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The devil She really means those who run the entertainment

The devil She really means those who run the entertainment


The devil? She really means those who run the entertainment industry. Guess who?

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Photo-Illustration: Gluekit

THR's industry survey shows how Olivia Pope to Annie Hall become possible when the industry actually writes with 51 percent of the population in mind.

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Beyonce, Madonna and Katy Perry among the stars accused of being in secret society

The Ten Most Anti-Christian Movies of All Time

the 100 craziest celebrity rumors

The THR 100: Hollywood Reporter's Most Powerful People in Entertainment

Through the metamorphosis of the main character, the movie describes how the entertainment world actually ...

THR presents its first ranking of the industry's most powerful execs, creatives, stars, producers, directors and reps.

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Mick Jagger

Dio's two-finger gesture - what does it mean?

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Notice that he's wearing a straight-jacket. Notice the Satanic hand-sign flashed by a fan on the front row.

Mean Girls

the exorcist

Pitch Perfect, 2012

Cautioning us to never idolize any "Star", our insider says all successful actors, stars, celebs and so on, have been heavily compromised in order to ...


Now that they've established who and what they are—essentially by creating a genre of entertainment—a more pressing issue is the increasing scarcity of the ...

Since May 1, 1776, the public has been acutely aware of the Illuminati's quiet infiltration of popular culture through subliminal messaging.

6 Signs Beyonce Is In The Illuminati, Regardless Of What She Says In 'Formation'

In Contention Oscar Predictions Florida Project Shape of Water I Tonya

Why Beyonce's Twins Prove She's In The Illuminati, Because It's The News We've All Been Waiting For



Yes, it's all about the Bible. “

She Believed She Could: Princesses, Producing, and PUFFS with Sally Cade Holmes

Chairman and CEO, STX Entertainment; Chairman, STX Motion Picture Group

Former Hollywood Actress, Pop Culture Expert, Writer, Speaker, Mom of 4 Munchkins

Was Walt Disney A Saint, An Evil Sinner Or The Devil Incarnate? The Truth About Some Of Those Nasty Disney Stories! | Animation World Network

This Is The Best Way to Overcome Fear of Missing Out

Good and Evil People in Dreams – What They Mean

That Little Triangle Shape Beyoncé Makes With Her Hands

Lisa Kleypas Interview - Lisa Kleypas Talks 'Devil in Spring' and Romance Novels

CEO; Managing directors, United Talent Agency

Partner, Imagine Entertainment

danny mcbride as kenny powers on eastbound and down


Getty | Lauren Ahn

The 25 All-TIME Best Animated Films

Conspiracy theorists have been saying for years that the Kardashians are part of a Satanic Illuminati plot to keep the public distracted from what's really ...

The artwork for the 1990 film version of Stephen King's It features a nightmarish Penny the Clown. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Review: 'Sing' Doesn't Just Play The Standards, It Lowers Them | IndieWire

CEO, Illumination Entertainment

Character of God vs Satan's

(credit: Laura Dandaneau)

The Devil Wears Prada main onesheet.jpg

Courtesy of Publishers

His purpose is to avenge the brutality of the Devil's 3 as well as to recover the precious contents of the stolen box that once belonged to his estranged ...

Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty

A World Without Work

It makes sense to attach some sort of Satanic symbolism to clowns as well. The devil will never show his true face, much like a clown hides behind an ...



“Right before I performed for the BET awards, I raised my hands up and it was the first time I felt something else come into me.

Step Up, 2006

Left: Satan appears as a fine burgher, and Haizmann signs a pact with ink. Right: The devil reappears a year later and forces Haizmann to sign ...

... I ran business development at New Line Cinema, and people always talked about [gender issues in the entertainment industry], but to see it front and ...

Satanic symbolism from Drake's newest album "Views from the 6" - IlluminatiWatcher

Children of the Corn

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Wonder Woman

From left: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada

Psychiatrist Margaret Ford (Lindsay Crouse) gets sucked into an underworld of con men led

John Kennedy's father, Joseph, once made the comment that “50 people run the world, and that may be a high number”. Joe Kennedy was an Illuminist criminal ...

floresta_das_almas_perdidas_ver2_xlg "

FACT CHECK: Did Justin Bieber and Katy Perry Say Pedophiles Run the Music Industry?

21. Godzilla (1954)

Typewriter with the phrase “TRIGGER WARNING ENTERTAINMENT”

Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith. Photo: LucasFilms

A 6 February 2017 Facebook post shared by close to 60,000 people elaborated on the “fall of Lucifer” theme, claiming “We just saw Satan's fall in theatric ...

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However, the photograph depicts no such event. It was taken at the 20th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit, an art auction supporting residency programs ...


The Beatles: The Sad Truth- With The Illuminati (VIDEO).

Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Jehovah's Witnesses—Official Website

The Stones' LP Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967) and the single “Sympathy For The Devil” (1969)

Insidious The Last Key

Johnny Depp showing the all seeing eye symbol. And the "3" fingers holding

... and eventually this Cabal will be exposed and eliminated. This process appears to be well under way now thanks to the advent of the worldwide Internet “ ...

Urbain Grandier is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 13 Famous Historical Figures

H.R. Giger's original aesthetic, on display in "Alien: Covenant" 20th Century Fox. See all of the ...

The Significance of the Number 40

Popular images of the Church of Satan frequently depict ethically questionable people who perform dark rites, sacrifice animals, drink the blood of small ...

Atria Books

Nevada's Live Entertainment Tax and What it Means for Burning Man Ticket Sales | Burning Man Journal

To the Devil: Hannah "Fiddle" Dowell will take your bet and you'