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Tar Sands FAQ t

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Photograph of tar sands mining, Alberta, Canada

Six months after wildfires, Canada's oil sands now hit by Di Caprio's new movie

Apparently, the oil companies strip mining Alberta, Canada for its bitumen don't have money for a green-washing PR campaign. Lucky for them, the Harper ...

New Tar Sands Impact on Climate, Air Quality Found

Photo Credit: Andrew S. Wright

An oil sands operation near Fort McMurray, Alberta, last September. Production costs are high in the oil sands, and low oil prices are a threat to ...

The Suncor oil sands facility seen from a helicopter near Fort McMurray, Alta. (

Tar sands oil is as bad for health as it is for climate

More than 12,000 opponents of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline encircled the White House in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 6, weeks before President Obama's ...

David Koch, executive vice president of Koch Industries (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Kellyanne Conway will visit Fort McMurray, Alberta, in January to see Canada's tar sands

Athabasca oil sands field

A tar sands tailings lake Jennifer Grant/Pembina Institute/Flickr

Tar Sands Oil Production, An Industrial Bonanza, Poses Major Water Use Challenges

Trucks carry loads of bitumen-laced sand through an open-pit mine.

Oil sands

The People, Pipelines, and Politics of the Oil Sands

View of Suncor Millennium tailings pond and tar sands mining operations north of Fort McMurray.

The Syncrude tar sands site near Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta.

The Norwegian oil giant said its offshore operations in Canada wouldn't be affected by

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran with with the headline: “Expanded Oil Drilling ...

1/13Oil floats on the surface of a tailing pond near Fort McMurray, Alberta.Stuart Hill

It's way too early to start thinking the tar sands is in permanent decline.

2015- Suncor processing operation of Alberta oil sands at Ft McMurray beside the Athabasca River. A report on NAFTA says the new deal could force Canada to ...

Aerial view of the Suncor oil sands extraction facility. Several multinational energy companies have sold their tar sands holdings to Canadian companies as ...

(Credit: Green Peace )

Native communities in Alberta see the effects of oil sands up close. Photograph: David Levene

Alberta Oil Sands Royalties To Bring In $1.2 Trillion Over 35 Years: CERI

NOTHING TO SEE HERE: A new report seems to say that the Alberta oil sands aren't as bad as we thought they were, whatever that means.

Tar Sands Tailings Ponds: Out of Canada's Control

tar sands before after national geographic march 2009

There cannot be a more valuable natural resource in the world that has been subjected to more attacks and criticism than Canada's oil sands.

An arial view of the Alberta oil sands (Photo: Luc Forsyth via Flickr CC

Alberta Tar Sands by NWFblogs used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Fifteen Ways Sierra Club Got It Wrong on the Oil Sands

Climate on the Line: Why new tar sands pipelines are incompatible with the Paris goals

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The Syncrude tar sand site near to Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta, Canada

U.S. Oil Sands' tar sands mine at PR Springs.

A map showing tanker routes through the Gulf of Maine.

This, the headlines trumpet, is good news for the oil sands. In reality, it isn't – more on that below.

Oil Sands

The Apr. 9, 2012, cover of TIME

A large excavator loads a truck with oil sands at the Shell Albian mine in Alberta

... An Inquiry Into a Fatal Oil Sands Accident Won't Look At What Actually Happened ...

... Tar Sands campaign explicitly aims to "land-lock" Canadian crude, keeping it out of overseas markets: https://t.co/E21ZcYhZud… https://t .co/4jmazk6DeZ"

Generating fuel from the Alberta tar sands has become the world's largest industrial project.


Pollution From Canadian Oil Sands Vapor Is Substantial, Study FindsPollution From Canadian Oil Sands Vapor Is Substantial, Study Finds. Image. An oil sands ...

[Denesuline translation: Albıan t'ok'e tłes k'é Cree translation

Can Oil Sands Pay Off at Just $50 a Barrel?

(1:00-1:05): “The Canadian tar sands crude is destined for U.S. coastal refineries releasing more cancer-causing chemicals.”

Two thirds of European oil refineries ready for tar sands imports

enlarge graphic>> · DYK EROI TAR SANDS CHART

We're asking for your your direct support and action to STOP TAR SANDS MINING in Utah by sending the letter below to potential investors.

JPMorgan Chase: Profiting Off Tar Sands Climate Disaster - Rainforest Action Network

The Syncrude tar sands site, on April 27, 2015 outside of Fort McMurray, Canada. Tar sands oil production in Canada is expected to increase by 9 percent in ...

Oil Sands Mining Operations, Syncrude Canada's Aurora Mine, t McMurray, Alberta


Encyclopedia of the oil crash: T is for tar sands …

Largest dirty energy expansion

Infographic: How Big Are Canada's Oil Sands?

An oil sands mine near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Credit: Chris Krug/flickr

But they don't compare to the deep orange of this oil sand pit we

The Case for Phasing out Alberta's Tar Sands

The blockade is a protest against the Trudeau government's plans to build a huge oil pipeline

... oil sands from the mine Huge 50 sq km tailings ponds are toxic liabilities ...

Talisman Energy


Tar Sands Mining: The Extent

Tar Sands Protest Art No Pipeline Canada Shirts Li

... they need to get out of extreme fossil fuels like tar sands, shale oil and gas, or Arctic oil, and invest in a renewable energy future.

The Dutch bank giant ING just publicly announced that it will not finance oil pipeline projects from the Canadian tar sands, including the Trans Mountain, ...

Photos: Paul Sabon, Eamon Mac Mahon \ Greenpeace.org

Oil Sands

(0:20-0:29): “Oil companies have to heat the tar sands with toxic additives generating massive greenhouse gas pollution and dumping cancer-causing chemicals ...

What do you know about Tar Sands

The Story Of The Alberta Oil Sands

Environment and Climate Change Canada. Canada's oil sands ...

canada oil tar sands alberta reuters RTR46ZSC


An Inquiry Into a Fatal Oil Sands Accident Won't Look At What Actually Happened


UK secretly helping Canada push its oil sands project | Environment | The Guardian

Canada won't meet climate goals without cutting back on oil sands

Kimberly ...

Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth

Megan Moore

Tar Sands ...

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