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Tsk tsk But it did help Haru t

Tsk tsk But it did help Haru t


Tsk tsk. But it did help Haru.. | The Blushing and Frightened | Pinterest | Anime

Ch 39 pg 39 Kou's mischievous laughing.. i can't bear ...

me when people ask me if i'm mad XD Page #8 | Read

Tsk tsk can't believe it 😠

aoharuride c49p41 aoharuride c49p42

I just added some pretty flower stickers...and it's so simple but I love it??

"Stay the hell away! ... Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, · Haru And ...

100 days anime challenge - Day 96: frame of an anime character. Well I don't have a frame of a character in my room, but if I had it would be exactly ...

aoharuride c49p41 aoharuride c49p42

Uchiha and Nara - Doujinshi [pg 4] by Haru-xo ...

Nightcore - I Don't Fuck With You

RinHaru: A Mermaid Tale 11 by Zakuuya ...

Meanwhile, there's well, not dissension in the ranks, as Haru wants to go back to save Ranta, merely an argument for why to go back, from the person he ...

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Haru - (Water) Surprise by animepikachu on DeviantArt

Yuujin isn't stupid enough not to realize that stopping a run away train is a dangerous task. Yet, after knowing exactly that it's Haru (and friends) who ...

Dad!Sousuke x Mom!Reader x Son!Haru- Kindergarten by animepikachu on DeviantArt

Haru's slightly surprised look after Makoto smiled and caught him glancing at him.

Instead of preparing for her college exams (which she's redoing after failing already), Haru is busy preparing fan-made goods for JY's upcoming concert.

Somehow, I don't know how, GD came back and gave him a full blown kiss. Quoting SHINee's song “Make up, shake up, break up”, I think it fits this really ...

Tsk tsk. — Some coworker randomly mentions that he hasn't been home in three days. Is that even legal?

But apparently, GD managed to get away and did his little FREEDOM! dance which then made Seunghyun cry like a baby. Even Seungri's secretly laughing at him.

1d878ff6ce4976ca84a5fb638552042acfb3afcc Hq by popdood

Happy New MakoHaru Year!

Unfortunately, the fact that “Yuujin wants to be saved” somehow ends up being at the blind spot of the fandom's eyes. It could be because, aside that he ...

slingbees 3 3 Haru and Yuki by babygirlm

Being Watched (Makoto x Haru) (Rin x Haru) (Yandere x Haru) (ON HOLD)

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Anime ao Haru ride Kou and futaba Anime quotes Anime Quote

... as she did, but now things cannot ever be the same again. Will Futaba continue her love from three years back, a love that never even got started?

Different types of Haru Tags: Noragami, Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler, Crossover, Ao

Despite of his will to “let Haru dive into danger if it is to save him”, Yuujin does care a lot about Haru. That's why he never says outright that he wants ...

Hana Haru - chapter 39 - #34

After Yuujin's lone call of Haru's name, manages to convince Haru that “the Yuujin that Haru knows” is real and still there, waiting to be saved, ...

If that's not love in his eyes then I don't know what love is.


Introduction to Magic – Story of Harut & Marut

Haru finally realizes this when Yuujin ends up being captured. He's the one who must save Yuujin, for his choice to be a protagonist.

Task 1 for @doubutsugang -- Haru is very sweet and likable girl, but

My Official Camp Buddy (Natsumi X Haru)

Ao Haru Ride - chapter 49.4 - #21

Character Profile - Haru Glory

... Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu ...

He begins by waiting for Yume after her evening bath and asking if she's angry because he hired Mary so quickly without asking her and Shihoru. Yume is ...

Trip To Italy

I know- I noticed my mistakes but I'm creative enough to cover them up. Tsk tsk tsk.

xD Seunghyun and Youngbae debating about who gets GD and who doesn't. Tch. The problems boys face. *shakes head and sighs*

What follows is an encapsulation of the show and the overall struggle of Haru and the others. Grimgar, like his duel with Spots, is a battle of life and ...

Akai Bathroom - Haru (SCAPEGOAT) Love Story

AA T ¶ ⒞

Ren and Ryuji eventually discover Shadow Kamoshida's weirdo torture/sex dungeon, but we still haven't been introduced to my guy Morgana. Tsk tsk.

Ao Haru Ride Volume 1.jpg

Super Lovers 22 Page 35

... (that was meant to represent an “external force”) due to time constraint (and also uncertain of solution). I added in scenes as I executed the shots, ...

The rainclouds eventually pass, and once the weather is good, the party strikes out to a city abandoned by humans and now inhabited by goblins, ...

The annoying selfish contrarian isn't really redeeming himself by staying behind and fighting so that Haru and the others can get away, because he has ...

Haru says this about Yuujin at the end of Resshamon episode. “I don't want him getting involved in dangerous situation like today.”

Hana Haru - chapter 3 - #22

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Hope Im not confusing anyone :S ALSO, the raws need a password, but I'm okay with that, as long as the summary is still there.

... is because she wants to be saved by Yamato, whom she clearly has crush on at that time? (Just like Yuujin wants to be saved by his protagonist, Haru).

... but we still haven't been introduced to my guy Morgana. Tsk tsk.

Anime - Izetta the Last Witch

The rumoured asylum… AHEM, I mean ROOM. Seunghyun's showing off his star ring. “Betcha can't find another ring like this!”

Oozora Yuujin is such a complex character that I never expected I would write three long posts just about him.


Ao Haru Ride

These 2 went on a date and didn't even mention anything about it on their own blogs. Clearly hiding. Tsk tsk tsk.

Ziras share-out of the tasks by Okami-Haru ...

LLATOOC Task 1 Results + Task 2

You could read the latest and hottest Ao Haru Ride 49 in MangaHere.

By Harut Sassounian

... Pencil: Haru Yoshida by aokamei

Haru leaves Destinyland in a hurry and the rest of you go home to sleep. Igor will chat with you that night and your Fool Arcana will level up.

Whether it's using babelfish to translate the text, or their engine is bullshit and crashes every other second, I've experienced ...

Fruits Basket (Reader x Hatsu-haru)

... but they seem to bungle their plans every time. They aren't really evil (they even strike up a friendship with Haru) they just want to be seen as cool.

[update]New Character-Haru- is out ! (My Forged Wedding)

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I also know that Rin hated Haru and immediatly started after Shigure. I do not know his reaction.

Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru

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Love me like you do

... Seishun x Kikanjuu chapter 35 : The Person Who Does Not Desire Change page 19 ...

Yearning for Love [Hibari Kyoya X OC] [Miura Haru X OC]

Romance Anime Like Ao Haru Ride

Lee Haru, Korean, Superman, Google Search, Energy Boosters, Passion, Bigbang, Asia, 1

Haruhiko Ichijo


For example, just before Haru enters the sewers she is with Yui's other dog, Chaco. While the two stand next to each other, Haru asks: ワンちゃん・・・ここ ...

Artist of the Day: Kevin Libranda


The robot Hal used the old rubik's cubes to get Kurumi out of her shell: http://yue-ki.deviantart.com/art/loved-ones-456055461

Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru (Ao Haru Ride Opening)