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Wizard Batman special cover by Bart Sears Batman Overload

Wizard Batman special cover by Bart Sears Batman Overload


Wizard Batman special cover by Bart Sears


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Batman vs Joker by Bart Sears

Batman by Enrique Breccia

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Batarang Pin-Up - Bart Sears Comic Art


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Batman vs Joker - Jim Lee

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Batman is hopeful that Looker had better luck with her lead and leaves... outside he notices two shadows in the window of Lowell's office... he knows he's ...



Next up, Wonder Girl and Starfire have themselves an American Gladiators style duel using sticks while floating on a raft in the pool.

It turns out that the opening assault with thugs was just a prelude to the real attack. The Crimelord himself arrives in a heavily armored ship With the ...

Now, more than just the act Batman did, the word trust is thrown in. Whatever Batman did, it was ugly on multiple levels.

Thinking fast, Wally grabs a live wire and jabs it into the dinosaur's "gut", causing it to short out and vanish. Turns out the entire thing was a trick ...

Parallax rises... he's been recharged just enough to continue the fight! After a brief skirmish, he makes Kyle an offer. In his new "perfect" world, ...

Suddenly Tim appears on all the Titans monitors. He has trapped the team in this conference room. He has charged the air with molecules which suppresses ...

Before he goes "pop", Batman drives Karlo out the Hospital window... and he plummets to... and through, the ground below. Karlo burns his way deep into the ...

In desperation, Batman instructs Looker to stop trying to sap power from Karlo... and instead add to it! Overload that sucker... and so she does.

Or is it? Well, the bloodthirsty crowd seems to think so, and I suppose that's all that really matters at this point. Feeling as though the "house" scammed ...


On to the book.

Every Day Is Like Wednesday

... with his young friends from the special school (and Sarah). We learn here that Vic ain't too hot on skates, and he falls flat on his metallic backside.

Hal eventually gets the better of things, however by this point the rioting patrons have begun to storm the pens. Hal headbutts Trap, and takes him hostage ...


Karlo burns his way deep into the Earth, prompting Batman to make the joke (???) "Maybe we'd better inform the authorities in China!" Nice!

Superman performs an x-ray scan of his own forearm and discovers that the vial was full of ancient microbes which were somehow able to seep into his skin.

4) Grupo editorial Vid: Vid se coló en el mercado chileno con la publicación de los eventos de “La muerte de Superman” - pues la versión de Perfil nunca ...

domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Review: Batman/Superman Futures End #1

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Detective Comics #951 marks the first issue by artist Christian Duce and colorist Alex Sinclair. Their first outing is a strong one, with Duce's style being ...

Batman (1940) 468

... creep in the car... we get a father-son reunion, and everything ends happily ever after... well, except for the fact that Jeff still has to pick out a ...

The art team for this series has done a fantastic job emulating the feeling of the 1960s comics that had as much a hand in inspiring Future Quest as the ...

As always, the artwork is well-done. Mike S. Miller has created distinctive facial designs for each character, so there is no question who is who even in ...

Andy Kuhn's gritty art style matches the story perfectly in it's dirty but straightforward simplicity. Best known for his work on the series Firebreather, ...

Action Comics (1938 DC) 669

Thankfully, the writing of James Tynion IV continues to be this book's most consistently excellent feature. There are a number of great character moments in ...

It would have been a simple matter to throw together a fantastic epic utilizing the world of the Pathfinder roleplaying game and Dynamite Comics' rich ...

Batman and Son - Image: Batman 658

We find out what happened to him following the events of Action Comics #500. Superman took the clone back to the Fortress and checked in with Batman about ...

Image: Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 03 HC - DC Comics

I know I dote upon this series' humor but it truly is one of its best features. This issue easily has the funniest dialogue in Ground Zero to date.

The Rogues, a group of classic Flash villains, appearing in Salvation Run #1

The Flash Vol 4-40 Cover-2

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne - Image: Return of Bruce Wayne 1 art

Image: Batman: The Golden Age Vol. 03 SC - DC Comics

Hugh Fox Superhero. '


Image: Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 06 HC - DC Comics

OMAC (comics) - Image: Omac Project Special

Alpha Flight Special (1991) 3

Gary Hallgren Air Pirates Funnies #2 Cover and Color Separations Original Art Group (Hell

Robert Crumb Kozmic Komix Unused Cover Original Art (1967). In 1967, newly

Dynamite Entertainment

OMAC (comics) - Depiction of ReMAC from Batman and the Outsiders.

John Thompson Tales of Tales #1 Unpublished Cover Original Art (1973). Mystical

The cover of the first Seaguy trade paperback

X-Men Classic 92 Magik

Direction-wise, I think you'll see the publishing division taking a cue from the Warner Bros. approach to DC movies. Right now, Marvel is staking their ...

Dark Horse Comics

William Stout Slow Death #8 Greenpeace Cover Original Art (Last Gasp, 1977)

Original pin-up art by Bart Sears from various issues of Wizard magazine, early

Image: DC Real Action Hero: Flashpoint Batman -

Avengers (1963 1st Series) 338



Adventures of Captain America (1991) 1


Drew Friedman Life and Times of R. Crumb Cover Painting Original Art (St.

Surian Seed is the creation of Raheem Manders, a writer of African descent who approached my with the story a few years ago. He came with a story and some ...

Cover for The Flash: Rebirth collected hardcover edition. Art by Ethan Van Sciver and Alex Sinclair.

Union Jack (Joseph Chapman)

Zenith (comics) - Zenith on the cover of 2000 AD prog 792, by


Zenith (comics) - Steve Yeowell's cover to Zenith Book one.

Power Girl Girl Power Who Is The Toughest Heroine Heroic Girls

Batman (1940) 469

Wearing a powerful exoframe and supported by Kelley and former superhero Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Batman fights Superman, using various tactics to make ...


Justice League International - The JLI in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Super Buddies - Image: Jla classified 6

Image: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Frank Miller Gallery Edition HC - DC Comics

Naiad (comics)