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The paddle tyre on his GS was magic in loose sand but Hans had to

The paddle tyre on his GS was magic in loose sand but Hans had to


The paddle tyre on his GS was magic in loose sand, but Hans had to

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My BMW R1200GS Adventure (not mine, but same style)

The paddle tyre on his GS was magic in loose sand, but Hans had to admit, it was a little rough on hard ground.


Avon Gripster dual sports motorcycle tyres.

All in all, I love riding with these guys anywhere – even Engineer's Road, even whatever the hell this nonsense was, to Hell and back, wherever: I'll follow ...

That less punchy top end allows for a settled chassis when traveling at high speed on less than perfect surfaces. I found myself flirting with the redline ...

What has not been changed is the 798cc Parallel Twin powerplant that has been well-tested and proven in the base F800GS. BMW claims 85 horsepower and 61 ...

Paul Guillien, Touratech-USA's General Manager, and three-time Baja 500 winner, Jonah Street, mount a paddle tire onto our BMW F800GS before riding some ...

Off-road, I've always been an opponent of any electronic nannies, but I have to say that BMW's traction control (ASC) works excellent.

On the plus side, if I do cave and buy the GS, I can live in the topcase since I will be unable to afford my rent.

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Not only does she ride, but she races. And she rides dirt. She does all manner of things I'd love to do myself but never made priorities in my life.

This actually is a huge improvement, as they can now be moved from wheel to wheel if I have another unfortunate event. With the welded plate machined out to ...

JK Tyres to increase its exports via Mexican plant

Cannondale Habit Carbon SE review test Photo by Clayton Racicot

Honda Pioneer assembly continues…

2014 WEC/ELMS&TUSC news. [Archive] - Page 2 - TheScuderia.net - Ferrari F1 Forums

Brabus 550 Adventure Takes The Mercedes G500 4x4² Even Further To The Extreme

Vorshlag BMW E46 - Daily Driven Track Car Project [Archive] - Vorshlag Motorsports Forum

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After spending an entire day in the dirt with the latest Adventure for BMW, I was left more than impressed and would go as far as saying this is my favorite ...

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F.A.Q about snow tyres

American Gigolo

In addition to a visit from live reindeer, attendees will be treated to an array of exciting activities including train rides, face painting and the musical ...

At noon, they cancelled the race. We had spaghetti and beer, and most racers headed home. We decided to camp another night, so we could ride the course in ...

2014 WEC/ELMS&TUSC news. [Archive] - Page 2 - TheScuderia.net - Ferrari F1 Forums

This Is Why The Mercedes G500 4x4² Is A True Off-Road Monster

We weren't paddling too far the first day (9k) as it was now getting late, it gets dark by 6pm. We found a lovely stoney beach (Sparkly Bay, my name for it, ...

Thankfully, with the seatbelts holding me and my father down and an airbag in our face throughout the collision, we were safe. I had a minor bruise due to ...

IMG_1006 (2)_800x600

AMIGA LAS VEGAS Vou have $5 and a burning ambition to break the bank at LAS

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Austin Metro - Rover Metro rear

Early morning paddling

ROBEEARV HIGHWAY HAWKS Berlre. an ang5 and never hear nas Grand errx anyrng skllls Is

Austin Metro - Image: Austin Metro Auto 1983

Feature Story The Downstairs Cook

Wankel engine - A partially disassembled Mazda Wankel engine shown at the Deutsches Museum in Munich

Givi Topbox Rack for Honda CB 900 Hornet (02-07) from Givi

Frej – Gøran Føland

The technology does come with a weight penalty, the set-up adding 22 pounds and increasing its fully fueled curb weight to 516 pounds. But considering how ...

Frej – Gøran Føland

I had been out driving around that evening, recklessly as always and testing out the perceived performance gains (there were none) my installation should ...

28 December 2017 Chris Magic

For those who remarked on the lack of tires, wheels are covered and tires put on.

Mercedes Will Sell The G500 4x4² In America After All; Everything Is Going To Be Okay; A New Age Of Prosperity Is About To Begin

2014 WEC/ELMS&TUSC news. [Archive] - Page 2 - TheScuderia.net - Ferrari F1 Forums

Jeg har nemlig kjøpt meg vanntett bukse i år, så det var ingen unnskyldning at det meldte litt regn. Utsikten var det ikke supernøye med, da jeg har vært ...

Brabus-tuned Mercedes G500 4x4 is an over-powered off-roader

Cutaway model of MOWAG Piranha tire

Driving A $240,000 Mercedes Truck Off The Edge Of Reality

Det var på tide å samle en 10 på skjæret-post til syntes jeg. Værmeldingen meldte fint, så hva med overnattingsturen til Åsand som Inger hadde vært innom ...

En sandstrand byr jo på så mangt, for eksempel å lage ting med sanden. Her er floa i ferd med å ta over, men det graves og ble ikke gitt etter før ...

Etter hvert tok jeg ned tarpen og satte den opp igjen andre veien. Dette ga mer plass under, til bagasje og sitteplass. Nå ble jeg ganske godt fornøyd ...

Fuck yes, I want this between my legs more than most things most of the time. This is apparently difficult to understand. No, it has nothing to do with ...

Tubular tyre - Image: 1933 Speicher Leducq

RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel March/April 2015 - COG

Campsite No2

Shiny new tent

Dry river bed

41 No.1) has been put into a protective glass frame that can be removed and read for anyone who might be interested. Here is the final display all set up.

Austin Metro - 1990 Rover Metro 1.3 GS Automatic

I also ordered the Papi's ceviche, which had shrimp, pico de gallo, avocado, roasted pineapple, radish and lime juice! This had to be one of my favourite ...

The rider's compartment is comfortable and roomy with wide bars that give plenty of input to the front end. A large windscreen keeps the wind off of the ...

BMW also decided that the suspension did not need any changes for the Adventure, running the same front fork and rear shock offering 9.1 and 8.5 inches of ...

REVIEWS LEAD REVIEW 55 l ARMALYTE The sequel to Thalemus&apos; incrediblysuccessmi Delta.

Ask Pinkbike: Downsizing Wheels, Choosing a Front Tire, and Buying a Used Bike - Pinkbike

Number 12 on your FNdbKk card 73 Review by David Cassidy NGPH The JeCom MagicNotch Audio

13 October 2017 Euro Gourmet

You only need a couple of hours to explore Bibury but this is one picture-perfect English village worth travelling for. Interested in exploring more of ...