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The Galaxy Illustrations Pt 1 195758 Future Retro Future

The Galaxy Illustrations Pt 1 195758 Future Retro Future


The Galaxy Illustrations Pt 1 ~ 1957-58

gameraboy: The Perfect Secretary by Jon Laurell Sir! vol 11 1954 (via eroticmadsci)

Dark Roasted Blend: Videophones from the Future Past

New Worlds – Vol 6, No 16, (July 1952) cover art by

How good are we at predicting the future

«Interior illustration by Callé for Super Science Stories No. Published January 1950 in Toronto, Canada by Fictioneers Inc

Retro Future, Space Fiction, One in 300

The Galaxy, Woods, Illustrations, Aliens, Fantasy Art, Sci Fi, Galaxies, Sketches

The Galaxy Illustrations Pt 1 ~ 1957-58 | Pulp Sci Fi | Pinterest | Illustrations, Sci fi and Retro

François Schuiten - Au revoir Paris · Architectural DrawingsSci Fi Art Illustration ArtFuture ...

ED EMSHWILLER 1953 Space Stories

Magic Transistor


Soviet Science Encyclopedia (1962)

Startling Stories- detail

Wally Wood (1927—1981): "The Galaxy Illustrations Part 1" 1957

martinlkennedy: “ Painting by Don Dixon from the book Toward Distant Suns but scanned here from Future Life magazine Dec 1979 ”

Illustrations by Kurt Röschl, Germany 1950's-60's…

spacequest: “ The December 1962 edition of Arthur Radebaugh's Sunday comic strip “Closer Than We Think” represented a perfect mash-up of these ideas.

Retro-Future: Mind-Boggling Transportation

Strange and Wonderful Illustrations from Vintage Science Books - Flashbak

ED EMSHWILLER - He Was Framed - maybe a pre-cover of Super-science Fiction - June 1957 - Astronaut replaced by "good girl"

Futurama II- The Moon Base / The world of 2014 as seen at the GM pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair.there is no moonbase but camera*s are rolling ...

Lot 1310

Signed illustrated bookplate! Highly Recommended. By Bill Schelly. This is a deluxe, full-color, oversized biography--the first on one of America's comic ...

Page 1

Note: the interior pages were two-color instead of the usual comic book-style four color.

Holiday Reading Room PICTURE STORIES FROM THE BIBLE: NEW TESTAMENT "Story of Jesus: Part 1"

... Transfers and Promotions; Back cover color-photo ad for the McDonnell Phantom II fighter; and more. Average wear. Unmarked. A sound vintage copy.

Most Star Wars sketch cards are known for being lackluster- 99% of them are black and white. This one, being full color, is considered a premium sketch card ...

First issue was a sell-out

Please see the article ...

Cartoons of 1959, Part 1

The Ambers were from San Francisco's George Washington High School and consisted of Clockwise Barry Tompkins(2nd Tenor),Many Haber(Bass),Ralph Mathis(Lead ...

Limited stock on “cosmic” colored vinyl! After repeatedly being visited by a strange messenger in his dreams while on tour in the islands of Greece, ...

The great First Nations carvers had tools that were art objects in themselves, each one meticulously crafted, things (tools) of beauty.

“…the music is from a piano piece written by French composer Maurice Ravel called “Gaspard de la Nuit.” The section depicted on the building comes from the ...

Collects Wonder Woman #25-45, Annual #2, Who's Who '87 #4 and '88 #4, 1988-90 Recommended. By George Pérez. George Pérez's legendary run on the Amazon ...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

And on top of that there'll be a cornucopia of other names, both familiar and unfamiliar, including (in no particular order other than that which presents ...

I purchased this one on Ebay. I just happened to be checking ebay, saw it was ending for cheap, and put a bid on it. That was enough to get it into ...


The pacing and the writing really make this story, as well as the unexpected ending (which is very Heinlein-esque). The story is from the eponymous ...

...from the little-known and never-reprinted comic series Treasure Chest, only available by subscription in Catholic schools.


(I could ruin the punchlines of some of the jokes, I guess, but I wouldn't dream of doing that, so rest easy.)


When I had the flood mentioned earlier, I lost some of my Galactic Files cards. Well, Dave & Adams put them on sale during the Black Friday sale last year, ...

'SPACE RACE' POSTER. China, 1979.

DC Master Series Foil of Hawkman.

Illustrated: Kids' Liberation Coloring Book VG/FN £15, Subvert #3 VF £12, Wimmen's Comix #1 FN+ £15. For grade and price details on all the others, ...


The story continues with a caption mentioning that Mary and Joseph escaped and then takes up with Jesus as a 'tween, so we're not running that part yet.


The style is of its time, revelling in luxury after the austerity of the decade since the war -'shriek for grilled kidneys...'

LP – 77 Records 77 LP-4 – 1957

Recommended. Grand master fantasy artist Frank Frazetta's most famous work is Death Dealer. He painted several versions of this brooding warrior--this is ...

Attributed to Michelangelo Buonarroti and workshop (over initial sketch by the master with later restorations), Cartoon of Venus Kissed by Cupid, c.


Despite this Orwellian description, von Braun does not mean to suggest that his space station will be the instrument of some dystopian oppression.

One of these years I will finish the original Star Wars series. Maybe.

Peter Sinclair, 1966

full size: http://i.space.com/images/i/000/035/439/original/titan-seas-radar-image-cassini.jpg?1387482177

Peter Andrews biography

*Crime, Spies & Sleaze: Dame Ngaio Marsh has been considered one of the four 'Queens Of Crime' of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction (alongside Agatha ...

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Campbell's first published story, "When the Atoms Failed", was cover-featured in the January 1930 issue of Amazing Stories

The Future Isn't What It Used To Be.

I think that one of the things parents have to do is to teach children hypocrisy, because that's how you survive—by being nice to people who are ...

I have no more understanding of the intricacies of the internal combustion engine than I would the opening chapter of Quantum Physics For Dummies, ...

And finally, there's the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, the last great shipwreck of the 20th Century. Built in 1957-58 and named after the chairman of Northwest ...

Frederick William Burton biography


A couple of years ago, I penned an article for Travel + Leisure magazine on one of my favourite subjects, old-time Las Vegas. It revolved around how my ...

Mike Noble - A well remembered episode of Gerry Anderson's creation Fireball XL5

A&BC - Fantastic Twisters


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[vintage ad courtesy Bill Hanke Music Research Archives]

"Pigtail ...

The “contents” of Side A from Monty Python's Previous Record from 1970 – written from the perspective of a 'Harley St. dentist' – is an amusing bit that ...

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I think that one of the things parents have to do is to teach children hypocrisy, because that's how you survive—by being nice to people who are ...

Performance Online - Classic Car Parts Catalog | Brake | Vehicle Technology

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