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Ultimate Beast Photo manipulations by The iMiJ Factory t

Ultimate Beast Photo manipulations by The iMiJ Factory t


Manipulated Photographs


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Plant Manipulation

Invincible 52.jpg

Joel Robison, some great photoshop manipulation. #photography #photoshop

Plant Manipulation

amazing, creative, design, Illustration, Inspiration, Photo Manipulations, art, digital

Mimic: The Ultimate Power Mimicker


Best Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials-Creating photo manipulations using photoshop isn't an eazy thing to do.

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A wheatpaste by Don't Fret. The photo has been heavily manipulated in the

Artist Uses Photo Manipulation to Create Gorgeous Surreal Scenes

Kotobukiya's Beast

20 Dream-Like Photo Manipulations by Caras Ionut


Fantastic Photo Manipulation

The young time-displaced Beast. Art by Stuart Immonen

Because using photoshop for retouch skin is so mainstream. "Treebeard" by Cal Redback.

Manipulated Photographs

Fishing on Behance

mind control manipulation

Photo Manipulation Tutorials

How to Tell if You're Being Manipulated


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Manipulated Photographs

Summon Energy Manipulation

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Card 4 of 9Artwork · Rocket Beast

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Card 8 of 9Artwork · Freedom!

Don't expect much in the way of interactivity. Do expect to be treated as an adult.

Undergrowth DP

Altered Beast Screenshot



A little boy more afraid of the dark than the bombers overhead chats to his knitted guardian angel. A German sentry and an Italian factory worker connect ...


Scream (1996)

Over the past few years we have seen increasingly extreme weather events. All across the world people are feeling the effects of hurricanes, ...

Spirit of Fire

Yuuka Kazami

Brian Walski's Altered Photo

West Coast Avengers Assemble

Homemade Weight Gain Shakes for Easy Calorie Intake


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N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet' Exhibition

Ultimate List Of The Best VST Plugins In 2017!

U.S. military scientists are working on genetic manipulation that would

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Ultimate X-Men 50 Shadowcat 2

Young Avengers


First photo: Zendaya noted that these types of photo manipulation 'make women self-


Flora Manipulation


Beast on the cover of X-Men vol. 2, #1 (1991); art by Jim Lee

Are you being secretly manipulated? (Credit: Getty Images)

Booklet Layout and editing by Elena Longhin All images are credited at the end of this book Name. Surname.

Time manipulation, general unspecified omnipotence, psychic levitation…the true extent of his abilities is unknown, ...

Controversial: Derren Brown makes his US debut with a Netflix special this month called The

3, #1 (July 2004), depicting Beast's feline form; art by John Cassaday

In the following image, besides the demonic face hidden in his hair you can see SEX formed by hairs on his chest.

Feeling the heat: The trailer shows the subject (business owner Chris Kingston) -

The Virtuous Tart: Sinful but Saintly Recipes for Sweets, Treats, and Snacks: Susan Jane White: 9781611804058: Amazon.com: Books

Probability Manipulation

... and nearly unstoppable since the only thing that can harm him is a dagger made from his own bones. But the Beast being the ultimate evil gets subverted ...

Metal Manipulation

... from Google and altered six of them with image editing software. Then they asked more than 700 volunteers whether the images had been manipulated.

The major characters of the series as they appear in Part II

Certain blogs and websites have noticed that the logo is very similar to the Hebrew letter “Vav”. In the Hebrew Alphabet, every letter is also a ...

The highest skill that Naruto possess is the chakra reserve and its manipulation along with its control. You can see the highest extent one can do, ...

Hair Manipulation

Card 3 of 9Artwork · Red Beast

He can do things like neutralize others' abilities. For example, he creates a box that can contain Black Bolt's voice and allow Black Bolt to speak ...

Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep


Movies, Action and adventure

With the X-Men[edit]

Transformers images don't get much more awesome than this. Or more imitated.

In case you're wondering, the snail didn't climb onto that bougainvillea bloom of its own accord. Yes, that's right; I blatantly manipulated nature for my ...

As you can see the offlane Tower is taking a lot of damage from your creeps. If you're in a trilane and you go full offensive for a push, this tower will ...

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