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Top of the food chain Enemies Conversation and Polar bear

Top of the food chain Enemies Conversation and Polar bear


A conversation. The endangered species are getting together. They have seen the enemy and the enemy is us.

Stiff fur on the sole of each foot keeps polar bears from slipping on the ice

Polar bear in Arctic

The hind limbs of polar bears are longer than the forelimbs, making the hind end

The polar bear is ready to share food with other bears if they beg properly.

A recent study found that polar bears predating 1950 that ate a phytoplankton-based diet have higher concentrations of mercury in their systems than bears ...

CONSERVATION. A polar bear crosses a melting iceberg.

Polar bear feeding on a bearded seal

Polar bear

Mother polar bear and cub walking on ice, arctic ocean (svalbard, Norway)


Polar bear

Polar bears are the largest carnivores of the bear family.

With no natural enemies, polar bears are at the top of the Arctic food chain .

“This is the face of climate change.” Starving Polar Bear

Polar bear

Polar bear ...

Polar bear cub eating with mother

A close-up shot of a polar bear with snow on it's snout.

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Even though polar bears look white, their hair is really made of clear, hollow

Polar Bear Predators

No enemies at all.

Food for polar bears is extremely costly (credit: Pelican / CC by 2.0)

At the Zoo's Polar Bear Plunge exhibit, Chinook, Kalluk, and Tatqiq enjoy a

Don't Fall Prey to Bear Propaganda

A polar bear in the snow.

Everything You Need To Know About A Trip To See The Polar Bears In Churchill, Man.

Polar Bear In Svalbard Norway

Polar Bear Swimming

Curious Teenage Polar Bear

Alaska Launches A Public Relations War Against Polar Bears. Let's Just Say NO!

polar bear 8845010-stop-global-warming

Polar Bears Sleeping

Nanuq, or polar bears, are the most honored animals hunted by indigenous people. In some parts of the Arctic, indigenous people hunt polar bears as part of ...

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Feeding time: Polar bears feed mainly on seals and the essential hunting technique is one

A mother polar bear and young cub.

Polar Bear 2 on the Arctic Safari

Jumping Polar Bear

Polar Bear Facts

Polar Bears endangered attacks

Polar bear walking across the arctic ice floe

The polar bear's nose is so powerful it can smell a seal on the ice 20

Polar bear

Polar bear walking with cubs over the tundra of Canada

Slideshow: Searching for polar bears in Manitoba

San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Cam. Watch Now.

Except for females with cubs, polar bears are solitary.

Young polar bears remain with their mother for about two years.

Previous attempts to estimate polar bear metabolism were based on certain assumptions that turned out to

Polar bear cub born in the UK for first time in 25 years | Daily Mail Online

What do Polar Bears Eat

Back to the Science

Plucked: The polar bear plucks a seal from beneath the ice and pulls it to

Polar bears are omnivores, like their grizzly kin: comment image ...

Polar Bear

Polar bears are omnivores, like their grizzly kin: comment image comment image ...

Polar Bear Arctic

Where Do Polar Bears Live?

A female polar bear and her cubs in Churchill.

By Gregoire Canlorbe

Polar Bear On Sheet Of Ice

Polar bear swimming under water.

These gorgeous photos come from a new BBC documentary, Snow Bears, due to be

Studying Climate Denialism: A Growing Subfield


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Chart: Polar bear populations and status

14 / 25; Polar bear hunting walruses

In early December, a video of a dying, emaciated polar bear, foraging for food on an iceless land, went viral on social media. The video garnered millions ...

Female polar bear swimming through the arctic ice

Brown Bear

Interactive: Track bears around Canada's Hudson Bay

A polar bear cub at the Detroit Zoo. Photo credit:

Polar Bear Standing On Ice Floe

A curious polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

BOOK REVIEW: “Polar Bear Facts and Myths – A Science Summary for All Ages” by Susan Crockford | Watts Up With That?

Polar bear KILLS and eats sled dog from Canada sanctuary where viral video was shot | Daily Mail Online


Are Polar Bears Endangered?

Rare sight of dogs attacking a polar bear

Interesting Facts about Polar Bears

An international ...

Polar bears may too easily kill prey in Antarctica (credit: Juan-Vidal Díaz

hunters kill polar bear