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stevenuniverse, tumblr

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Lmfao SU Tumblr fandom getting called out on their shit by an executive producer. You guys fucked up.pic.twitter.com/KdagwowHlf

Night Of The Glowing Rods, Steven Universe, Peridot and Amythest

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cartoon mammal fictional character vertebrate art mythical creature fiction

I'm a sinner and I don't care ...

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princesscallyie: I took one glance at this comic and I didn't recover… FINALLY a SU ship I can get into. I am so thankful god bless

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... SU: The Gems Can't Babysit by Neodusk

Saw this on Tumblr want this episode to actually happen

I'm on tumblr or whatever I guess. NEXT: PREV: FIRST:

Here is a compilation of some funny SU posts from Tumblr I found.

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commission for my friend on tumblr!! I hadn't drawn SU fanart since the Cold War haha please consider supporting me @ https://ko-fi.com/alinart ...

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steven universe

§t∪⊂k ¡∩ gΛÿ ɦξll

tumblr, stevenuniverse, su, peridot, jasper < < < "what the hell

Made of Love

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Honestly that wasn't as bad as I thought considering tumblr is ***

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... SU and SM Screenshots Redraw by DAV-19

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“…seagulls that fly in front of the sunset and it's beautiful! Just go, you'll see. I took it for granted, so don't pass up this chance!”

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thegembeaststemple.tumblr thegembeaststemple.tumblr

funny steven universe tumblr - Google Search

Ya know i was sitting there yesterday (at like 3 a.m lmao) thinking about how Bismuth can´t be that hard to draw, it´s just that i am shit at ...

Here is a compilation of some funny SU posts from Tumblr I found.

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Don't cry Steven!

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Dancin' in the rain like Gene Kelly~ Made a fun little Peridot piece for

... Printable Impressive Steven Universe Toys 29 Tumblr 1280 steven universe toys coming soon ...

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artwork by @creepyknees on Tumblr! #su #stevenuniverse

tumblr_nzv9vqx38D1tt08wto1_1280.jpg (1280×1484) | Steven Universe | Pinterest | Drawing things, Cities and Draw

I love this show so much ;_; Please don't repost on tumblr, you can reblog it from HERE | SU: Garnet, Ruby, and Sapphire | Pinterest | Steven universe and ...

Su local chica Chica Pandillas pandillas Girl Power Tumblr, el Futuro es Feminista Femenina camiseta rosada de las muchachas t shirt casual tees - TELOCHKI.

isn't it lovely ? " --------

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art artists on tumblr asieybarbie steven universe rainbow quartz steven universe spoilers su spoilers posting this after the episode aired because i didn't ...

Does anyone have an acc they don't use anymore with a good following that

Tumblr Logic on Twitter: "Serious note. The SU Tumblr Fandom is back at pushing people to suicide over BULLSHIT and then celebrating that fact… "

last batch of SU stickers! (btw I'll be selling all my SU paintings as stickers and prints at Boston Comic Con!

Also the FJ SU fandom has something that the tumblr SU fandom will never have;

... https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tyyek6gx23M/maxresdefault.jpg

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hello.... its me..... i haven't

Steven Universe: A Novel Idea by Neodusk ...

"We don't need to be careful. We just need to be HUGE

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Pearl ||......thanks to SU fanart and Tumblr I think I'm gay now :T

DIY T-Shirt Design - Hicustom.net | via Tumblr su We Heart It


Ooooof I love the incredibles and can't wait to see incredibles 2 Credit:{ask-whitebag} tumblr #su #stevenuniverse #aquamarinesu #suaquamarine ...

Im going on vacation foe the next two weeks so I won't be here

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Blue Diamond's Garnet, by Yasmin Louise: http://baixinha-su.tumblr .com/post/1.

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Erop of eronder voor overnamehuis Yahoo!

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Sorry I haven't posted in 3 days (School;

"2/18/16" by codeineweeknds ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Topshop,

su-pectrum.tumblr.com post 145110767514 photoset_iframe su-pectrum tumblr_o7y7cgLeXC1vqfvh7 0 false

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Chalk Wall Ideas Chalkboard Kitchen Decorative Idea Chalkboards Elegant Best Tumblr

cartoon green mammal vertebrate fictional character art male

tumblr, stevenuniverse, su


A crema agria le gustan los Legos -w-

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179 0 Download 25 ...

maryberrystudy: “ ig: @maryberrystudy Whoa, what? I'm back on

Images For Sun and Moon Sketch Tumblr Su on Images For Sun and Moon Sketch Tumblr

"We just want to feel strong... and share the kind of love


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connie su steven su my art i need a better tag for my art i'

Who else thought this?

Tumblr Wallpaper Sad Love Via Tumblr F L O A T Pinterest Of Tumblr Wallpaper Sad Lockscreens Tumblr S U Ç