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Windows process What is it mouclasssys mouclass t

Windows process What is it mouclasssys mouclass t


Thank you for your help!

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Problem Report - Windows BSOD 25Oct2010 11.03pm.JPG


Figure 6. Run WinDebug in Noninvasive Mode

2) My system uses 50% of processor time for svchost.exe process using around 250-750 MB of memory (I have 4GB of RAM on 32bit machine). I haven't noticed ...

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I left the house while the Kapersky Scan was running and I found an AVG window opened when I returned along with the Kapersky window.


Registry "mouclass" (old) and ".mouclass" (new)

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I have recently purchased a gaming mouse from a company named SteelSeries, I am running Windows 7 32 bit and they do provide drivers for my system.

dll in process suspended.jpg

Ran memory diagnostics via Windows tool, scanned for corrupted windows files through cmd, and ran WSecEssentials. I ran Process Explorer and it came up with ...

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Fan running at Full Speed, CPU Usage at 100%-task-manager.


Section 4. Search for Modules to Infect (Function 0x3C1C2C) We now examine the logic of Function 0x3C1C2C (as shown in Figure 7).


It said that my AVG Virus software was still active desite "exiting" it in the task tray. Sure enough, it is still showing up as a running process:


I didn't know what to select here so I brought up the Task Manager and took a screen shot prior to turning the PC off:

Figure 11. Create Memory Mapping of File

Fired up resource monitor to see what happens when the game launches, this is what's recorded:

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Once the scan finishes click FixMBR to remove the infection as illustrated below

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these are my specs:


My Computer

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Figure 3: Function 0x3C1193

pumhijackho issue-untitled.jpg

Within the past week, I have visited multiple sites and it has become frequent that these survey popups appear. I have attached a print screen of one of ...


At a lose as to what else to try.

I have attached pics for some reason my SVCHOST.EXE is using a lot of CPU and Memory.

“Mr. ...

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Img - http://upic.me/i/j2/cem51.jpg


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Now you will wish to go to your Windows 10 Firewall program it will ...

Figure 13. Decoding and Copy to Mapped File

What is csrss.exe Process in Windows? Is it a Virus? How to Identify Orignal file?

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I clicked on "don't send" and the CF scan continued

... Task Manager.jpg

Click image for larger version Name: ut4hangsaftermathsometimes.jpg Views: 1 Size: 254.1

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My Windows

service Pack-1.JPG

Laptop infected by Locky zipped attachment - Resolved Malware Removal Logs - Malwarebytes Forums

Figure 12. New Section Object

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Figure 10. Change File Property

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How to stop hacker (using UAC) [Archive] - Cyber Tech Help Support Forums

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Event ID 7000:

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