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The ancient Chinese were the first to use diamonds as tools Experts

The ancient Chinese were the first to use diamonds as tools Experts


The ancient Chinese were the first to use diamonds as tools. Experts have made a discovery which suggests that ancient Chinese craftsmen were familiar with ...

Mr Ruskamp also claims the pictograms shown above, which were found carved into rocks in


Ancient Spade “Pu” Money


The Mysterious 12,000-Year-Old Dropa Stones, Evidence Of Ancient Alien Contact?

The Sword Of Goujian, The Weapon That Challenged Time, An Oriental Excalibur

A multipurpose handy tool for ancient Chinese women: when it was not in use (

Ship's Rudder - Han Dynasty: circa 202 BC – 220 AD Chinese pottery models of sophisticated slung axial rudders (enabling the rudder to be lifted in shallow ...


With the help of experts on Neolithic Chinese culture, Mr Ruskamp has deciphered the pictograms

Great Wall of China, China.

Chinese Votive Sword Found in Georgia

Buddhist and mural painting in Mogao Grottoes No. 206. Credit: Science China Press


Epigraph researcher John Ruskamp claims these symbols shown in the enhanced image above, found etched




[Image Courtesy: 'Koh-i-Noor' diamond, 7th May 1851

20120531-Jade_cabbage_closeup.jpg. Qing period Jade cabbage The Chinese ...

Diamond Balance Scale 0.01 - 25 Carats Jewelers Measuring Tool


Qin Shi Huang—the first Chinese Emperor who searched for the Elixir of Life


The Chinese invented porcelain around the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD), when

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The Daria-i-Noor (meaning: Sea of Light) Diamond from the collection of the national jewels of Iran at Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran

Ancient Aliens

David Wilson

The revolution that wasn't: African tools push back the origins of human technological innovation

Catherine Wong

The Hong Kong artisans decide what kind of design best fits the piece of lapis. They are experts in their trade. Armed with the best tools and dills they ...

The Hope Diamond. Its deep blue coloration is caused by trace amounts of boron in the diamond.

How to Tell If A Diamond Was Grown In A Lab


Divided into Western Han BC- 25 AD) and Eastern Han AD) The Han Dynasty was one of China's Golden Ages, when developments in commerce, natural sciences, ...

Two hand-painted Mamluk playing cards and two Venetian playing cards.

These are specimens of the earliest known movable type from Korea. The characters are Chinese. The first font was cast in the 1230s, some two hundred years ...


In the Song Dynasty (960-1279), a man named Bi Sheng carved individual characters on identical pieces of fine clay. Each piece of movable type had on it one ...

CHINESE MOVEABLE TYPES: Chinese movable types, c. 1300. This group of carved wood types ranges in size from about 1.25 to 2.5 centimeters (1⁄2 to 1 inch) in ...

Cushion cut diamond of 15.02 carats

If this could be accomplished, then the wheel became a mini Earth and could tell the time. Yi Xing, a Buddhist monk, made the first model of a mechanical ...

These kites did not represent simply an entertaining and childish pastime. Rather, they were used for such highly sophisticated purposes as military ...

Green diamonds - canadian-mine-assessment - Brilliant Earth

Diamond rings[edit]

The intricate frontispiece of the Diamond Sutra from Tang-dynasty China, 868 AD (British Museum), which is widely seen as the earliest extant printed book

The South-Pointing Chariot: This Ancient Chinese Invention Led Armies In a Unique and Impressive Way

Experts made 3D computer models of this skull fragment and from skulls found in museum collections

However, over two thousand years ago in China, the crossbow was invented as an innovation to the basic bow and arrow that extended the use of mechanical ...

Remains of a Chinese crossbow, 2nd century BC.

Mr Ruskamp claims to have found evidence of ancient Chinese scripts etched into rocks in New

18th century drawing of Chinese fireworks

Deep Drilling - Han Dynasty: circa 202 BC – 220 AD By the first century BC the Chinese had developed the technology for deep drilling boreholes.

Science and Civilisation in China (Chinese translation) by Joseph Needham. (CC BY

Debasish Roy Chowdhury

Diamonds may be forever, but they are not an investor's best friend | South China Morning Post

Jaipur's jewelry tradition

The 253-carat Oppenheimer Diamond—an uncut diamond does not show its prized optical properties.

Ancient Chinese used diamond tools thousands of years before previously thought | Ancient Code

Ancient avian bones found in China may be oldest example of chicken domestication

24K Gold Suite

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It lacks legal restriction of gene editing; however, US federal funding of germline gene

Blast furnaces existed in Scandinavia in the eighth century AD, but cast iron was not widely available in Europe until the 14th century. The Chinese ...

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Alongside the Homo sapiens remains found at at Jebel Irhoud, Morocco, stone tools and

worker making final adjustments on a high-end diamond jewelry suite

If further studies bear out the reliability of gene editing in improving such traits, China

What is the Popigai Crater?

Net Imports of Polished Diamond

China's Gold Demand 2002-2012

Blast furnaces existed in Scandinavia in the eighth century AD, but cast iron was not widely available in Europe until the 14th century. The Chinese ...

These two components were spiritual and physical opposites, the spoon representing Heaven and the plate representing Earth, which, when brought into contact ...

When it comes to scientific achievements and developments in ancient China, alchemy would be placed in the first chapter of the history book of ...

Chinese Jade: The Gentleman's Stone

Jade and Jade Jewelry-A unique gemstone associated with ancient Chinese civilisation

Zero: It is recognized the world-over that the Chinese took the first step in developing the concept of zero, necessary for carrying out even the most ...

The Third Offset strategy and glide vehicle tests by China and Russia were “signs that the three countries have kicked off a new arms race”, He said.

Two stone tool points were made using a ...

Asked for his views on the French Revolution, Zhou Enlai famously replied that it was too early to say. For about 2,000 years, until 500 years ago, China ...

Common Tools or Ancient Advanced Technology? How Did the Egyptians Bore Through Granite?

Celine Sun

There are, then, two primary factors contributing to emergence of genetic enhancement technologies ¿

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Olmec Style Pendants found in creek near Chinese votive sword.

Laurie Chen