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Voki create talking avatars for your website Educator Tools

Voki create talking avatars for your website Educator Tools


A Turn to Learn: How to Create a Free Talking Avatar! (A Technology

Imagine the idea of integrating talking avatars to engage kids... in fact how let's explore 20 ways to make it happen. The free website Voki has an ...

Create Speaking Avatars and use them as an effective learning tool! One example: students create a voki with "word on the street" for a vocabulary activity.

First things first, visit Voki so you can practice along with the following directions! (Creating a Voki account allows you to create your own avatars for ...

Voki-Create speaking avatars & use them as an effective learning tool

Voki avatar creation

Voki - create avatars and add voices

The website I chose for the topic, “Presentation Tools”, is called “Voki”. It is a place where speakers, characters, and teachers use the tools on this ...


I was asked to find a Web 2.0 tool that could be used in education/classroom, one that I had not looked at before, therefore making it an uncommon resource ...

How to Create a Voki Video

Here come your RESOURCE GOODIES! Vipula has created a list of online destinations for you to see what educators are saying about Voki and how they are using ...

Tutorial - How to create a speaking, animated avatar with Voki.com (it's

It's Sunday, but instead of being out and about, you're perched over your screen opening new tab after new tab. You're hoping that you'll land on the site ...

How to Make Free 2D/3D Animation Character Speaking Avatar Movie?Top Animation Presentation Video - YouTube

Go to "Create a new voki"

Part I

I introduced Voki to EmergingEdTech readers back in 2011, and its overdue for another mention! This is a such a fun tool. Guest writer James Thompson offers ...

There are many more ways you can use Voki speaking avatars in your classroom to help promote learning ...

Click on the link icon to share your "tinyurl" link, paste it in the Padlet created at https://padlet.com/sfigarohenry/DipEdPadletLinks

Bio: Heather is the Community Manager for Voki and is part of the Marketing Team at Oddcast. Before she joined the Voki team, she was a teacher for 7 years!

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voki21 Voki speaking avatars ...

Voki Talking Avatars: Create your free talking avatar to make fun announcements, assign homework, tell a story, or engage students in interactive lessons.

Please go to the home page and take out your magnifying glass." There is so much junk on voki's home page and the login portion seems to be an afterthought.

Go to http://voki.com/ 3. Choose "Create"

The presenter was showing a number of different fun, new, tools, but Voki stole the ...

5 Innovative Ways to Use Voki in the Classroom by Guest Blogger Tyler Hart!

How Voki Adds Character to Book Talks and Book Trailers

Voki for Education on the App Store

3 Voki Web 2.0 tool ...

Avachara Avatar

Voki Home

Voki Educational Avatars and Characters


What Is Voki? Educational tool; Users create talking avatar

Mandy Nelson - Practicing Fluency With Voki | Classroom | Reading (Process)


Top 6 TECH Tools. “When children create for the ...

5 Innovative Ways to Use Voki in the Classroom by Guest Blogger Tyler Hart!


Voki for Education on the App Store

Tellagami - make your own quick animated videos - Tutorial available on site

If you click on "Customize your character" you'll find what is on the next screenshot. You can scroll down to choose more characters.

Free Webinar: Avatars & Internet Safety

Voki Classroom PackagesFor complete details about Voki Classroom, visit www. voki.com/products.php ...

[Screencast: Embed a Voki in Blackboard]

Give your students the chance to use their imaginations for Halloween!

A fun website that could be used to encourage your child to speak Mandarin at home is called Voki. It is a free website with the option to pay for a premium ...

But, if you want some upgraded resources or tools, you can sign up for Voki Classroom. This service is $29.95 for a year or $44.95 for TWO years.

Voki Home


mysery voki - who am i

The Web 2.0 Symposium was a great event for both myself and my students. Not only was I able to connect with other educators and receive suggestions on how ...

8th grade learning about a new tech tool then creating a lesson to teach the class! Presentations/lessons will be coming soon!

Best Text-to-Speech Demo: Create Talking Avatars and Online Characters | SitePal TTS Demo

I hope you enjoyed my first “Technology Tuesday” post! I really mean it when I say that I'd love to see your Vokis, so feel free to post one as a response ...

Selecting the destination for a Voki

Ten Sites Supporting iPads In Education… A Post Of Resources! by Michael Gorman


"I found this Didactic Unit...Difficult / Normal / Entertaining"


Cartoonify avatar


Vocabulary Activities: 5 Sites for Learning with Avatars. A- A+


How to create your first Voki Presentation


Wakelet - Web curation service

Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blogs, e-mails or your VLE courses.

A New Role for Avatars: Learning Languages

A Look at Voice and How Voki Contributes to It

This screenshot shows that I've created my cat avatar and typed in my text so that the avatar will read my text aloud with a TTS voice.

321 Free Tools for Teachers - Free Educational Technology

Explore this Channel of Interactive Resources to Guide Your Learning

Also, the student will be more likely to use the material presented from this website because the character is very attractive and fun to use.

Clay Yourself website allows you to make a cool avatar http://clayyourself.

While exploring, I decided to use this Voki avatar on my classroom blog, Looking Glass, because I could record my own voice. It welcomes parents and offers ...

Voki: Speaking characters for education

Check out Vipula's Tackk to see the whole Voki presentation and all of the resources she has compiled for her fellow teachers and Voki Lovers!

Great range of topics and ideal to use with your students. Learning Tool Selector

11  Create your own talking avatar ...

The second student has chosen to propose the web tool of Voki. Voki is a program that allows students to building personalized talking avatars where ...

The most attractive aspect of Voki avatars is that it can have students develop characters for digital storytelling projects. Students can create a Voki ...