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Third Doctor TARDIS interior and Time Rotor 3 The dandy Doctor

Third Doctor TARDIS interior and Time Rotor 3 The dandy Doctor


Doctor Who- Spearhead From Space artwork.

Doctor Who and the Invasion of Leeds: Blue boxes pop up in city centre

Third Doctor TARDIS interior and Time Rotor

Doctor Who Pertwee

Doctor Who nicknames 3rd Doctor (It's actually "The Dandy ...

Doctor Who - The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and The Daleks.

Find this Pin and more on 3 = The dandy Doctor by lambogirlrusty.

Jon Pertwee A dandy and a man-of-action, Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor spent much of his time exiled on planet Earth. The good news: This allowed him to cruise ...

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor CVR B - Will Brooks

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) in 1973

Third Doctor

The Doctor and his polarity reverser. ArtStation - Doctor Who for Titan, the Doctor, Josh Burns

Doctor Who: 3rd Doctor by James Anderson

Find this Pin and more on 3 = The dandy Doctor by lambogirlrusty.

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Photo Variants | Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time 3 C

The thirteen faces of the Doctor

alt text. Doctor Who: The Third ...

While Jon Pertwee's Doctor is 'Doctorish', it's on a very odd point of the spectrum. Sometimes, when he's fierily, fiercely yet foppishly intelligent, ...

(The Mind of Evil)

Find this Pin and more on 3 = The dandy Doctor by lambogirlrusty.

The Three Doctors

The Third Doctor was always so serious.

The Doctor feels guilt for tricking Omega.

The Doctors and Benton encounter Omega.

Third Doctor

The Second Doctor meets the Third Doctor | The Three Doctors | Doctor Who | BBC - YouTube

Inside the first Tardis - Dr Who

Spearhead from Space

"The Third Doctor and Bessie" (2016) by Kelly Yates.

Find this Pin and more on 3 = The dandy Doctor by lambogirlrusty.

jon pertwee | Jon Pertwee's Control Room on board the Tardis

Let's Do the Time Lord Again: 50 Best 'Doctor Who' Moments

3rd doctor Aesthetic - Doctor who

... and inner steel are things that Wooster's butler also possesses. Plus, he likes yelling "Haii", mugging shamelessly and wearing ostentatious clothing.

Doctor Who 3 III doctor cosmic occult

Find this Pin and more on 3 = The dandy Doctor by lambogirlrusty.

The Doctor's exile is finally lifted.

Which ...

pertwj18.jpg _106KK ...

The Troughton/Pertwee design as seen in The Three Doctors

The three doctors

"Doctor Who" (2013), collage by Mike Alcantara.

TARDIS Console - Type Theta

The Third Doctor by ~killashandra-falta on deviantART (the doctor,doctor who

Episode two

C'mon. The new companion. She's so cuuuuuuuute. Find this Pin and more on Doctor Who ...

Second Doctor Who | The Second Doctor Recorder

Jon Pertwee as Presenter of "Whodunnit". Find this Pin and more on DOCTOR WHO ...

Rassilon chilling in the Matrix notices whats up. http://3 .bp.blogspot.com/-PNbYH0EhPG0/VMOlWNQqQEI/AAAAAAABnKk/WxxZNzIffg0/s1600/017.JPG

Three doctors special edition uk dvd

Doctor Who has sadly in the last 3 or so years begun to pander to third wave feminists, like many other forms of popular entertainment.

The Sixth Doctor Colin Baker | Steve and Christopher review the 6th Doctor, portrayed by Colin Baker .

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ITunes Best 3 Doctor Cover

Jon Pertwee - Lego Dimension - Doctor Who

A promotional image for the story illustrated the three Doctors in one setting.

Doctor Who & Other Sci-fi Comments

Third Doctor Who Nestle serial story on the wrappers!

Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor) #Who #TARDIS

5th Doctor: Peter Davison

The fourth release of the Third Doctor ...

pertwj08.jpg _ 40KK ...

Sorry, from these pictures I am not mad keen.

Doctor Who

Well today, series 1 of 'Antweight Anarchy' has ended with it's 18th episode, and it's said there will be a 2nd series on YouTube later in the year.

Behind the scenes video

pertwj21.jpg _ 54KK ...

Eighth Doctor's alternate costume from the comics, had it ever had been in live action

More behind the scenes stuff

Image result for 8th Doctor Tardis Image result for Hell Bent Tardis

Doctor (Peter Davison) at the TARDIS console - always love it when he takes his jacket off. Shit just got REAL.

Awesome I counted I thought it had at least 15 bathrooms and I thought the swimming pool was separate then the library, huh the more you know I guess

The ...

By 1971 the Doctor Who comic strip had moved to TV Comic's new sister publication Countdown. Here's a Harry Lindfield cover to issue 27 featuring Jon ...

The Three Doctors written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin and directed by Lennie Mayne

The first two releases of the Third Doctor ...

pertwj15.jpg _111KK ...

Jon Pertwee from The Time Warrior episode of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who - U.T Files (Invasion of the Dinosaurs and the Android Invasion) [DVD]

Peter Capaldi played the central character of Doctor Who from 2013 to 2017, portraying the Doctor as a more alien and ancient figure than his recent ...

I can remember seeing the TARDIS console, which was awesome to view at close quarters (see right).

[ IMG]

The 3d Doctor - Jon Pertwee



Doctor Who: 50 Years of Traveling Through Time and Space [Infographic]

Doctor Who Anniversary: Doctors, Assistants and Enemies – An Annotated Graphic

[ IMG]

The Daily Fandom Digital Magazine March 2018

And so we reach probably one of the more controversial aspects of the episode, even in the pre-publicity: the casual sexism of the first Doctor weaved ...

Spearhead From Space [gif] - The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) demonstrating his then new eyebrows capacity for alien communication. - Classic Doctor Who

Doctor Who 4x00 - Voyage of the Damned

pertwj24.jpg _101KK ...

Look at One with all his Doctor swagger.

The third Doctor's first encounter with the Daleks and Ogrons takes him to the 22nd century