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When I look at the Earth from space I see vast seas huge land

When I look at the Earth from space I see vast seas huge land


Our world .

How Big Is Earth? Our planet as seen from space.

A Vast Unknown

Life on Earth may be fundamentally unstable (Credit: NASA/Reid Wiseman)

In 250 million years Earth might only have one continent

Water covers around 70 per cent of the Earth's surface, but a huge amount also

A conceptual image from the Europan surface, with Jupiter and Io looming over the horizon

Unique: Taken by Russian satellite Elektro-L, this image of the Red Sea

... draw: Earth being closer to the Sun has little water, relatively speaking, mostly in its surface. More information about the simulation: Liquid Water in ...

An impact would have devastating effects if it occurred within 10-20 kilometers of a

Antarctica nuclear weapon testing climate control

acquired January 18, 2014 download large ...

... 1,000 exoplanets — some of them rocky and parked within their host star's habitable zone. But a good portion of these planets are bigger than Earth, ...

This is how far seas could rise thanks to climate change

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cape cod

hawaii volcano vog

The continent of Gondwanaland still occupied the south and a vast ocean known as Panthalassa trawled by huge sea scorpions called eurypterids ...

Earth's saltiest place makes the Dead Sea look like tapwater

The world as we know it. The obvious demarcation of land and ocean is indicated by the contour of 0 elevation. see enlargement

City lights at night from space

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626033main_iss030e078095_full NASA Earth is a big ...

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How can we manage Earth's land?

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Three-quarters of the Earth's water may be locked deep underground in a layer of

How long will life survive on planet Earth?

Earth, seen from space, above the Pacific Ocean. Credit: NASA

earth plate tectonics fault lines illustration shutterstock_222423562

The 12 Greatest Challenges for Space Exploration

sahara lake chad

NASA Discusses rising sea levels

The Devonian extinction saw the oceans choke to death

Why We Should Explore the Ocean as Seriously as We Explore Space | Big Think

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An image of the Dead Sea taken by a BBC drone

A view of the earth from space

New Earth is composed largely of high plateaus. With a more reflective surface, fewer ocean currents, and a thinner atmosphere over land, ...

Scandinavia night

In the Zone: How Scientists Search for Habitable Planets

Nasa finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars | Science | The Guardian

The ocean is filled with eight million tonnes of garbage - enough to fill five carrier

Illustration showing all of Earth's water, liquid fresh water, and water in lakes and rivers. Credit: Howard Perlman, USGS/illustraion by Jack Cook, WHOI

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The stunning 11,000 x 11,000 pixel shot reveals a huge amount of detail. Here can

Image: NASA/Wikimedia Commons

Charting these watery depths could transform oceanography. It could also aid deep sea miners looking for profit

Here is a wonderful example recently 'snapped' from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter):


Asteroid Earth Drawing Shutterstock Whenever ...

Same planet, same view, so why do these Russian satellite images of Earth look so different to Nasa's? | Daily Mail Online

Great Barrier Reef

China's falling space station highlights the problem of space junk crashing to Earth

:p [ IMG] [ IMG]

The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean basin on Earth, covering more than 60 million square miles (155 million square kilometers) and averaging ...

The photograph shown above was as the astronauts saw it, but it was largely distributed the other way around. The image was flipped to fit expectations of ...

The world is flat, and resting on the backs of four elephants who, in turn, stand upon the back of a giant, space-faring turtle.

Exploring our solar system

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Seas around the world have risen an average of nearly 3 inches since 1992.

Massive Underground Ocean Exists Beneath Earth's Crust, Study Says - YouTube

See NASA image of Mars with oceans and continents before it was robbed of atmosphere | Science | News | Express.co.uk

Today oceans cover 71 per cent of Earth's surface, with land accounting for just 29

Kepler-186f was the first Earth-sized planet discovered in the all-important

Explosive Potential

Wikipedia defines ocean pollution as,

God's Flat Earth & the Firmament of His Power - DeanOdle.org Ministries - End Times Prophecy

The hidden world under the sea: Scientists find 'parallel universe' of life hidden INSIDE the basalt of the oceanic crust | Daily Mail Online

ng at an altitude of about 240 miles over the eastern North Atlantic, the Expedition

Panoramic view of the Payson outcrop. “

Blue lagoon: this crystal of blue ringwoodite is being crushed in a lab experiment.

Ancient Earth (450 million years ago)

Salar de Uyuni is a vast, flat plain (Credit: Doug Allan/naturepl

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A star forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, perhaps the closest Galaxy to Earth's Milky Way

The evaporating Mediterranean Sea | BBC. BBC Earth

If we zoom out more, to the altitude of the 1972 Apollo image, we see the relative size of the continents match.

This is how earth would look if all the water is taken away:

A wave dashing on the shore

2. sea* -- a relatively large body of water, either part of an ocean that is partially surrounded by land (the Caribbean Sea), or a body of water that is ...