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The Amazon Pink river dolphin a beautiful creature that lives in the

The Amazon Pink river dolphin a beautiful creature that lives in the


The Amazon Pink river dolphin, a beautiful creature that lives in the magical environment of the Amazon river.

Pink Dolphin Amazon River

Pink River Dolphin Amazon River of South America. shared Pinterest photo, Nic Bou 2013

Pink Dolphins also known as Boto, Boutu or Amazon River dolphins as it inhabits the

The #Amazon Pink River Dolphin.....one of #Brazil's many endangered species.......and the reason why? MAN! We hunt them for fish bait, pollute the river ...

... Dolphins live in the Amazon Rainforest because they can only live in freshwater with no bridges and dams which this forest has. Picture

I always thought pink dolphins were the angels for underwater creatures :)

Amazon pink river dolphin by darktiger17 ...

amazon pink river dolphin

Pink Amazon River Dolphins

Amazon river dolphin

Maybe the strangest looking dolphin you'll ever see!

An extremely rare picture of the Amazon river dolphin, pink river dolphin or boto breaching

Pink Dolphin - A fresh water river dolphin endemic to Amazon river

Amazon River Dolphins Amazon River Dolphins Amazon River Dolphins ...

Species Profile: Amazon River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) | Rainforest Alliance

Amazon river cruises: Is getting so close to wildlife ethical? Pink river dolphins ...

Pink River Dolphin Facts – Amazon River Dolphin Facts

amazon river dolphin by josé hilton. Maybe these are what Con saw? They look

Why one species of dolphin has turned pink

Amazon River Dolphins

malformalady: “ The Amazon river dolphin, also known as the pink river dolphin or

Amazon Pink River Dolphins - Front.jpg

Amazon River Dolphin

Hunting Amazon River Dolphin or Pink Amazon Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis), Rio Negro,

Amazon river dolphin

Amazonian River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis)

Amazon River Dolphin Inia geoffrensis photo

Purple looking pink river dolphin, up close. Mural Lima, Peru, 2015.

Pink Amazon River Dolphin

Pink River Dolphin | What Do Amazon River Dolphins Eat | Pink River Dolphin Facts


Swimming With Pink River Dolphins … Just Part Of Life In The Amazon

Pink the albino dolphin: Pink dolphin appears in US lake

Facts About the Amazon River Dolphin (A Picture Book For Kids, Vol 166): Lisa Strattin: 9781537756486: Amazon.com: Books

If you never knew that dolphins could live in the Amazon ...

One pink river dolphin threw almost its entire body in the air.

Pink Amazon River Dolphin royalty-free stock photo

Pink river dolphin

Amazon pink river dolphin, in Brasil.

The Amazon Pink River Dolphin looked impressively agile as it rose above the waves

However: the Amazon River Dolphin / Flussdelfin @ Zoo Duisburg [16/17] - YouTube

... after photographing the dolphin. Image: Eric Rue, Calcasieu Charter Service ...

Pink River Dolphin Facts - Amazon River Dolphin Facts

A new species of pink river dolphin, Inia araguaiaensis

Pink River Dolphins

Help us to save the pink dolphin

... Amazon River Dolphin are not fused together, and therefore the Boto is able to bend its neck in a 90 degree angle to its body, and skillfully hunt fish ...

... the Amazon region where they live. Pink River Dolphin

Amazon river dolphin

Encantado: Pink Dolphin of the Amazon: Sy Montgomery, Dianne Taylor-Snow: 9780618131037: Amazon.com: Books

Pink dolphins are not the same dolphins that you would see in the ocean; they have special adaptations to their habitat. In fact, river dolphins are only ...

Distribution and Habitat. The distribution of Amazon River dolphin ...

Image: Jose Hilton Pereira da Silva

Photo source: BotswanaGallery.org

Pink-Dolphin-Private-travel-to-peru-ancient-summit. One of the ...

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Pink Dolphin

Amazon River Dolphin Inia geoffrensis spyhopping photo

Amazon pink river dolphin. Photo: Fernando Trujillo/Fundacion Omacha. Adapted to hunting in the inundated ...

The Amazon river dolphin (Inia Geoffrensis)

Yes, it's doing what you think it's doing (Credit: Mark Carwardine/naturepl

Brazil, Amazonas, Rio Tapajos, Santarem. Freshwater pink Amazon dolphin (WILD,

... the Amazon River Dolphin otherwise Boto or Pink River Dolphins. Pink Dolphins

Dolphins: Pretty in Pink?

Pink Dolphins in the Amazon River in Bolivia - Best Time

Amazon River dolphin

Close up of Pink river dolphin, mouth open, Rio Negro, Novo Airao,

Amazon (Pink) River Dolphin

The Amazon's Pink Dolphins: Bait for Catfish? (VIDEO)

Irrawaddy dolphin breaching

Amazon River Dolphin Images

Amazon River dolphin

dolphin as fish bait

Pink DOLPHINS fitted with trackers to protect species in Amazon | Nature | News | Express.co.uk

... Amazon pink river dolphin tour. Bufeo ...

Photo source: Fmilanez

Amazon River Dolphin. Here is an ...

Eavesdropping on the Ganges River Dolphin

Amazon River Dolphin coloring page. Pink River Dolphin Drawing

sotalia_fluviatalis_gray amazon river dolphin. Gray Amazon River dolphin is the ...

... Pink Dolphins: Rare Albino Amazon River Dolphin Spotted in USA | by MIRIAM GODET

Pink dolphin in the Amazon ...

A beautiful pink dolphin. (Picture from http://thechromologist.com/pink- dolphin-spotted-fact-or-fake-news/)

Amazon River Dolphin photo 5

Amazon river dolphins weigh up to 450 pounds and can grow to be 8 feet long. And though they can't compare in grace to their salt water cousins, ...

The Amazon river dolphin, alternatively Bufeo, Bufeo Colorado, Boto Cor de Rosa,

Amazon Pink River Dolphin Boto Breaching, Rio Negro, Amazon

381 new species have been discovered in the Amazon – here are some of the most intriguing. A new species of pink river dolphin

Swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon, Bolivia