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UX Sketching Sushi menu Usability testing and Ux design t

UX Sketching Sushi menu Usability testing and Ux design t


UX Sketching: Why is it necessary?

Prototyping with Sticky Notes. Ux DesignerSticky ...

The Usability Of Your Website Starts With Its Content - Usability Geek. Find this Pin and more on Sketching for UX Designers ...

UX Sketching

Dynamic sketching and wireframing are vital aspects of interface design.

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Preview for Lil Pages - 50 UI Layouts

Design Decisions. UI Sketch

Which UI/UX sketching software is recommended?

UX Sketching

Usability Testing & Design: New Yelp Design

ux sketch

CJM photos with Highlighted Features.jpg

A set of more than 50 free gesture icons designer for multi-purpose devices. Find this Pin and more on UX Sketching ...

Sorry, but sketching is NOT always more effective/efficient at finding UX solutions then

five hand drawn screens from a low-fidelity RoundAbout prototype

Team Design Studio 

Taking the time to understand and reflect on how the user thinks and acts will help guide powerful design.

Icon Design and User Testing for Pason - Barbara Shain UX & Visual Designer Portfolio Toronto

The arrow-using descriptions on the sides effectively explain technical details Hand-drawn Wireframe Sketches

In case you were curious, Josh is currently binge-watching Jane the Virgin.

Identifying and Prioritizing Pain Points

I sketched several different options of including the Yelp filter bar, as well as a new navigation bar that combined both sort and filter functions.

2nd Sketch.jpg

Usability Testing & Design: New Yelp Design

Mmmm, pictures of food. ❤

First Round Refinement.jpg

Feedback & Modification 01.jpg

Hirano sketch2.jpg

Team Design studio 

No, not all users had grass for hair.

Initial Sketch.jpg

Below are the specific user interactions that helped me identify my pain points, listed in a table I created to help quantify the results of my design ...

Foursquare's iOS app after tweaked experience of user journey

Imagery in Newsletters: Make Your Marketing Emails Visual But Don't Sacrifice Usability

A newsletter from the University of Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training included many small photos on a text-heavy page, ...

... we thought about how our service can help users complete all the possible on-line and off-line steps while dining at a sushi restaurant.

Sushi Train.jpg

Why Every Digital Designer Should Think Like an Experience Designer | Adobe Blog

In the new logo we wanted to create something that read as a hotel brand. We wanted to incorporate the more earthy colors expressed in the interior designs ...

A photo from inside the Inclusive Design Patterns book

A Case Study on Foodora: UX Analysis & Redesign

It was supposed to be a livestream of a sushi chef making your sushi, in an attempt to bring the sushi-bar experience home.




view prototype.

Axure mobile menu

Explore your destination city before traveling

8:00AM Wireframe Walkthrough Session. We find it much more.

There are design methodologies that actually contradict well established usability standards. For example, cascading drop-down menus are quite common in ...


Flow - sketch.jpg

Fodors CrateandBarrel

UX Design Graphic Design About Resume. Sushi Train Header 001.jpg

As part of the user experience design series at MOBGEN, we have recently covered the benefits of low-fidelity prototyping within design process of digital ...

Proposed Design Change 3: Show restaurant information with reviews first before menu.

Sketching was a long process for us as we went through many iterations and user tests before reaching our final design.

Facebook is looking for amazing PRODUCT DESIGNERS! Shoot me.

The screenshot in Foursquare on the App Store — iTunes (Nov 2017)

Speed-up flow for paper prototype.jpg

1st-round Changes.jpg

Mobile App. digital, UX

After I had completed the usability testing with 7 users, I reviewed my notes and wrote down obstacles they came across and feedbacks on posters.

User observation notes and scenarios

col9 · col7

RoundAbout app load screen on smart phone

Any wannabe UX designer can immediately recognise minor design errors at the first glance. But an experienced UX practitioner starts by enquiring about the ...

hi, i'm bettina and i do ux.

Design Sketches 2

Objective: Apply the Visual Design using standards and practices known in mobile guidelines (e.g. IOS UI or Android Material).

Design Sketches 1

User Story Map:Using the card sorting results really assisted in creating the user story map. UtahValley_UserStoryMap

RoundAbout low-fi clickable prototype

Teams generated multiple ideas and talked about the pros and cons of each. Then, they broke down the ideas and built them back up again hypothetically until ...

The video is about using Sketch to create a food menu UI design, It is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the entire design process.

So, this orientation through UI/UX designs have brought the entire service provision under one roof. Thus, making the users and customers dependent and on ...

Foursquare's desktop version

Understanding UX design

SushiSamba FlyerStyle

Then we started to create multiple sketches of our initial ideas about the website and chose to focus on one of the designs.


The picture depicts how complex the designing of what the users want can be. The initial goals and objectives can be one thing, the end product and what the ...

Not to Use.jpg

User Testing

Alan, UX/UI Designer

9. 6 Mobile App Usability ...

Samantha, UX/UI Designer


A flyer-style newsletter from MLB.com was overwhelming without a typographic hierarchy.

First Date Concept Low-Fidelity Sketch


Research & Data Requirements. UX Improvements Wishlist

iStockphoto's 404 page

User Testing

The Iron Triangle Is Dead

Foursquare's suggestions

Affinity mapping to understand customers' frustrations