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UCF39s enormous solar plant would slash 2 million a year from utility

UCF39s enormous solar plant would slash 2 million a year from utility


UCF's enormous solar plant would slash $2 million a year from utility bills - Orlando Sentinel

Solar power in crisis: 'My panels generate enough power for two loads of washing' | Environment | The Guardian

Nanosolar to Build 10MW Power Plant

Will Mexico's Record-Breaking Solar Prices Pencil ...

Investors snapping up community energy projects, with some selling out in minutes - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

First Solar Slashes Revenue Expectations By $1B As Demand For Solar In China Slows

Researchers project that solar power will become cheaper than conventional, fossil fueled electric generating sources by 2020. (The researchers do not say ...

Utilities companies have their sights on ending net-metering: your ability to sell excess

Georgia Power's Rooftop Solar Program Signs Up Only 5 Customers

Heliostat mirrors at a solar thermal power plant

Contractors install solar panels atop Colorado State University's Braiden Hall.

Global wind and solar costs to fall even faster, while coal fades even in China and India | Bloomberg NEF

Microgrids on the March: Utilities Are Building Out New Business Models to Make Islanding Work

Clean Power Finance Moves Big Numbers Into PV With Vivint Solar Deal

State law has inhibited the growth of the rooftop solar industry in Florida. (Photo: Stock.xchng.)

Orlando's new solar plant takes shape as Florida's solar energy erupts - Orlando Sentinel

Reducing energy intensity and emissions

Solar panels on a suburban roof

An aerial view of the Lakeland Solar and Storage Project in far north Queensland.

Wind turbines atop the ridge line of Lowell Mountain in Vermont. The wind farm is owned by Green Mountain Power. Credit Herb Swanson for The New York Times

The US Solar Market Is Now 1 Million Installations Strong

Private and Public Funds Continue Flowing Into Off-Grid Power Projects

President Barack Obama speaks at Sempra U.S. Gas & Power's Copper Mountain Solar 1 facility in Boulder City, Nevada, March 21, 2012.


Energy companies embracing domestic solar and storage systems in scramble to protect profits - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Nevada solar industry collapses after state lets power company raise fees | Environment | The Guardian

Minute changes in cloud formations can slash the power output of solar panels in seconds.

Africa's utilities are missing out on a big business opportunity.

LatAm PV markets see increasing use of green bonds

California Net Metering 2.0 Keeps Retail Rates for Rooftop Solar


Utility Solar May Cost Less, But It's Also Worth Less

Is Ivanpah the World's Most Efficient Solar Plant?

Abandon utility-scale solar to focus on residential?

In solar scuffle, big utilities meet their match

After 1 year of wind power in Seychelles islands, turbines producing desired output

Source: Microgrids Presentation to DOE Electricity Advisory Committee, June 2015

Bringing Power to the People: The Unlikely Case for Utility Populism

solar power

Source: GTM Research Utility PV Tracker

Where companies can buy renewable energy through the grid

Shayle Kann, GTM Research SVP, said at GTM's most recent Solar Summit that utility-scale solar in the U.S. is "extraordinarily competitive now," with ...

Solar Universe Wants to Expand Dealer Franchise With $7 Million Round

How to Make Money in Solar

We consistently see pricing in PJM, in the mid and low 3 cents, and solar, more than any other technology, has demonstrated significant cost reductions over ...

FIGURE: Mexico New Solar PV Demand, 2010-2030E

3 - Borrego Springs

Sonoma County Water Agency's Oceanview water treatment pond was the test bed for this floating solar panel array last year. A final installation is expected ...

A Dynamic and Bidirectional Grid: The next-generation grid will be far more distributed and leverage smart sensors, switching systems, field analytic ...

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, Dubai, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority,

Most other large utilities in Pennsylvania have already started their smart meter deployments.

We all rely on the grid and, ultimately, utility customers pay for it. miuenski miuenski, CC BY-NC

Abengoa to Build 110 MW Solar Tower Storage Plant in Chile

Shining beacon: While solar power accounts for less than one per cent of the nation's

Figure 1: Florida at night as seen from International Space Station on Oct. 13, 2014. Lighting electricity use is fundamental.

Taking a project-by-project approach is certainly better than trying to talk utilities into making massive up-front investments into analytics for as-yet ...

Solar power to the people: how the sun can ease Africa's electricity crisis | Business | The Guardian

A large shed on raised tinder blocks with Western Power branding, in front of solar

Generator Perspective

To highlight the opportunity, let's look at Australia, where nearly 2 million solar systems have been successfully and safely installed.

Buzzwords like "big data" have been in the DistribuTech lexicon for some time. But now it's possible to track progress.

Solar power can cut consumers' bills and still be good for utilities

Here's a time-lapse construction video from Community Energy.

Korean Utility Kepco Buys 30MW Alamosa CPV Plant for $34M

Here's Proof That the Electric Utility Industry Is Innovating in a Big Way

Of that, only about 2.5 gigawatt-hours per day would be cost-effective at a price of about $20 per kilowatt-hour shifted, according to the report.

A Wal-Mart store in Chino, Calif., has both a cool roof and solar panels to cut its energy use. Credit J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times

How to Make Money From Land as a Solar Developer

How Utilities Can Stop Losing Revenue and Start Making Money on Solar

Sacramento is getting a new DER modeling tool with help from Clean Power Research.

How Solar Power and Ice Energy Can Play Together

Shipping containers full of lithium batteries will stabilize Kauai's grid when passing clouds interrupt power flows from the island's newest solar farm.

Komekurayama Solar Power Plant owned and operated by TEPCO in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture


peek inside nevada solar plant 247 power molten salt 110 mw crescent dunes energy is the

A Solar Cell That Generates 2 KW of Power?

The value of solar is difficult to measure, in large part because it differs by individual states and utilities. A strong VOS policy should be both ...

For 90 minutes or so solar production cratered by about 6 gigawatts, then surged back by 13 gigawatts. That's roughly equivalent to six large nuclear- power ...

Meet the Private Company That Has Changed the Face of the World

Despite the flurry of project completion at the end of 2016, 2017 will still see 8.7 GWdc come on-line. Of the 2017 utility PV installation forecast, ...

Solar forecasting technologies are an increasingly valuable tool in optimizing the operation of the grid.

On the fast-responding water heater front, manufacturer Steffes has been a big contributor to pilot projects in Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and Canada's ...

Ever wish you could ditch your electric bill? Tesla is working on a house battery that could help you slash your expensive utility bill, by taking advantage ...

(In energy terms, utility-scale projects will still represent 54 percent of the market, giving that sector a bit of an edge.)

Four solar panels on the roof of a suburban home in Melbourne

New Report Highlights the Costs of Ongoing Utility-Customer Data Divide

The Emerging Boom in Utility-Wide Asset Analytics

New Consumer Preferences Are Now Impossible to Ignore, Say Utility Executives

Oyster Creek Will Close Sept. 17; Fuel Could Remain at Site for 60 Years

The company behind the planned tower claim it can provide power for as many as a million residents at costs cheaper than solar power.

Axiom Exergy

The new solar tariffs are a

That raises an interesting question: When the moon blocks up to three-fourths of the sun shining on Germany later this month, how will electric utilities ...

County of Maui

Rechargeable batteries already power our phones, laptops and toothbrushes, and with solar battery storage and electric cars set to take off, ...