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Yea I know but hey I like it OTAKU my lil bubble t

Yea I know but hey I like it OTAKU my lil bubble t


Haru chan, so adorable and sweet Loved his pure true heart! I want to watch this

But really no one should be judged by what they watch. By the way you insult an otaku don't forget they have some bruttle killing methods that come ...

everyday people dont get it think its stupid, nerdy, whatever. but they dont get that is the only thing that keeps me sane it makes me laugh it makes me cry ...

Everyday i draw a fanart But then. 1 minute later Me:*looking at my drawing* Me:I'm so suck

so much like me... damn being an otaku is 99.99999999999999999999999% of my

Quick collab with my friend ♥ She drew Jumin && the daughter – so CUTE! //SCREAMS ♥♥♥ I drew MC and the memelord son *v* b

Did anybody try to actually call yato ?


this cute little hamster girl is from the anime called Himouto Umaru chan for anyone who wants to watch this amazing,very few episodes anime you're welcome

I'm a girl that would want the anime/manga room more so yeah (would still love a walk in closet though)

Holy shot that girl is 9 😱😱😱screw logic and science screw everything😐😐😐 well so much for my life because she beat me by a year and by an eye patch😑😑 ...

Staying in a bubble or status quo is safe and you get no accusing or judgmental glances and it's for that reason I can get both their hesitancy that said I ...

Read from the story Poze amuzante ANIME by LigiaOlivia (¡Princess TuTu!

I think I sleep bad but, when I have a sleepover, my friends say I sleep like the expectation than the reality.

Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, and My Little Monster! I Love AnimeOtaku ...

Imagine family, mystic messenger, and fanart

WE ARE OTAKUS. Even though some of that I can't do like go to conventions because I don't have any otaku friends Add Sophie Edwards

This is why my dad told e that I need to stop watching anime because I am forming a "unhealthy" attachment. Like seriously dad, do you not know me?

Otaku facts

How About NEVER!

... think in their otaku values, also the obvious Fujoshi deviation from Asuka-sempai. Minoa is still the naive yet earnest newbie that wants to learn about ...

People also love these ideas

You would think that the older and more mature version would be the one doing the consoling, but I made it different in this pic.

Fangirl-otaku 77 11 Gintama Valentines cards: Gintoki by Fangirl-otaku

Fangirl-otaku 10 5 Gintama Valentines cards: Hijikata by Fangirl-otaku

Ciels little sister - Remembering - Wattpad

Fujoshi, Heartstrings, Videogames, Otaku, My Love, Video Games

#truestory #anime #otaku #funny

Everybody gets a meme

I always do my homework with a headache after watching anime or reading manga, I CANT STOP WATCHING/READING! (if your an otaku like this you should know ...

P.S. My offer from last November (that no one took me up on) is still on the table. I'd message Digi to let him know, but he still has me blocked.

Vocaloid Luka, I know she's not considered anime.

Surely she has read the book.

I Want My Beloved to Be Happy

XD couldn't be more true!

The Otaku Ohana Best-to-my-Knowledge Local Guide to Free Comic Book Day 2018

I know I use a lot the phrase: "hey guys, isn' this just like r/anime?" but given how this show develops, I don't think ...

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yeah almost as if Japan's culture revolves around sexualizing and exploiting cute teenage girls to maximize

Sarah Gavigan knows one speed: fast. All photos in this story by the awesome

To Emphasize, sad news for fans of NJPW as there will be no live matches this year, BUT! Jushin Thunder Liger and Tiger Masks will be coming as guests!

OtakuKobster 11 1 You now know the TR U T H by OtakuKobster

As you might have picked up on, Tomoko is an introvert. Even though she wants to be popular, her personality isn't one that can achieve this goal.

Maybe a little bit biased against weeaboo, but the basic idea is about right.


Battle Chef Brigade (Adult Swim Games, Switch)

You know, I honestly enjoyed the original Xenoblade… to some extent, it didn't look or feel like some otaku ass cheese until Fiona ...

Let's be honest, he probably gave some to Kirishima after he warded the rest of

Idk if it actually is Like that But. She looks adorable with it. I didn't add her red fish to the top yet.

... Origin chapter 3 : A Still Place page 6 - Mangakakalot.com ...

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[Underwater-Commie] Nichijou - 05v2 (720p) [D4D08CDB].mkv_snapshot_14

By the end of Dan's retreat, his bunkmate asks, “How was it for you, man?” And Dan responds, “I mean it was really boring at first, but on the second day it ...


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Dark Horse has published two collections of Samura's short manga: Ohikkoshi, which hails from the early 2000s, and the more recent and eclectic Emerald.

Reader : Piece of My Heart by ThyPrincess on DeviantArt

Another reason fish owners give in is they want their fish to get big and strong FAST. If that's you, give your fish a bigger tank, not bigger portions.

We are now six weeks into the fall anime season, and with 50 shows on the air it can be more than a little difficult to know which new ones to watch.

_MG_6937 _MG_6938 _MG_6961 _MG_6963 _MG_6966 _MG_6968

Elle Shivers is a 17-year old aspiring doctor who somehow found herself at art school. She loves rap music and bunnies. She still hasn't grown out of her ...

My Little Pony.

Flip Flappers

... tibet subst original

The movie is all about Yusei overcoming his fears on not being needed or able to help others. I would have liked the idea of all of them trying to come ...

My Little Pony XXXVIII: Nopony Expects Sponish Pinquisition! [Archive] - Page 4 - Giant in the Playground Forums

Cutter considers sending Suntop away to Sun Village where he would be safer.

I'm screaming at this creation W hY


The most recent popular shounen anime like Boku no Hero Academia and Sousei no Onmyouji used this plot too.

_MG_6937 _MG_6938 _MG_6961 _MG_6963 _MG_6966 _MG_6968

_MG_6937 _MG_6938 _MG_6961 _MG_6963 _MG_6966 _MG_6968

I don't even think the girl know what anime is, so they should get rid of her but yeah hello everyone. Actually a girl that likes anime is an Otome, but ok

The oldest brother has an accident losing his father and step mother I believe because he had a different mother than his other two brothers. But the ...

... cell phone with mobile Ritsu downloaded for any character on her team that doesn't have one.

Studio Owners vs.

_MG_6937 _MG_6938 _MG_6961 _MG_6963 _MG_6966 _MG_6968

Reader Part I by Fangirl-otaku on DeviantArt

My Philosophy of Playing Darts – The Aim For “Perfection”

The ...

My little neko (boyXboy)

... #izuku #izukumidoriya #katsukibakugo #myhero #myheroacademia #ochakouraraka #oneshots #otaku #shinsou #shoutotodoroki #tsuyu #uraraka #weeb #xreader

Otaku Time: 5 Anime to Binge on Netflix Japan Right Now

New Game!! Episode 5 Review: Hey! Don't Touch Me There!

Blossick at the dance part 2 by KingDeDeDevious

America X Reader- My American Idiot (Oneshot!) by ShadowRealm666 on DeviantArt

Unfortunately the main protagonist lost a bit of his soul so he still can't understand :(

... 100+ (!) year-old owner about why he started the cafe and his coffee aging techniques – super interesting! This is top on my list of my places to visit ...

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Children and parents alike can now feel a little bit safer browsing anitwitter. Rest In Pedophilia and long live the bubble !pic.twitter.com/G6OaLI882k

Levi x Reader) AU by Otaku-Joy on DeviantArt