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... that triggered the recent downturn https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-09/opec-says-it-s-doing-best-to-supply-market-but-won- t-overdo-it … ...

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... supporting the diffusion of anaerobic digestion" Spkr Prof Liz Varga & respondent Dr Pablo Salas #Energy #biofuels #WEF @VargaComplexity @cranfieldmngmt ...

I own my masters, I own my publishing, and ask nothing of you but a brief moment of your time: http://www.iamatman.com pic.twitter.com/u7zI5zYE1N

Take a look and then register to attend! https://bit.ly/2IyPF8C @CompeteNow @ChrisMustain #HPC4Competitivenesspic.twitter.com/yUQ9bY1zeG

Will your city commit to decarbonizing new buildings by 2030? https://bit.ly/2lWsyM4 pic.twitter.com/cSTSkLgb3b

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Sage Blackwood ❄

Denmark 91% Ireland 58% Germany 55% UK 33%(!) Spain 31% NL 30% (I don't think I've seen that before)pic.twitter.com/ZOUiil5E35

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... lost Jo but she's still the centre of our family. Today we'll be remembering her smile, her empathy, her energy and her love.pic.twitter .com/a6ETiQZK4q

The majority falls under the Middle Income group . The world is changing and things are definitely better than we think. #WednesdayWisdompic.twitter.com/ ...

... energy minister & son-in-law Berat Albayrak as minister in charge of economy and treasury. Lira is trading at session low.pic.twitter .com/H1KrIRfqdm

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Country Independent

Turns out, he wasn't the screenwriter and the “genius” behind this innovative approach to the modern art. It was Michael Idov:

... president https://www.yenisafak.com/en/news/erdogan-visits-azerbaijan-on-first-trip-abroad-as-executive-president-3435991 …pic.twitter.com/581Lyy5BVO

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Been an awesome journey!! #LebInUkpic.twitter.com/DZAQwkkWe3

... this street art of him in a mankini he got it removed... He hates seeing it on social media... GET IT TRENDING!!! #FREETOMMYpic.twitter .com/AywEPeyA6d

The Spectator Index @spectatorindex

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Nadwa Dawsari

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Waste to Energy, Solar, Vertical Landfill, Recycle for Life, non thermal clinical waste treatment centre, EPIC and Cenviro Eco Park- 4 years of hard work ...


Isil Arican

Mother of #Gabalebalwe💝💞. 💞 💝 Mother of #Gabalebalwe 💝 💞

Why do you continually betray the EU's own values of freedom, democracy and women's rights? #برقص_تا_برقصیمpic.twitter.com/rcQPTY6Hke

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@nrc @NOVI_BZK @Leefomgevingpic.twitter.com/NxIzlvbTmt

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#grouplearning is great, you gain so much from just an hour or so of Q&A on a topic. #engineering #STEM #China #oilandgas #learning #CPDpic.twitter.com/ ...

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... and research partnerships with Indonesian universities. Great partnerships and bright futures together! @kridarwin @Kemlu_RIpic.twitter .com/yUxhvynUKR

Dhruv 🙌

sehri 🇧🇪 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

#Gesundheitsreform in der #Türkei: #Krebsbehandlungen #kostenlospic.twitter .com/ETSENan7ov

Ekonomiden Sorumlu Başbakan Yardımcısı Mehmet Şimşek Twitter'dan Türk Lirası ve dövizle ilgili değerlendirmede bulundu

This is definitely a first for me: catching India's national bird and national animal in the same frame.pic.twitter.com/uPeDpnv4jl


The Villager

Access the entire archive of Fence magazine (1998-2018) @exacteditions: https://bit.ly/2GKyT5j .pic.twitter.com/9FddYP97Xx

Canadian obligatory bilingual Twitter is pretty weird, moreso when making a three-word throw-away quote tweet joke.pic.twitter.com/1hgD6tTggX

Louie Shepherd

Victoria Macfarlane

Jazmine Mann

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... http://wmmarankings.com/montana-de-la-rosa-vs-rachael-ostovich-flyweight-bout-this-friday-tuf-27-finale-prelims-8pm-et-live-on-fs1/ …pic.twitter.com/ ...

Bocking Talking


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Nothing is more important than rescuing a person in need of immediate medical help. Going forward, no ambulances will be stopped during movement of VIP ...

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... today and haven't had rain for 165 days. Says the next 10 days will decide if the #wheat lives or dies (naturally or torn up).pic.twitter .com/Gnk9rGUM50

... parts of the energy system finally hit newsstands. Honored to have led such an outrageously knowledgeable and thoughtful group of authors. ...

... the latest on the energy transition http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jeremy-leggett/state-of-the-transition-d_b_13955584.html …pic.twitter.com/utZenrVcza

Ken Borland

“The future we want to see won't just create itself.” Listen to Chris Grantham of @ideo talking #reuse #recycle sense on our #circulareconomy Instagram ...

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... الطاقم الذي نفذ الاخلاء بدون خسائر فالارواح تكريم ادبي ومادي تزويد مرتباتهم ٢- محاكمة المسؤل عن السلامة باقصي عقوبة ليكون عبرةpic.twitter .com/bLPLkPZ63V

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Money doesn't grow thru shortcuts rather wealth gets created thru knowledge, experience, patience & discipline.

BlazePizza to offer free pizza in Los Angeles to celebrate @KingJames' arrival https://abc7.la/2J2IxRZ pic.twitter.com/0qVXgDB9x0

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Soheil Abedian

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It was a pleasure to examine his thesis on the sociology of Hebrew Biblical war narratives.pic.twitter.com/AurXLsjQ4w

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Bob Pickard

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Great selection of speakers and a very effective moderation by @TaniaRabesan.pic.twitter.com/f6ulNlHHdD

dissertation defense worst case scenariopic.twitter.com/fiRgsV1iuM