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The reluctant cat by Michael Leunig Art Michael Leunig t

The reluctant cat by Michael Leunig Art Michael Leunig t


The Reluctant Cat (1994) by Michael Leunig

One day son, all of this will be yours... Michael Leunig.

The Penguin Leunig

All shall be well by Michael Leunig

Family portrait by Michael Leunig

leunig - Google Search

Official website of Michael Leunig, Australian artist & cartoonist.

I fell in love with the quirky, simple art works and verses by Michael Leunig

ongoing by Michael Leunig

The magnificent Michael Leunig

He was a sailor. Michael Leunig. Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig has been contributing cartoons

by Australian artist & printmaker Michael Leunig Etching, edition of x cm. via chrysalis


“The 40th anniversary edition of the first collection of cartoons by Michael Leunig. Originally published in 1974, The Penguin Leunig was the very first ...

Michael Leunig has still got it

Michael Leunig


Michael Leunig Australian Cartoonist Poet- Genius

Leunig's anti-zionist cartoon

LOTM changeW. cartoon by Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig

'If ...

This hardback anniversary edition is a beautiful offering of the hilarious and the sublime.”

... floods [Leunig summer cartoon and poem] ...

That manifestation of Leunig's insight was so offensive even then-editor Michael Gawenda refused to publish it, which is saying something, because there was ...

Michael Leunig understands Life.

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Around we go by Michael Leunig

Filled with cartoons, poems and sketches, Musings from the Inner Duck by Michael Leunig is a deep reflection on life; if you're willing to look deep enough ...

... months of Michael Leunig feeling sorry for my baby.


Create a little jigsaw. Be sure to 'lose' a couple of pieces too. That way, your form can serve as a kind of parody of the process itself.

Patterson River Veterinary Centre

My cat, Sutra, loves to hang out on my yoga mat.

Leunig-iPad-The Lost Art

cuttings. 23 APRIL 1996. Michael Leunig makes his contribution to the ...

Up and Down. Life's like that. But never give up, it's not always

1002671_354229531429939_5548792224980032729_n. Illustration: Australian artist Michael Leunig

Same sex marriage

This is the cartoon that Michael Leunig didn't submit to the Hamshahri competition we spoke of earlier. Someone else submitted it for him, ...

Gotta have 'progress' and become 'modern'! | Cartoon by Michael Leunig


The ...

Happy International Women's Day everyone! 🌿 My Lake coloring pack was released this morning! (For those who are new: Lake is an iTunes app for iPhone and ...

pre-eminent Leunig http://www.leunig.com.au/

ALSTON, YAGAN AND THE FEDERAL COURT Cartoonists courting the legal world

Vintage Leunig .

Michael Leunig cartoon ...

Christian the Lion. Photograph by Derek Cattani.


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Welcome back Michael Leunig. So sorry to learn of the serious knock. So grateful that you – upheaved and altered – that you are with us still.

Burleigh excelled again in a full page send up of the Australian early warning system, Darwin Station, above, showing a puzzled Chinese soldier with a burp ...

The Bad Guys: Episode 1

Leunig UN security Council resolution

Happy Mother's Day to all the bunny moms! (Photo credit to Australian artist Michael Leunig from his 2010 calendar)

An antidote to prejudice

I've been completely taken aback at the sheer amount of joy having Alfie around brings me. I'm often popping outside just to see if he's around and when he ...

L'Atelier du Yoga - Yoga/ Massage/ Natural Therapies - Masseur - Blagnac - 5 avis - 26 photos | Facebook

Leunig - Words for mystery

I'm making my way through Alexander Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago. It's one of those books that I've heard about for years (Why is it considered a ...

Leunig - How to do it

Gemma: My life is a ...

Dewey by Vicki Myron

No automatic alt text available. Michael Leunig Appreciation Page · October 16, 2017 ·. LikeComment

“Michael Leunig is in support of the right of individuals to conscientiously refuse vaccination for their children. This support does not necessarily ...

Leunig - Refugees

Christian and Unity in Dorking. Photograph by Derek Cattani.

#bottomlesscup by #leunig #michaelleunig #australiancartoonist


Change? It can be subtle or extreme but change can be liberating. At Eyes of the World we have the cool, the crazy, the classic and the sexy.

Double Leunig: on the 'business' of being human, and on the humanising sacrament of soup

LeunigAfghanistan.jpg Leunig

So why should Christians be championing the cause of asylum seekers today? In short, this issue goes to the heart of our identity and calling as the people ...

Christian in his favourite spot in Sophistocat. Photograph by Derek Cattani.


(Lovely picture reproduced courtesy of old friend Michael Leunig who, as usual, summed up our whole lives in a few a strokes of his pen.)

DSC_0561 smile pup

It reminded the pond of that Leunig cartoon the other day (and more Leunig here):

And how much Leunig would have loved the sago pudding? The minature white balls are like miniature stuffing for a bean bag. The kids can't help but let them ...


Featured Contributor: Mary Leunig browcontribs : Mary Leunig was born in Melbourne in 1950.

Children's books from the Early Soviet Era.

Michael Leunig