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Witness this guy and his baby kangaroo BFF do everything together

Witness this guy and his baby kangaroo BFF do everything together


This Is What Happens When Your Pet Kangaroo Is Your Best Friend OMG, I want a pet kangaroo. He's hilarious :D #Kangaroo #pet #bread #strangepet #domestic ...

Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer

All joeys mature differently but generally babies need full-time care for the first eight

For hand rearing baby kangaroos orphaned in appalling circumstances…. | 29 Reasons This Aussie Bloke Is The World's Best Surrogate Mom...:)

How cute is this little Joey taking his first steps!? @jewelszee was so lucky to have witnessed this - thanks for sharing!

Hop is a pet kangaroo but her sense of fun very much resembles that of a dog. The family cat was not impressed when Hop tried to encourage her to play, ...

The feelings seemed mutual as the man hugged the animal back with a wide grin on

Roger the muscly kangaroo is suffering from arthritis in the Alice Springs Sanctuary | Daily Mail Online

'The last place they should be is someone's living room in diapers': Country

Roger was captured flat on his back in a daze next to a pile of grain

Beefy Kangaroo Is Back And Ready For Round Two

Facebook users commented on how adorable the little roo was, with one saying: '

Rescued Kangaroo Joins His Police Friends On The Street

This Guy And His Baby Kangaroo Have A Friendship That Will Make You Super Jealous

This kangaroo just wants to touch a golf flag and who can blame him

My best friend in the world. Us in Afghanistan, and the day I got to bring him home forever.


Kangaroo Jack


The marsupial stood on its toes to throw its arms around the man's neck and tried

Awwww.........LITTLE ROOS FAVORITE TEDDY BEAR, "BARNABEE"..............ccp

Paris Hilton just wanted to take a sweet picture with a Kangaroo she met. What she didn't notice however is that behind her there were two Kangaroos who ...

This rescued kangaroo has to hug her keepers every morning and sorry, our hearts just

These are three of many kangaroo joeys that the owner of the sanctuary, Brolga, has hand-raised over the years.

Kangaroo & wombat: the orphaned BFFs

This Guy And His Baby Kangaroo Have A Friendship That Will Make You Super Jealous

Baby girl with new friend baby Kangaroo ...

He's then brought up to Chris' chest for a cuddle - and seems very content

Baby Kangaroo Loves His Dad So Much He Won't Let Him Leave

Rescued Baby Kangaroo Gets Tons Of Kisses From Her New Friend

Man has the most Australian best friend in a baby kangaroo

Baby Kangaroo Treated Like A 'Toy' Is Finally Safe

Open letter to any mom of an only child. You are not a lesser mom my ...

Mr Cockman, the father of four children killed by their grandfather near Margaret River in

A Pair of Baby Kangaroos Adorably Hop Across the Kitchen While Playing a Game of Follow the Leader

Redefining Gender Roles Through Kangaroo Care in Africa

In "the most Aussie video you'll ever see", a man dressed in a flanno squaring off with a big Red Roo in the Aussie outback, to protect his dog.

Still image taken from a YouTube clip showing Greig Tonkins punching a kangaroo in the face

Being nurturing and missing your guy is great, but too much of it can be suffocating. So how can you know if you're giving your guy enough space?

This baby kangaroo really, really hates saying goodbye

... my kid is melting down in public ...

Undercover video of yet another spiritual execution

Dillie The Blind Spaghetti Loving White Tail Deer

A father putting his baby daughter into her car seat in the car

HEMET: Witness describes how pot theft turned into fatal shooting (UPDATE) – Press Enterprise

Terah kangaroo

Unknown Man Becomes Internet Hero After Rescuing Kangaroo Stuck in Cattle Grate!

When a Baby Kangaroo is Your Best Friend Ever

If I lost this baby, I would have to be hospitalized to prevent me from ending my life.' – Love What Matters

Clooney's Crash, Melania's Coat, & More Bombshell Celeb News

Others, however, go out of their way to offer what assistance they are able. Jenine-Lacette DShazer of Fresno, California, was one of those people!

Unknown Man Becomes Internet Hero After Rescuing Kangaroo Stuck in Cattle Grate!


Margaret River massacre: Jehovah's Witness father speaks about his children .



'But I want to marry you, mommy': This adorable little boy wasn't best pleased with his mum's engagement, insisting he wanted marry her instead

Happy Mothers Day

Luckily enough, he found the one kangaroo who liked to be photographed. Just look at that face! Well, they are used to being photographed all day.

little girl painting lips while wearing hair-rollers and bathrobe

Is there anything you learned from him and vice versa? What does Cherniawski household look like with two entrepreneurs and two kids?

Finally, I was absolutely sure “I would never be one of those mothers who happily left their kid behind and headed back into the workplace with vigor.


BT 17 Nurture Boy PHOTO copy


Braedyn was born at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston Salem when his mom's water broke too early and she delivered him at 34 weeks pregnant.

Well, these guys aren't like those guys. They won't exercise restraint because you are children. They will ...

Rory Nason, 33, of Cabazon, center, was possibly electrocuted early Friday, Feb. 26, when he checked a burning vehicle for victims in the dark and did not ...

The series principal characters. Left to right: Ernie Krinklesac, Tim the Bear, Cleveland Jr., Arianna the Bear, Terry Kimple, Rallo Tubbs, Donna Tubbs, ...

Their muscle density ratio allows for impressive shows of strength like lifting their entire body by their tail. If you piss them off, they will fight you.

3-Year-Old Boy Declared Brain Dead After Cops Say Mother's Boyfriend Abused Him - YouTube

"When I was twenty, I found in the woods a little weak puppy. Poor kid I liked, so I just picked up with them without thinking. Already after a few days I ...

Mr Tonkins, who works at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, runs in to save his

Joey and his MumI reckon you can't get much more together than these two

This Rescued Baby Possum And Her Plush Kangaroo BFF Are All You Need Today



Young Pope Kangaroo Dead

Some ...

After making a full recovery, TAF was thrilled to learn that Dr. Hartwig wanted to adopt his patient!

Jason Mejias: He was my connection to the group through Guy Social and the last of the team I met as he was teaching during my arrival.

In case you did not have the chance to witness Steve Irwin's magic when he was alive, he was the type of man that everybody loved. He dedicated his life to ...

Warning Signs of a Bad Relationship

Ciara, who posed for husband Russell Wilson with their daughter Sienna in their first photo

... a man wearing a suit and tie: U.S. Senate race: Republicans must decide between

Fresno Bee

Joey e Rachel 2

... not sure if that's his regular face or whether he is actually smiling, but we would risk ourselves as well just to get a selfie with a smiling kangaroo.

30 Days of Hope is a photo series put together by Capturing Hopes Photography in Winston-Salem, NC. Capturing Hopes Photography is a non-profit organization ...


Thomas H. Potes

The Young Pope blesses the rains down in Africa, but is it enough to save the church?