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Three Ways to Weatherproof Your Rifle Outdoor Life Guns

Three Ways to Weatherproof Your Rifle Outdoor Life Guns


Marlin 336XLR

Ruger No. 1 Varminter K1-V-BBZ

Jarrett Rifles

It was not even an original design. The Model 70 was an improvement of Winchester's Model 54, which in turn was based on the Mauser Model 98.

It wouldn't be a survival gun list without the AK-47. With abundant ammo, 60-plus years of field testing, and "drag it through the sand and it'll still ...

Blaser Hunting Rifles: Blaser Web News

In 1965, I owned a brand-new Model 600 in .350 Remington Magnum. It was short and light, and it kicked very sincerely. The 600 Magnum lasted only three ...

3. Winchester Model 12. It is well known among the snobbier of shotgun enthusiasts that no repeating shotgun can handle as well as an over/under or a ...

Prior to 1985, all light bolt-action hunting rifles began as heavy factory guns that were chopped, gouged, and hacked into svelteness. The first bolt gun ...

everyone should know the parts of a gun and how to break it down, clean it, reassemble, and fire it safely

What makes a good survival gun? Well, there's no one perfect survival gun, because each life-or-death situation is different. But at the very least, ...

Is This the Ultimate Survival Gun?

3 ways to weatherproof your rifle

MP40: A fully automatic firearm, the MP40 was developed by Germany in 1939 using

Henry Rifle (reproduction).


Top 10 Lever-Action Guns of All Time

All Weather

Tony Knight is another country gunsmith who changed the way things are done. In 1985, he built a muzzleloader with the nipple at the rear of the barrel, ...

Best Rifle Cases For Your Guns: Hard & Soft Shell Cases For Tactical & Hunting Firearms

This is my favorite handgun and also one of the most popular Sig Sauer pistols carried by police officers and the military. The 9mm holds 15 rounds, ...

The stainless steel construction is strong enough to handle the Magnum loads and whatever the outdoors can throw at it.

The 4-inch service model features a Glock-type trigger safety, which just might be a little nicer that an actual Glock safety. The gun has a large beveled ...

AR-7 Survival Rifle

Finest Guns Ever | Outdoor Life

maschinengewehr MG 34 machine-gun mauser

Case Club Pre-Made Waterproof 3 Gun Competition Case with Silica Gel & Accessory Box

Sauer 101 · Gun ...

Allen Rifle Buttstock Shell/Cartridge Holder, fits most hunting rifles .270, 30.06

... more about the sport, the shooters we proudly sponsor and the reliable 3 -Gun gear we offer. And of course, we welcome newcomers to the sport, ...

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: HillCntryRedneck

Amazon.com: Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster For Vehicle And Home - HQ Rubber Coated 35 Lbs Rated - Firearm Accessory. Concealed Holder For Handgun, Rifle, ...

H&k Assault Rifle Variants. The is probably one of my favorite rifles of all time

Patel Ballistics Flare Gun

1954 Vintage Ad Ruger Pistols Revolvers 3 Models Shown Southport,CT

Gamo Magnum Air Rifle .22 Caliber 1300 FPS With PBA Platinum 3-9x40 61100615554

Yesterday, we took a close look at the AK's operating group, to enumerate the details that make this pattern such a dependable design.

M1D Garand rifle scope. 3 of 10

interesting featured : Gun and ammunition blueprints pics)

Picture of Refinishing a Gun Stock

... Premium Laser Tag Gun Set with Beetle Bug ...

Montana Rifles Banshee

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com

Long Hard Gun Case 1750 Pelican Foam Rifle Black Waterproof Watertight Travel #Pelican

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag : Game Mega Pack - Set of 4 Players - Infrared Laser

Gun Owner's Handbook: A Complete Guide To Maintaining And Repairing Your Firearms--In The Field Or At Your Workbench: Larry Lyons: 9781592287420: ...

Smith & Wesson SD9 VE review

Game Winner 54 in Hard Long Gun Case

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The MP18 is a submachine gun of German origin, available in both fully automatic and burst fire variants in Battlefield 1. Three variants of the firearm are ...

overrated guns for hunting

gun oil reviews

Get Your Gun Out Easily ...

Picture of Refinishing a Gun Stock

Introduction: Refinishing a Gun Stock

When shooting at an outdoor range, you can even watch your pellets travel towards your target frame-by-frame. This gives you the insights needed to make key ...

This powerful camera gives you the insights needed to make key adjustments for better performance. What's more, you can end your day re-living the ...

Cannon Safe Safari Series SF4818 12-Gun Safe

How to tell apart the AK's


6 Reasons the AK-47 Is the Most Reliable Rifle in the World: A Guide to Kalashnikov's Magic for Aspiring Gun Designers, Part II - The Firearm BlogThe ...

ZM51 Sniper Rifle

Plano Single Rifle Case

Czechoslovak 7.65 mm submachine gun Škorpion vz. 61 designed in 1959.


Golden Bullseye Winner

Percussion cap and early bolt action form

Archived Rifles

The APS amphibious rifle, an underwater assault rifle

I'd guess that of all the scoped rifles I've handled, probably ninety percent have the crosshairs out of vertical alignment. The reason is that when you ...



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Missed targets result in time penalties, and safety violations lead to disqualification. The shooter with the shortest time for all stages wins.

Flare gun

1911 laid out ...

ST916556BCASaint™ ...