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Wartime water conservation poster 2 Vintage t

Wartime water conservation poster 2 Vintage t


Wartime water conservation poster4

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Poster for The New York City Department of Water Supply, Gas & Electricity for a

WPA Posters | Wpa+posters+of+the+american+west. Water Conservation ...

17 Fascinating World War II Posters About Conservation | Ridebuzz.org Rideshare & Carpool

Your wartime duty! Don't waste water Do not use hose for washing your automobile. Do use water from a pail. ♢ NYC WPA War Services, [between 1941 and

Wartime water conservation poster1

Even though some of these posters are slightly outmoded and sexist, the food saving messages have preserved their potency and are still relevant today.

American poster - Navy Bureau of Supplies and Accounts - 1944

A Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project poster provides instruction on proper air raid behavior

American poster: Women, there's work to be done and a War to be won

World War 2 Poster (British)

This is a propaganda poster regarding food rations during the time of World War I. The posters would say "Food is a weapon, don't waste it" meaning that ...

The key events of World War II, which lasted from 1939 to 1945 and was the largest and bloodiest war the world has ever known.

Global warming positive propaganda

World War 2 Poster, No Enemy Sub

II World War / Propaganda WW Vintage Retro Reproduction Print Poster Nr: Help win the war - Squeeze in one

Poster for Philadelphia Council of Defense encouraging conservation of water as part of the war effort

Vintage WWII Poster put out by the Walt Disney Company, “Don't Be a Job Hopper” this was NOT a propaganda film short, but was part of the Disney War effort ...

WWII Home Front poster : Salvage - Help put the lid on Hitler by saving your old metal and paper

American anti-Japanese poster: Tokio Kid Say.

WWII poster regarding saving waste fat to be used for munitions.

17 Fascinating World War II Posters About Conservation | Ridebuzz.org Rideshare & Carpool

American WW2

Breaking the Bottleneck poster, State of Ohio Dept. of Highways, Div. of Traffic and Safety, 1942

II World War / Propaganda WW Vintage Retro Reproduction Print Poster Nr: Hitler ride in a empty seat 2 WW Poster

American WW2

"Save The Wheat and Help The Fleet - Eat Less Bread" ~ WWII era savings motivational poster - (vintage lady, patriotic, World War II era)

Let's Open Up a Second "Rushin'" Front. #vintage #wwii #poster

Wartime recycling poster from the USA

World War Posters

WW2 poster Lubbers Don't Live, "Oh pause in memory pf "Mac" White In darkened ship his fag was bright, A passing sub - most impolite Soon saw the light (Now ...

World War 2 Propaganda Posters – part 4

51 Powerful Propaganda Posters And The People Behind

WPA Posters | Wpa Posters

In wartime, fuel was rationed. This poster from the American Legion urges housewives to

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vintage ad

With World War II now more than sixty years ago, it's easier to appreciate the propaganda posters of the era for their artistic merit.

Us Navy food poster

Gaffron Illustrator [c. the WWar 2 Years] from the collections of The National Archives ofUnited Kingdom, catalogued under document record

Propaganda Posters: 'England Expects Nataional Service' ~ C. Bacon, 1939 through 1945

Canning & Preserving Posters - shared by Canning and Cooking at Home

Wartime Food Poster: American poster: Fish is a Fighting Food.

US WW II Free Speech doesn't mean Careless Talk! This poster is published by the House of Seagram as part of its contribution to the national victory effort ...

Movie Posters:War, World War II Propaganda (Seagram-Distillers Corp, c. X "When In Doubt - Lights Out.

World War 2 Poster, Your Job Is To Keep 'Em Shooting! Ww2 PostersRetro ...

Reprint of Careless Talk WW2 Poster by csfotobiz on Etsy, $25.00

World War 2 Poster · Ww2 PostersVintage ...

