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The ticking timebomb of ocean plastics Ocean News t

The ticking timebomb of ocean plastics Ocean News t


Plastics in the ocean

A man collects recyclable plastic materials, washed ashore by waves, which will be sold

How Tiny Pieces of Plastic in Our Oceans Are 'Terrifying'

Ocean trash

A "floating" island of trash dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP)

Toxic timebomb: why we must fight back against the world's plague of plastic | Jennifer Lavers and Alexander Bond | Environment | The Guardian

Fashion sends an SOS for the ocean - Apparel fabricated from plastic debris recovered from the

Great Pacific Garbage Patch now twice the size of Texas

My personal plea to rid oceans of plastic killing sea creatures and tainting food

The ticking timebomb of ocean plastics

Ocean Array Cleanup, the first revolutionary system that removes ocean plastic is ready to set

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ocean cleanup trawl samples. '

NASA Video Reveals How 35 Years of Trash Turned Into Ocean Garbage Patches | TakePart

Boyan Slat, founder and CEO of the Ocean Cleanup Credit: Chris de Bode

Catch: discarded fishing nets are recycled to make clothes (The Ocean Cleanup)

... the sea each year. Haul ...

A Ticking Time Bomb of Mercury Is Hidden Beneath Earth's Permafrost

Image. The stomach contents of a sea ...

Tourism in the Mediterranean Sea causing ocean plastic rise

Tackling the Ganges superbugs

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Giant mass of floating plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean, known as the Great Pacific

Watch The Smog of The Sea, the latest film on plastic pollution from 5 Gyres

Boyan Slat wants to stop plastics such as fishing nets being dumped in the sea

Read more. Dumping of plastic ...

A video captures the moment plankton ingest a plastic microfibre.

We are The Ocean Cleanup

Image: Streetwise Cycle ...

Read more: Plastic particles found in drinking water across the world

Representative Image Representative Image. KOCHI: The oceans will house more plastics ...

The geography of Brexit

A sea turtle entangled in a plastic "ghost net" no longer being used by

Pacific rubbish tip

Pacific clean-up effort

loading Pacific Garbage Patch a 'Ticking Time ...

We must defuse this ticking time bomb

Adidas creates limited edition MLS kits using upcycled ocean plastic as part of eco-innovation drive

The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Massively Growing

Plastic sample jars. The ORV Alguita returns to Long beach after four months at sea

... and Cory Booker (D-NJ) have introduced the bipartisan Save our Seas (SOS) Act to help address the marine debris epidemic affecting America's ocean ...

Boyan Slat standing behind a pile of ocean plastic. The material was collected by volunteers in Hawaii, and has been used for recycling research.

Drop in the ocean? British supermarkets look to bottle deposits to cut pollution

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Ocean Conservancy Plan Could Cut Ocean Plastic Waste by by 2035

'Great Pacific garbage patch' far bigger than imagined, aerial survey shows | Environment | The Guardian

World's largest collection of ocean garbage is twice the size of Texas

oceanturtle. Illustration by Willis Simms. Distress Calls from the Ocean

Ocean Array Cleanup, the first revolutionary system that removes ocean plastic is ready to set sail

Our trash has found its way to the deepest, darkest depths of the oceans - Researchers mapping the ocean floor found garbage everywhere they went

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Imagine arriving at the beach for a perfect day in the sun and, instead of finding crystal blue waters to swim in, you see nothing but garbage.

Singapore-Indonesia deep-sea expedition team discovers over a dozen species new to science

Saving bugs in the name of drugs

'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' Spans 3.5 Million Square Kilometers, Worse Than Imagined : News : Nature World News

600,000 square-mile patch of floating plastic trash between Hawaii and California is still growing

The beads are found in body scrubs among other products

Compare the plots below from 1962 against that for 2018 and it's obvious that if funding is not made available for machines like SeaVax, ...

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Artist's impression of what the 2000 m-long Coastal Pilot will approximately look like in front of Tsushima Island, Japan. Photo credit: The Ocean Cleanup.

fox news - Beauty spots scarred by tonnes of plastic rubbish

Pacific Ocean rubbish clean-up

plastic time bomb: Plastic waste time bomb ticking for India, SC says - Times of India

This Genius Bucket Sucks Trash And Oil Right Out Of The Sea

Image. The density of ocean plastic ...

Cleanup Mission Successfully Surveys Garbage Vortex in Pacific (Photos) | ocean cleanup | The Epoch Times

All washed up, our seas and oceans are becoming more and more polluted with plastic


GHOST NETS - Hundreds of tons of ghost fishing nets litter the oceans to trap unwary marine life.

Ocean's plastics offer a floating fortress to a mess of microbes

By utilizing the ocean currents to our advantage, our passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years' ...

Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch using conventional methods - vessels and nets - would The Ocean Cleanup: “Cleaning ...

By utilizing the ocean currents to our advantage, our passive drifting systems are estimated to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years' ...

OCEAN AWARENESS CAMPAIGN - As part of the Cleaner Ocean Foundation's ocean literacy campaign, we are developing a game that can be played on mobile devices ...

The Documentary

Thanks to graphic images of seals choking on plastic debris, we're more aware of keeping plastic out of the ocean, except when it comes to the plastic ...

... the ocean. Image


David Dodwell

Study: Cleaning ocean plastic now will catch big pieces before they degrade

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The Ocean Cleanup

Lost histories: why films are failing the past

A fleet of screens designed to tame the garbage patch

Trash Island in Pacific Ocean-New News-Must Watch

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch now consumes a whopping 600,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean.

Give up bottled water - use a metal or recycled plastic bottle instead.