head reminded me of struggling Iwa too…like fresh after doing time..or something like this :D or Iwa in a gang or so

No videos of the incident have been uploaded, thanks to loyal BTS fans showing respect for Jimin.

Hani & JR Spotted Wearing an Indigenous Headdress During Their Respective Group's Fansignings - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

On the heels of that handsome, newly released Tae-kyung-inspired photo (and the one from the more sartorially questionable Japanese fanmeeting), we've got ...

Post-tofu edit: Okay I gotchu with more flower crowns and different ways to handle them, ...

What the hell are you talking about?! I already issued an apology statement didn't I?" Suho was getting frustrated.

Pretty much the only funny thing they did and then they forced memed it to hell.

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Drinking culture is something that I will have to acquire as part of my Korea lifestyle. The makgeoli was soooo delicious! It was creamy, sweet, and yummy.

When I heard the news that he was casted for the title role of “The Little Prince”, I tilted my head. There was no face that popped up in my ...

this hair was done by a hairstylist?! i need to know where this beauty salon is so i could kill the person who did this!

Atom and Bjoo kept telling each other things that were making each other laugh and nia and i just nervously sat there, trying not to do the absolute most.

... a favor we don't get to hear, but it must have something to do with Woo-seung because he later declines an invite to get some late-night ddukbokki and ...


Run era jihope fansigning pt 3 (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ why do I have so many of them #jihope #hopemin #minhopepic.twitter.com/6i7WQqoTQL

17 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans, Because Life Really Can Be That Good


I realized that, it's hard to stop loving someone like oh sehun 160308 Sehun at

Post-tofu edit: Okay I gotchu with more flower crowns and ...

Jan-di: “Do I have to say so in words?” Jun-pyo: “I want to hear from you what I mean to you.” Jan-di: “I like you. So much that I couldn't stop ...

I'm called into a meeting by SM Entertainment. Several military officers are here, they are talking about their plans to unite Korea using the power of SM.

J-HOPE…, I want to be a light in you loneliness…

I'm really sad that I didn't get to tell him anything-- I gave him a fan letter which said everything I wanted to say, but still... it wasn't best ...

CF deals just never stop coming in. Boys Over Flowers actor Kim Bum will be the exclusive model for cosmetic brand Its Skin for 1 year.

I always do one thing. That is…MONITOR SEUNGRI'S SOLO STAGE!!

Good MorNight SIKseekers ^ ^ Before we hit the main menu today, I wanna tell you that Yoo Ah In was online on Nov.16 around 6pm!

This post does not apply to all gifts given to idols but just the every expensive ones. Also this is not a demand post to stop but just some points on why ...

Yoon Kyun Sang apologizes again for his cat controversy, asks netizens to stop terrorizing his Instagram

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“Oh my gosh, Junpyo… your face… I swear I thought you were gonna scream bloody murder…” Hyesun wiped tears of laughter from her eyes as Minho gives her a ...

I don't know what it is but lately they are pissing me off like no other. So much so that I had to let it out somewhere. I think their dumbass tumblr ...

180403 크록스 라이트라이드 런칭행사 윤아 02.jpg

[Picture/Fansitesnap] BTS Special Fansigning 3rd mini album 화양연화 pt.1 (

I don't have any favorite fancams except for this Yoongi one because it's literally the cutest thing EVER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNs7q-3IvnA

@daisytomlinson.deakin: Happy birthday mummy, i can't put in to words how much I miss you but I know your are looking over us and protecting us all.

INFINITE arrived at the venue 15 minutes before the event started lol. They also waving to fans while going out.

Hi everyone~ I'm here to share my amazing experience at IMFACT's Fansign + Fanmeeting Event! If you were looking for reasons to stan IMFACT, ...

(I forgot to eat something first, so yeah, after watching the show, I went straight to have some dinner ㅋㅋㅋ)

I needed time to process because JJ was/is a Visual Shock! Groups went 5 at a time (my Sami just ahead of me). Turned the corner & he's there GLOWING!

I found out about the event after doing a little research online about fan signings in Korea. Since VIXX had just released a new album I knew they'd have ...


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Pledis Addresses Incident Involving PRISTIN's Kyulkyung And Inappropriate Fan



[INTERVIEW/TRANS](HIPHOPPLAYA) Rap Monster: 'even if it's to say bad things, i really hope you would listen to the mixtape' [150324]

MC: “Okay next time we need 5 language translators for the very popular actor like you!” [We all laughed]


... 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Tickets to K-Pop Fan Signings ...

He talked about dressing up as a girl in one of his interviews, saying that he wore a wig for fun and then uploaded the picture after making his eyes bigger ...

[+294, -106] Well the fan gave feedback herself saying she was okay

G-Dragon Vogue China

Hani & JR Spotted Wearing an Indigenous Headdress During Their Respective Group's Fansignings - OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities ♥

Whether it's at a concert, meet and greet, fansigning, I want to meet them at least once before I die thank you ...


That will be as much as I say~ Request more though, Thank you for smothering my face with your love XD

Because of him, I died and came back to life that night. He was legit the highlight (get it? ok im gonna stop being stupid) of the entire thing and now my ...

[FANACC] 2013 10 12 EXO Banpo Fansign Part 2 or the Night Park ChanYeol called me “Meesh Noona” and I went to heaven

linhzay: “Until everything died down, she never expressed once that she was going

“No matter what I say, Jiyong hyung is especially happy. He thinks I'm cute.” (SBS Choi Hwa Jung Power Time 110131).

... 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Tickets to K-Pop Fan Signings ...

Fan meetings usually go hand-in-hand with fan signings, and that too, is a rare sight in the U.S., however, DAY6 will be having a U.S. fan meeting tour in ...

170506 Jonghyun - 'Story Op.2' Fansigning #4: in Yeongdeungpo

besides 2PM, i like to listen to other kpop songs too. well i like korean music coz they are so freaking addictive. the lyrics, the beat, everything, ...

We throwin it back to the first fansigning here

Of all the things to find in a spouse, Taecyeon answered, “Eating habits.”

Hi there kind anon~ First off, thank you! I'm sure you

marky poo oooo

2018 Summer League Practice | Devonte' Graham - 7/4/18

Fan: “What do you like to do the most?” Chanyeol: “I hit BaekHyun's head before I go to bed so I can have good dreams.”

Ra-on guesses, “In the nation you will make, that first citizen?” Yeong shakes his head; that's not what he's thinking of.

Image titled Ask a Celebrity for an Autograph or Photo Step 6

I have seen a lot of post saying the fanwars need to stop and I fully

SM gave us coloured pencils and Jonghyun paper, which we dropped off at COEX the next day before the show.

2. He was moved to tears on his 22nd birthday by K-girl group Kara's Han Seung Yeon

... of his hair and I want to put this out there.your amazing sweetie AND I LOVE YOU HAIR.IGNORE THE HATE I LAV YOU @BTS_twtpic.twitter.com/Fje0S5nb0U