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X27 I39m not really an X27 fan but the face Xanxus39 making was just

X27 I39m not really an X27 fan but the face Xanxus39 making was just


Lyrics:I've been angry and sad about things that you doI can'

Okay, not to be conceited and shit, but can we give props to the

I usually wear makeup, because going completely without anything on my face is FINE,

She said: "I'm already having an anxiety attack over


You when you've just got out the shower versus you when you leave the house look like two different people.

Kassy: I'm not a die-hard K-pop fan

But, after all of that, Kim received the news that the surgery hadn't been successful. And her doctor confirmed that there was no way Kim could safely carry ...

Everything You Need to Know About Your Skin's Undertone

OMG I don't even know to where to start. I&#

Two days later, Louis and Briana were pictured leaving a club together. Fans have tracked down a paparazzi video from that night, where at 29 seconds a ...

"Now I'm nervous that she's going

Make-up can really give you a new kind of confidence.

You wish you weren't such a period ...

Recently, a Reddit fan theory surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the Oscar-winning Titanic has surfaced, and it just might change the way you see ...

"I'm 24 and this past January my face started breaking

Ron aka Rupert Grint but to Harry Potter fans he will always be Ron

"I think it's the combination of being a Canadian and

The depiction of Swift as a "clingy, desperate girlfriend" was always there

23 Tragic Medical Moments From “Grey's Anatomy” That Always Make You Weep

There's no single formula for exuding an air of shit-togetherness. It's one of those intangible things, like some sort of ~aura~ that makes you seem like ...

Let's be honest, it probably isn't Davos, and it almost certainly is Jon, but either way this is another excellent fan theory from a fandom that just keeps ...

I've spent a small fortune on fancy candles and sleepytime sprays,

Netizens lay out evidence to prove MONSTA X's I.M is dating a member of Cosmic Girls

Straight Eyebrows

A long-held fan theory is that Mirri Maz Duur's words

I found this product kind of confusing. It's a spray, but

Despite appearing in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, Kit isn't fond

"I'm obsessed with Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot foundation

Couple Talking On Couch

And even if fans definitely have faves and candidates they like less, no one on

Valentina's Vogue video ...

John was such a goofy, warm hearted person, but what really makes me mad is that with the Beatles parting ways it was really just a negative vibe between ...

This is NOT Michael Jackson:

"'When Stevie first played it for me on the piano

9. And when she wrestled with the idea that she didn't live up to her full potential.

You just want to heckle these people. But that's not ...

15. Britney Spears spoke about her social anxiety in an E! documentary.

Estée Lauder's New Global Beauty Director Is Not A Fan Of the Contouring Trend

Cover Image Credit: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AdjgD0-M7sU/maxresdefault.jpg

"I really struggled with my confidence growing up. I thought I was too

But you will sing those English bits with your whole heart and soul.

"Well, Meredith is anything but cold. She smiles. Not that often

"I felt like there was fire in my veins walking out of the cinema

"There may be a time where I feel like I have something to say

Woman Bored With Sports

Apparently they tried to give Daniel Radcliffe colored contacts, but they agitated his eyes.

Woman eating cat hair

While Minzy's new looks are another issue these days, Minzy confessed back in 2013 through her agency YG Entertainment that she had her nose done while ...

Danny Trejo filmography

Just go ahead and accept that your anxiety might be a little worse if you didn't enough sleep or had way too much caffeine or spent the whole weekend ...

Jess had been in Britney's shadow since she was a little kid. She was almost on the Mickey Mouse Club with all of 'em (Britney, Christina, Justin etc.), but ...


Image titled Say I Love You in Swahili Step 10

Listen. I am British. I know how to queue. But nothing could prepare me for what was about to come.

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

It's called the Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask and it&#

Cool, if not a little cliche. New Swain? Edgelord Wizard that has wings when he ults because...throwback to old Swain. ...

Not only is Selena's no makeup selfie filtered to oblivion, but

When Lily broke off her engagement to Marshall so she could go to San Francisco, only to return a few months later.

13. Clea Duvall

Sometimes, they're really just not that into you.

Spongebob Fan [email protected]

I want the best for Bella Thorne — I really do — but she received the

A Hufflepuff treats their friends (and lovers) right. A Hufflepuff is really ,

"I'm not asking you to wash the dishes. I'M TELLING YOU!"

It actually has nothing to do with "double" anything. The technical term

Before & After Chemical peel


Cupcakke then sent some follow-up messages to make sure that the teen ended up somewhere safe for the night.

And also thinking of all the things you could do if you only put some effort in. But effort requires effort and that' ...

Only a celeb like Selena could get away with posting a low-quality, zoomed

Lucifer Bonus Episodes

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Kind of annoying, but also kind of endearing in a way (I'm

It's not that great

"When I cut my mouth open I was supposed to just say &#

Or these people who just started sharing more cute photos of babies who may, or may not, look like John.

Earlier this month the film's directors, Joe and Anthony Russo,

But two days later, her skin became inflamed and started to peel. Ens's face ...