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TensorFlow 1.9 is here!

Keras; 17.

TensorFlow: the machine learning library explained

The company announced the developer preview of TensorFlow Lite. The new solution is a lightweight ...

PyTorch vs Tensorflow

Since the release of the TensorFlow Object Detection API a lot of enthusiasts have been sharing their own experience of how to train a model for your ...

Introduction: Google Tensorflow on Raspberry Pi

Machine Learning with TensorFlow Training

Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine

TensorFlow - Featured

From In-House Neural Nets to TensorFlow

Learn Build a TensorFlow Traffic Sign Classifier at 95% Accuracy

Step by Step TensorFlow Object Detection API Tutorial — Part 1: Selecting a Model

TensorFlow queuing - example queue

TensorFlow - Google's latest machine learning system, open sourced for everyone | Google Open Source Blog

Deep Learning with TensorFlow Training

Introduction to TensorFlow Introduction to TensorFlow GDG Cloud Belgium 29/09/2016 Matthias Feys ...

Google is bringing you smarter machine learning with TensorFlow - HardwareZone.com.sg

Learn Tensorflow – An Open Source Software Library to Facilitate Machine Learning

google tensorflow

TensorFlow allows computers to discover relationships between pieces of data by performing mathematical operations on the data.

15 May 2017 12:27pm, by Joab Jackson

TensorFloaw peut être utilisé d'une manière très simple pour créer un réseau neuronal multicouche

Google's TensorFlow AI framework adds Swift and JavaScript support

Hello World in TensorFlow

Lecture 7: Introduction to TensorFlow

visual recognition


TensorFlow Logo

Why Does Google's Future Depend on Tensorflow?


March 6, 2017 March 6, 2017 Edgar Press Blogs

Tensorflow Pros and Cons

TensorFlow for Machine Intelligence: A Hands-On Introduction to Learning Algorithms: Sam Abrahams, Danijar Hafner, Erik Erwitt, Ariel Scarpinelli: ...

Being two popular machine learning frameworks, TensorFlow and Theano are used extensively by researchers in the deep learning domain, and more often than ...

Learning Path:TensorFlow: The Road to TensorFlow-2nd Edition

from Google I/O 2017 video; 23. • New TensorFlow ...

TensorFlow Tutorial #02 Convolutional Neural Network

Build Using Tensors and TensorFlow Core


The ...

Tensor -bb- tensor flowing


Books & Videos

Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine | WIRED


Google Updates TensorFlow Open Source Machine Learning Platform

Introduction To TensorFlow

Tensorflow Applications

Short Bytes: Google has open sourced its Show and Tell system which will now be available in TensorFlow machine learning library.

Technology ...

I've been reading papers about deep learning for several years now, but until recently hadn't dug in and implemented any models using deep learning ...

Official TensorFlow background

TensorFlow Graph

This will aid with explaining the runtime environment. From a very simple perspective, a typical deep learning framework follows a process of reading data, ...


Announcing the TensorFlow ...

TensorFlow is a piece of cake, if you have ever used NumPy. One of the main differences between the two is that TensorFlow follows a "lazy" programming ...

Tensorflow tutorial

How do I install TensorFlow and Keras on the Raspberry Pi?

Last year, Microsoft Research revealed Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK), a unified computational network framework that describes deep neural networks ...

An Estimator has three main methods: train , evaluate , and predict . Each of these methods requires a callable input function as first argument that feeds ...

TensorFlow 機器學習軟體工具入門教學與範例實作

Sound Classification with TensorFlow

Building an image classifier, Rajiv actively employed such Keras functionality as fit_generator to train a model and ImageDataGenerator for real-time data ...

TensorFlow machine learning now optimized for the Snapdragon 835 and Hexagon 682 DSP

Why this programming language is called TensorFlow?

Deep Learning CNN's in Tensorflow with GPUs

TensorFlow Community

... automatic gradient computation; 23. TENSORFLOW DATAFLOW ...

Learn Tensorflow Job Vacancy Trends

TensorFlow Dev Summit 2017 logo

Machine Learning in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js — Artificial Intelligence Education - AI Education

ML lab 01 - TensorFlow의 설치및 기본적인 operations (new)

Reading and batching sequence data

Here a schematic overview of our architectural steps and interactions.

VIDEO TUTORIAL Building Machine Learning Systems with TensorFlow with Tensorflow on Tuto.com

Machine Learning with TensorFlow - Module 4: Scaling Data Analysis: Compute with GCP | Coursera

A TensorBoard visualization of the simplest TensorFlow neuron

Install Tensorflow GPU on Windows using CUDA and cuDNN image

Disadvantages of TensorFlow