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Triangular Sail by RLM 2008 t

Triangular Sail by RLM 2008 t


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That's not a Laser!

Triangular Sail by RLM 2008

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And the Tweezer D hull lines:


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nautor swan 56-003 ?

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Cooper Maple Leaf 48 Sloop


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Hurley 18

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A picture of the other sandbagger (I think we were on Bull so this might be Bear but again I may have it backwards).


small square sail sculpture by RLM 2008

I wrote about it in more detail in 2003 and if interested, one can view my scow experience here . A picture of me sailing my scow Moth.

RLM_belly_tack.jpg. RLM

Then here is the sail unfurled

RLM Sail sculptures in brass. 2008



rectangular Sail sculpture for table top. by RLM 2007

RLM 2008 Disc Curtain of nickel

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The original Proust had a chine log which I've eliminated to make it a true V-bottom. I changed the rocker and the sheer slightly.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 24.2

Bruce Roberts 434 Custom Build

A congregation of sails and totem sculptures, by RLM

Colin Childs 47

jeanneau sun odyssey 24.2 ?

Very large brass Sail sculpture, RLM, 2009

You sail this boat for pleasure? It's got a waterline beam of 2' 3" on a total beam of 5' and about as much initial stability as a dowel.

jeanneau sun odyssey 24.2 ?

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 24.2


... post-2679-0-20575400-1458495326_thumb.jpg ...

inventor jongert 20ds ?

jeanneau sun odyssey 24.2 ?

Download high-res image (344KB) ...

... but in light airs the crew moves forward to lift the run out of the water and reduce wetted surface area for displacement mode sailing.

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... of the amas looks to be inadequate for a powerful sailing rig). An interesting concept though and hopefully I'll bump into this craft in the future.


According to this father, the "Duster Nationals" are still held every August on Lake Naomi. Two pictures of Dusters sailing on Lake Naomi.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 24.2

View Boat; Kufner Yachts 54

Brigantine Yankee - On The Reef At Avarua, Rarotonga.jpg

Pilot cutter 30

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The simple single-chine sections for Zippy. There is no compounding of plywood here. This design has ample flotation forward, which makes for a safer hull, ...

View Boat; Bavaria 46 Cruiser

chantier m.e.r trimaran 10m ?

albin albin ballad



45' steel ketch custom built ?

No sailing, some hiking, and we rented a motorboat and joined everyone else buzzing around the lake. Back in the 1950's, ...

Warhead of the A4/V2 rocket.

knierim jv 49 ?

Throughout church history we see this pattern continue: the Word going out through ordinary people, disciples and churches multiplying.

Paul Lindenberg designed a Classic Moth which has a resemblance to the Windmill hull. Lindenberg will sell his Classic Moth plans for $400. I don't have an ...


Beneteau First 36.7

"Coffee on the Wind" - Poster by Ricardo Levins Morales. Click the image

View Boat; Jeanneau 57

Tippy at the 2008 E-City Nationals.

The complex task of stepping the mast (Photo courtesy of Ōiwi TV )

"Unloading Coffee" - Poster by Ricardo Levins Morales. Click the image for more

Diagram of the many lines used to raise, open and close each sail. The tricing lines are doubled on the other side. (Doug Herman)

View Boat; Vallicelli VR 65 Keenly for sale

The slight arc to the bottom brings to mind the description of Question, but the tumble-home to the topsides was used on sharpies in this country only on ...

View Boat · Dufour 30 Classic Integral

John ...