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Turkey against Kurdistan people Caricature t Kurdistan

Turkey against Kurdistan people Caricature t Kurdistan


Wladimir on Twitter: "#Kurdish cartoon expressing Kurdish sentiments on post-referendum situation and Iran-Turkey-Iraq policies towards KRI.… ...

Moving toward Kurdish independence?

Coup and counter-coup in Turkey and Kurdistan

The War Nerd: Don't be fooled -- Turkey is attacking the Kurds

Kurdish referendum set to plunge Iraq into existential crisis

Chip Bok's Editorial Cartoons ...

Chip Bok's Editorial Cartoons ...

20, about Turkey's escalating assault on Kurdish Afrin in N. Syria. For the first time in the Syrian civil war, Bashar Assad told ...

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Carlos Latuff on Twitter: "Netanyahu and Erdogan share the same strategy. Palestinians seem as terrorists by #Israel. Kurds seem as terrorists by # Turkey.

Turkish state launches massive assault on Kurds under cover of finally tackling ISIS

The cartoon ...

Info on Kurds

Kurds cartoon 4 of 6

The Kurds: Everything You Didn't Know


Syria Turned Into Deadly Quagmire For Turkish Soldiers – Cartoon

Carlos Latuff on Twitter: "#Turkey and U.S. interests in #Syria Via @mintpressnews #Afrin https://t.co/1xIaKGJ9yI… "

On 14th February 2017 Geneva Call is launching a 10-day video campaign on social media – mainly Facebook and Twitter – to raise awareness on the issue of ...

Cartoon of the Day: #kurd #Kurdistan #TwitterKurds #Turkey #Erdogan #

The woman holds a portrait, as have activist Kurdish mothers whose children disappeared in the 1990s, that asks “Where is Hurşit Külter,” a Kurdish ...

Turkey is using Syrian refugees as bargaining chips as it moves against the Kurds


A member of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) takes part in a demonstration

Internationalism is the only response to the Kurdish issue - International Communist Current

Turkey vs Kurdistan Army 2017 (HD)

Kurdish female fighters of the Women's Protection Unit gesture in the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo

In the southern Iraqi city of Basra, Iraqi cartoonist Arkan Al-Bahadly using a

Syrian Kurds wave the Kurdish flag in support of the independence referendum. Northeastern Syrian city

... text was originally prepared for a public meeting — held in Bologna at the beginning of September 2014 — with Daniele Pepino, author of Kurdistan.

The Kurdish people: Who are they? What are they seeking?

Turkey Invades Syria. America Spins The Bottle.

Erdogan's Syria policy takes a dangerous turn

In the past few weeks, a conflict between Ankara and Baghdad over Turkey's role in the liberation of Mosul has precipitated an alarming burst of Turkish ...

The Antiwar Comic: Where is Kurdistan?

Print edition | Europe

Kurdistan, Turkey

The main neocon magazine in the US, frontpagemag.com, has openly called for the Kurds to retaliate for Turkey's support of Palestine.

ARAB WORLD MAP (Kurdistan) – Political and military factions in Kurdistan – May 2016

Move pits Turkey against US-backed Kurdish force that played crucial role in defeating Islamic State in Syria

People attend an Afrin protest at King's Cross station in London on March 11 in this

Barzani meets Erdgoan in Amed

Powerful cartoon that asks where people's sympathy was for Turkey

Turks, Turk's features changes gradually as you move from far east to Turkey, but slanted eyes are seen among them, those in western Asia mainly have just a ...

Kurdish_Dance.jpg (90040 bytes). Community celebrations fulfill multiple roles in Kurdish ...

“Before ISIS was approaching Kurdistan, we did not have such support from the international community,” says Sara Mustafa, a lecturer at the University of ...

These are the folks with the good human interest story and a lot of oil right?

Maps showing areas of control in Syria, Jan 08 and Feb 05


Turkey's regime has made genocide against the Kurdish people in Efrin

Campaign Launched in North Kurdistan [East Turkey] to Boycott Turkish Goods

Disney digital painting and drawing from imagination Kurdish female fighter YPJ #drawing #YPJ #

Kurdish protesters demonstrate with placards reading "No to dictatorship" and the portrait of the

A Kurdish man holds Israeli and Kurdish flags during a rally for the upcoming September 25th

With heavy cloud hindering air support in the last 24 hours, advances have been limited and Kurdish fighters have retaken some territory. Turkish troops and ...

Israelis of Kurdish origin take part in a rally in support of the Kurdish referendum outside

A Nation Divided: Dropping Turkish Birth Rates Threaten Erdogan Political Brand

Demonstrating in support of the referendum for independence of Kurdish Iraq in front of the Palais

Turkish-backed Syrian rebels march on Mount Barsaya north of Azaz, on January 29


By Carlos Latuff

Imagine 1960 for Turkey's Kurds

As far as the mountains standing there is no power that can turn our lights out. KurdistanLionLong LiveHomelandMountainsMilitary ...

Free Syrian army tanks gather close to the border on January 21, 2018 at Hassa

A US military commander, second from the right, is seen walking with Kurdish fighters

The Kurdish vote reflects an existential quandary across the entire Middle East today: Are some of the region's most important countries really viable ...

Amid accusations, let's remember Turkey used chemical weapons on Kurds before - The Region

Kurdish people attend a rally to show their support for the upcoming September 25th independence referendum

Turkey bombs giant portrait of Kurdish leader Ocalan near Afrin (VIDEO)

“We are now using it to tell the weather in the major Kurdish cities.

Iraq's Kurds have overplayed their hand. Now both sides must talk | Emma Sky | Opinion | The Guardian

Iraqi Kurds gather in the street waving Kurdish flags next to a poster of the president

A woman shows her support for the 25 September independence poll for Kurdish northern Iraq in

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shake

Turkey accused of recruiting ex-Isis fighters in their thousands to attack Kurds in Syria | The Independent

A woman in Kirkuk casts her vote in the independence referendum.

Mark Langfan

Officials of Kurdistan Regional Government cast their vote in the Kurdish independence referendum at a hotel

... Kurdistan, a hilly, grassy region in Iraq, Iran and Turkey with a pleasant, cool climate. It has few important modern cities or spectacular ruins (1); ...

Who deserves a state, Kurds or Palestinian Arabs?

Image result for photos of women kurdish fighters

Kurdish literature starts with one work after 600 AD and then a new work after 1300… the former found in Iran and I couldn't find where the other piece of ...

On Thursday afternoon, in front of a crowd so large it surged over fences and up scaffolding, peace was declared in Turkey. A letter from Abdullah Ocalan, ...

If Kurds and others in northern Iraq are asked to answer that question in a referendum this year, a vote in favour of independence will not necessarily ...

Kurds insist that Turkey should allow Kurdish fighters, supplies and weapons to enter the encircled town through its territory.

Do you know why Iraq, aided by Iran, are fighting against Kurds - a major U.S. ally against Isis - in Northern Iraq?"

... and seems to hate the Kurds more than ISIS. He also is being deliberately anti-Western in order to appeal to nationalists and Islamists in Turkey.

Turkish-backed Syrian Arab fighters ride the back of a pick-up with looted

Turks, Turk's features changes gradually as you move from far east to Turkey, but slanted eyes are seen among them, those in western Asia mainly have just a ...

The Quran and the Kurdish people or Islam and Kurdish people, Al Anfal sour 8 calls for genocide against the Kurdish people in 1988, right now isis Islamic ...

What Kobani Means for Turkey's Kurds

Civilians gather to watch fighting between Syrian Kurds and the ISIL militants alongside Turkish soldiers aboard

A group of armed Kurdish fighters from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) enter northern