Don't mention the war, girls: For sale, a treasure trove of very un-PC WWII propaganda posters

1943 US Ofiice of Defence Transportation poster: "Is your trip necessary? Needless travel interferes with the war effort"

Nostalgia · World War 2 Poster

Waste Paper Is Still Vital - are you saving yours?

Wartime Food Poster (American) : Food is your fuel. Don't waste it!

1940s “Shoot for Par on every Drive” WWII Historic War Poster - 18x24

A WWI poster from the British National War Savings Committee urges restraint in the use of

Plant More Sugar Beets - Sugar is ENERGY - Let's give 'em PLENTY! Government poster asking people to plant sugar beets for the war effort. World War II


You Can Help Us - WWII Poster · Ww2 PostersVintage ...

From WWII and the U.S. Army Conservation Program, "Yours for Victory. Take care

Cartel de propaganda Francés - French propaganda poster - Segunda guerra mundial - Second World War

WWII Buy War Bonds Poster. AnonymousWw2 Propaganda PostersWorld War Ii WwiiArtistsVintage ...

Poster produced during World War II to encourage people to join an air crew…

A propaganda poster for the British home front

1571 best WWII Posters/Covers/Art images on Pinterest | Wwii, World war two and History

This vintage World War II poster features an American GI shouldering his tommy gun on the battlefield. It declares, "I need you on the job full time. Don't ...

Tokio Kid Analysis of a supplemental WWII poster further proves the influence of propaganda in spreading racial stereotypes. Tokio Kid Say depicts the “ ...

American WW2

World War 2 Poster, Hitler will send no warning-so always carry your mask

NEVER - Stature of Liberty WW2 Poster


December 7, 1941 – Attack on Pearl Harbor. Ww2 PostersHistory ...

US WW II.....1943 Poese. Rationing Means A Fair Share · Ww2 Propaganda PostersAmerican WarComic ...

This vintage World War II poster features a giant water tap. It reads, "No water, No guns, Don't waste it! Philadelphia Council Of Defense".

Help harvest - join the U.S. Crop Corps. #vintage #1940s #WW2 #

Buyenlarge 'Canada's Pork Opportunity' by E. Henderson Vintage Advertisement Size: H x W x D

A Hitler-Themed Piggy Bank, And Other Ways The U.S. Sold War Bonds. Ww2 PostersPolitical PostersWorld War IiVintage ...

World War 2 Poster, UNITED we are strong, UNITED we will win

World War 2 Poster (American)

ww II posters - Google Search

Wartime Food Poster: Lick the Platter Clean;

German Propaganda Poster

Don't Waste Transportation" - Association of American Railroads in Cooperation with the Office of Defense Transportation. By Fred Chance.

We Need Those Planes

Australian poster: Australia is a Food Arsenal of the Allied World -- We Must

World War 2 Poster (British) peter arno - Scribing refs!

The Daily Glean: "Beans Are Bullets": vintage wartime food posters and patriotism

American WWII poster for the Red Cross "Blood Means ...

... to pitch things at your eyes - Wear Safety Glasses - Back-up our Battleskies!" ~ What the hell?! Bizarre WWII era wartime industrial safety poster, ca.

British wartime poster. A lie that has been told for decades since!

World War II Morale gas rationing poster PLEASE ADD ME TO ALL THINGS VINTAGE ! Thank

59 best World War 2 Posters images on Pinterest | Retro posters, Vintage ads and Vintage advertisements

Canadian Second World War Propaganda Posters & Sketch's.

Patriotic Fuel Conservation Poster ☆ from 1945 World War II, All fuel is scarce, plan for winter now!

Vintage WWI food conservation poster. "The Greatest Crime in Christendom. To buy -

Wartime recycling poster from the USA

wartime home front poster via the Imperial War Museum: 'Make-Do and Mend', 1942

Top 8 des affiches américaines en faveur du covoiturage, le partage comme effort…

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Reprint of a WW2 Dig For Victory Poster