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These words are from the Two Row Wampum Treaty the first

These words are from the Two Row Wampum Treaty the first


A short introduction to the Two Row Wampum


two row old

Beaded bracelet Eileen made. Photo by Jelane A. Kennedy

Practicalities and Philosophies

The Aionwá:tha Wampum Belt (above) and Two Row Wampum Belt (Below).

Corbiere 2014 8 WEB

From top to bottom: the George Washington (Canandaigua Treaty); Two Row Wampum

Two Row Wampum Renewal Peace Walk

Renewing the First Treaty Between American Indian Nations and European Settlers: Two Row Wampum

Two Row Wampum Belt

Wampum. hiawatha_belt_purple

Canada's Constitutional Beginnings through Wampum

The three white lines, also made up of beads, represents the purity of the agreement and the River of Life; they symbolize peace, friendship and respect.

American history

Wampum belt powerpoint

Six Nations (Haudenosaunee) & the Haldimand Tract: Beliefs versus Facts: Sovereignty and the Fiction of the Two Row Wampum, Treaty Rights and the Fraudulent ...

The Haudenosaunee's Two-Row Wampum Belt expressed the idea that neighboring nations could coexist. (Paul Morigi/AP Images for The Smithsonian's National ...

Two Row Wampum

... the indigenous people of the First Nations extended their hands in peace to the newcomers to their lands, and clearly shows they sought to improve their ...

Two Row Wampum Declaration of Intent. Declaration of Intent Postcard

The Two Row Wampum Belt – Brochure

If you read that Oath your in agreement(contract) by your conduct of holding it, did you not step off the Canoe into their citizen-SHIP?

Iroquois Mohawk - Two Row Wampum – Native Quotes And Brilliance

Nearly 400 years ago the early European colonists who settled in the wilderness territory of what has now become upstate New York negotiated for peace with ...

The Two Row Wampum Belt


Two Row Wampum Renewal Peace Walk

A leading journal of American history says in a special issue devoted to the Two Row Wampum treaty that the agreement between the Haudenosaunee and Dutch ...

old wampum belt

Native ways: Images of the Haudenosaunee during a prayer ceremony

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wampum belt | He also makes replica wampum belts in differing sizes. These are also

The Remembrance Belt: Conflicting Traditions of an Onondaga Wampum

Two-row wampum


A representation of the original Two Row Wampum treaty belt.



Famous WampUM BELTS
The Four Nations Belt
Two Row Wampum Belt
The Hiawatha Wampum Belt

Two Row Wampum followed

Four ...

Front page of Auburn Citizen 6/8/13 6/7/2013 “Two Row Wampum ...

First paddlers arrive at Kanatsiohareke, with Sakokwenionkwas Tom Porter, July 2013.

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If you google “two-row wampum” to learn more, you will have no trouble in finding the story: it even has its own website. The version below is quoted from ...

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Obama Addresses Tribal Leaders 11-13-2013

Two Row Wampum – Guswenta

Canoes from the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign paddling journey at Dockside Park in Cold Spring

Haudenosaunee paddlers take advantage of a beautiful sunset photo op at Sylvan Beach on Oneida Lake during their trek from. Onondaga to Albany.

Ancient Wisdom Rising, Two Row Wampum Campaign

Dakota Unity Rider in Beacon's Riverfront Park.

Charles Pachter's "Treaty of Niagara Giclée" Used with permission from the artist

The Two Row Wampum Belt.

Two-Row Wampum Belt (Guswhenta or Kaswhenta): Six Nations Public Library-Digital Archive

Onondaga Nation Chief Irving Powless Jr. displays the two row wampum belt at the Onondaga Land Rights forum at Syracuse Stage. Photo by Mike Greenlar

external image Wampum-Belt-symbolizing-Iroquois-Confederacy.jpg

Two-Row Wampum Belt (Guswhenta or Kaswhenta): Six Nations Public Library-Digital Archive

Two Row Wampum

Two Row Wampum Enacted on the Hudson River

Two Row Wampum renewal campaign at the Ithaca Festival

Oren Lyons explains the Two Row agreement at the Russell Tribunal at the Hague in 1980

Honouring the Kaswenta (Two Row Wampum): A Framework For Consultation With Indigenous Communities In Canada and Australia

... will see if we have developed sufficient momentum for that long term effort. We welcome you to join us anywhere along the way as we travel together down ...

Broken Promises On Display At Native American Treaties Exhibit : Code Switch : NPR. Find this Pin and more on Two Row Wampum ...

Jake Edwards of the Onondaga National Council of Chiefs holds up the Two Row Wampum belts during a speech explaining the history of treaties between our ...

Oren Lyons describes the Two Row Treaty at the UN, August 9, 2013.

Two-Row Wampum Treaty information panel at Wabano

Two Row Wampum. The first newcomers and all those ...

Conversations in Cultural Fluency: The Two Row Wampum

Honouring the Wampum

6 Glaring Issues with the Supreme Court's Line 9 Decision. Chippewas of the Thames First Nations members holding a Two Row Wampum belt ...



The walkers and paddlers arrived well ahead of ...

It is important to note that the image of the back of the document is seen for the first time ever outside a drawer in Kew, England.

Tadodaho Sidney Hill stands on the shore of Onondaga Lake holding a replica of the Two

... Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign. Oren Lyons and Cathy Fahey

... Wampum-7-7

owl, canoe making

wampwood3-1 wampwood2 ...

An over-sized dreamcatcher on display at Beacon's Two Row Wampum Festival.

... Belt marches with a Tuscarora Chief who is draped in the George Washington Belt, and a Faithkeeper of the Seneca longhouse carrying the Two Row wampum ...

Two Row Wampum representation

image credit: “The Covenant Chain Wampum presented by Sir William Johnson at the conclusion of the Council of Niagara. This replica was commissioned by ...

Fall Internships with the Two Row Campaign

Cathy Fahey presents Oren Lyons with a copy of the resolution passed by the City of “