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The second prince to be saved by a Disney princess is Li Shang

The second prince to be saved by a Disney princess is Li Shang


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Li Shang (Mulan) - ESTJ

Li Shang would be played by GODFREY GAO | Here's Our Dream Cast For Disney's Live

Images of Li Shang from Mulan.

Definitive Proof That Captain Li Shang Is The Hottest Disney Prince

Shang, my first disney crush.

... to take a second to fan yourself, get a glass of water, or regain consciousness. | Definitive Proof That Captain Li Shang Is The Hottest Disney Prince

Disney Prince Facts

Li Shang | Mulan | He's one of my favorite Disney guys.

Li Shang, Mulan | Every Disney Prince's Butt, Ranked From Worst To Best This is too funny not to pin

I look at this man, whom I've had a crush on since before I can remember and KNOW my husband will be like him. Even if I have to travel to the ...

Every Disney Princess has a Prince! Mulans Prince(s) Captain Li Shang (B.D. Wong & Donny Osmand)


Li Shang Fa Mulan Walt Disney Characters Full HD Wallpaper Image for iPhone 6 - Cartoons Wallpapers

disney mulan | Tumblr

Princesses as their princes. Mulan as Li Shang.

Day 3 - Favorite Prince: Captain Li Shang

General Li Shang is a Chinese army captain and the tritagonist of Disney's 1998 animated feature.

28 best Mulan images on Pinterest | Disney magic, Disney princess and Disney stuff

Favorite Disney prince - Li SHANG

Disney's decision to cast Asian actors in the lead roles for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Mulan has been met with favorable reaction from fans.

General Li Shang by dyb.deviantart.com on @deviantART · Disney PrincesDisney ...

Mod The Sims - Disney's Mulan: Mulan and Li Shang

This is Li Shang from Disney's Mulan and he is Mulan's love interest. I made this from Snow Queen Maker from Azaleas Dolls Dress Up Game website.

Disney Couples for #Shiptember Best of Disney Art by Archibald Art

Did you know that Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" is the first prince to be saved by his love interest? The second is Li Shang from “Mulan.

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Shang & Mulan. Mulan IiFirst Disney PrincessWalt ...

Shang & Mulan one of only two redeeming qualities about the second Mulan movie the other one with Shane's thought to be death

Shang and Mulan by Ohanamaila. Disney Fan ArtDisney Princess ...

Shang (Drawing by JirkaVinse @deviantART) #Mulan · Disney Princes ...

mulan and shang

Totally the most badass of the Disney heroines. (Belle & Jasmine also make the cut. Not Ariel. She sucks.)

Which Disney prince would make the best real-life boyfriend? This question is constantly up for debate; though honestly, I wonder if the answer is really ...

Mulan as Shang

Shang told Mulan you fight good Mulan said oh thank you

... ✧ pinterest : isismarie10 ✧

Mulan My fav Disney "Princess" No "wait for my Prince to save me" gals for me!

Li Shang. By Steve Thompson

Bisexual icon Li Shang may not be in live-action 'Mulan.

If Disney Princes Starred In Leonardo DiCaprio Movies - Li Shang and Mulan in Romeo and Juliet

Mulan is the only Disney Princess to overtly challenge gender roles. In a ranking by the cultural magazine Nerve, she is number one on the scale of Feminist ...

Shang - Mulan | 21 More Disney Characters As Modern College Students

Kida as Avatar Korra, Li Shang as Firebender Mako, and Flynn Rider as Earthbender Bolin.

If the Riverdale Cast Were Disney Characters

Disney Princes Magazine Covers

Selfie Fables | Mulan by SimonaBonafiniDA on DeviantArt

Asians: Disney Princess level

Mulan and Shang · Animation MoviesDisney PrincessesPrincess ...

Disney Prince

If Disney Princesses Were Moms

Fa Mulan and Li Shang

Li Shang

Li Shang

Disney's Mulan (1998). There ...

Shang & Mulan

Elena of Avalor · Princess Elena 3

25 Mansplanations of Disney Movies

Remember the ultra-sexy, ultra-macho captain of the Chinese army, Li Shang?

Mulan and Li Shang

Mulan and Li Shang


Mulan. Mulan character

clipmulanboy5.gif (193×495) | Mulan{ Princess Mulan}{Prince Li Shang} { Disney} | Pinterest

Once Upon a Time

NEW DISNEY STORE Mulan Li Shang Doll 12''H & Disney Princess Mulan Doll

Queer Coded: Shang (Disney's "Mulan")

The Little Mermaid

Shang Mulan


Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations 'Disney Darling Couples' by Hayden Williams: Mulan & Li Shang ‪‬

Physical appearance

Fa Mulan

Mulan II

Prince Phillip

A close-up portrait of Mulan's voice actress, Ming-Na Wen, at

disney real life princess mulan | Disney Prince Shang & Mulan

Find this Pin and more on All Things Disney by Emma McKillop.

He's one of my favorite princes besides prince Eric from the little mermaid

Beautiful still from Mulan Haha, Caroline is watching this behind me right now. Lauren is happy bc she gets to watch Mulan :)

clipmulanlove.gif (329×475) · Li ShangDisney CouplesWalt DisneyDisney PrincessesPrincessesDisney PrincessDisney Princes

Captain Li Shang: Daniel Dae Kim

Li Shang Disney Mulan

The main characters in Mulan II. From left to right: Ling, Chien-Po, Yao, Shang, Mulan, Mushu, Cri-Kee, Su, Ting-Ting and Mei.

A Love Worth Fighting For by Lydia-Burns By far my favorite Mulan fan art, and possibly my favorite fan art of all time.

I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your

Disney Princess Which Disney Prince is more Enviromental (Worries about the nature)? Counted by Comments, not Percentages

Princess Tiana


Mulan and Shang by the cherry blossom tree

Mulan is the only child of Fa Zhou, a former war veteran, and Fa Li. Mulan is forced to go to the town Matchmaker to find her a husband, which ends in ...

These are the Disney "Princes" (also known as male protagonists) of the Disney Princess films.

10 Disney Princes Ranked By How Much My Jewish Mother Would Approve…

I got Li Shang! We Know Your Favorite Disney Prince Based On Your Favorite App