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Verkehrsnetz 5 mobility experience t

Verkehrsnetz 5 mobility experience t


Verkehrsnetz 5

5. Changes in residence, education and employment during the life course

Fig. 5

5: Impact of parking fees on mobility and mode changes in UK cities


Figure 6: Weekly operation hours of dial-a-ride systems in hours

Fig. 2

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Graph 4.2.5:Structure of housing investment

Mobility tool ownership by gender, age and birth cohort membership

Table 2: Means and standard deviations for significant gender differences with regard to web-

Different to most of the existing planning approaches we used spatial, socio-demographic data to estimate the number of potential users on the local scale.

Mode choice in terms of collective mobility (Own Elaboration)

Abbildung 5-1: Investitionsimpuls des IKEP in ASTRA in sektoraler Gliederung

Values of the Index of Sustainable Urban Mobility in six cities of the five Brazilian regions.

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Fig. 1

Figure 1: Major actors and interdependencies within the housing-job-mobility triangular system

Fig. 2 The different layers of movement data aggregation used in this study. Note

Mode choice in terms of individual mobility (Own Elaboration)

5 Share of different kinds of cycling infrastructure in Vienna, 2016 (from

Figure 5: Model concept to operationalise residential mobility. Due to empirical findings of sociological

5. Propensity to subscribe a car sharing system, EU28.

Fig. 2 Evolution of residential streets (length in kilometres) in Vienna, 1983

Abbildung 15: Basisentwicklung der Fahrleistung im Straßengüterverkehr, Vergleich von Renewbility I und Renewbility II

Fig. 7. Transport related CO2-emissions measured in kton/year divided on

Verkehrsnetz (Stil)

Mobility tool ownership during the life course

Performance of six cities of the five Brazilian regions regarding the nine Domains of the Index of Sustainable Urban Mobility (I_SUM).

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Parking Policies as part of Urban Mobility concepts in mid-sized cities in Honduras Urban Management – TU Berlin

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(1) The methodologies, including the assumptions, for this indicator are shown in detail at: http://www.doingbusiness.org/methodology.

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Here there seems to be a piece missing…

The impact of the ERP on the vertical mobility in Vorarlberg. Chart by Robert Groß

Metro map of Barcelona

Figure 1: MaaS pillars; 5. ...

Table C.1:Financial market indicators

New Mobility Consult: Partner for Sustainable Transport

Graph 3.4.1:Regulatory restrictiveness in key professions in Austria and the EU (2016)

The ...

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Obus/Albus – regular bus services

Source: Fleetmatics IMAP 21 Case Study TELEMATICS; 22.

Figure 2: Connectivity of urban nodes to international destinations within 5 hours of road travel

Box (continued)

Graph 1.5:Contributions to headline inflation

B.6. Efficiency related question

(1) Indicative map of the current RFC network

Derogations for passenger transport by coach



(1) The methodologies, including the assumptions, for this indicator are shown in detail at : http://www.doingbusiness.org/methodology.

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The impact of the ERP on the building activity of ski lifts in the province of

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Flight taxis: mobility of the future

E-mobility. 5

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Arrival by Intercity Coach

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The following chart taken from Adam Millard-Ball's TRB report “Carsharing: Where and How It Succeeds” is worth taking out for a spin with since it reminds ...

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Figure 3

Tactile representation of the views in the body region: (a) activity protocol,

Evaluation of Actuated, Coordinated, and Adaptive Signal Control Systems: A Case Study | Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems | Vol 143, ...

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Responses to the question: “How did you like the control elements?” [

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Timetable information

Carsharing, like Rome, is not built in a day. At least not formal carsharing as we are ...

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Risk based behavior planning example. Top: Complex intersection scenario, with the ego-