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Types of Rays Stingrays Manta Rays Electric Rays and Skates

Types of Rays Stingrays Manta Rays Electric Rays and Skates



Electric Rays and Other Species of Ray and Skate

Southern stingrays (Dasyatis americana). chondrichthian. skates, rays ...


Difference between Manta ray and Stingray-1

The manta ray has distinct white markings and cephalic fins on either side of the head. And it's huge.

New Zealand eagle ray (1)

Bluntnose Stingray

... manta rays, guitarfish, and sawfish. education, sawfish

Meet The Rays- Types of Stingrays, Eagle Rays and Manta Rays

Aquariums · See photos of rays (including manta rays, stingrays, and electric ...

Southern stingrays. Photo by Barry Peters via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons.

education, manta ray ventral

The giant manta ray, the largest ray in the world, has been targeted by fisheries to the point where it has become vulnerable. In 2013, manta rays were ...

Ray and Skate Basics

An Intimidating Fish They Call the Stingray. Categories:

Stingray Facts: True and Interesting Facts about Stingray ...

Spotted Eagle Ray 001

Manta Ray Hunts, Pearl Divers and Shark Fin Soup. 20120518-Manta_ray_from_Yap.jpg. Manta ray ...

Skates and Rays

Manta Ray vs Stingray - Kona, Hawaii


Cortez Round Stingray 008. Cortez Electric Ray Images. Cortez Electric Ray 005

a. Species

Attacks by Eagle Rays and Stingrays


A southern stingray is NOT a manta ray.

Cortez Electric Ray 009

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20120518-BBQ_stingray.jpg. BBQ stingray Ray and skate ...

Stingray in Goa Sharks, rays ...

Blue-spotted stingray, Lesser electric ray – Cozumel, Thorny stingray – Indonesia

A mystery ray yet to be positively identified by researchers at Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Manta rays in Thailand and around the world. Introduction differences manta species

Kuhl's StingRay; Manta Ray; Jenkin's StingRay

Skates and Rays

Sharks & Rays. Southern Stingray

Round Stingray

Cownose ray swimming in open ocean

Mantas belong to the Elasmobranchii which include sharks, skates and rays, and are part of the Mobulidae family of Devil rays.

Yellow stingray – Cozumel

Flying mobula ray (Credit: Carlos Aguilera)

Antigua: Stingrays - Ep. 114

To swim, some stingrays move their whole bodies in a wavy motion that propels them through the water. Other species flap their fins like bird wings and " ...

Types of Rays - Southern Stingray

Swim Snorkel with Manta Rays

Many stingrays like to live by themselves and only come together for breeding and migration. Some of the largest rays such as manta rays and cow nose rays ...

Differences between Skates, Chimaeras & Rays

Difference between skates and rays explained - Lifestyle - Wilmington Star News - Wilmington, NC

Death Ray This animal is believed to be found in the Mekong River and people do

A Scuba Diver's Guide to Identifying Rays: Stingrays

Manta Ray Characteristics

Manta Rays Re-classified as Mobula After Genetic Study

Difference Between Manta, Devil and Eagle Ray - MANTA - PALAU

Sawfish and Guitarfish

Raja erinacea

A manta ray swimming through a clear tropical ocean.


Little Skate

Bat Ray

Reef manta ray, ventral view

Blue-spotted Rays ...

Short-tail stingray. Dasyatis brevicaudata · Home; Explore; Species Explorer; Short-tail stingray. Like sharks, rays ...

Manta Ray - Majestic Swimming Blanket

Skates and Rays ...

Types of Rays- Spotted eagle rays. Manta Rays

Smooth Stingray or Short-tail Stingray

On the Big Island in Hawaii an industry of night diving with manta rays is a booming activity that is an important part of that islands economy.

Pacific electric ray

Manta Ray Evolution

Several ...

Giant Electric Ray Narcine entemedor photo

2/10This giant manta from Mexico has a striking black body.Andrea Marshall

Electric ray

Spotted eagle ray

Names can also vary from one area to another. Here we'll look at some of the most famous species and help you learn how to recognize them.

Cownose Stingray Cownose rays have a unique feature—long, pointed pectoral fins that separate into two lobes in front of their high-domed heads.