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Takeru TraVKgem t

Takeru TraVKgem t


Takeru Shiba

L'Arc-en-Ciel 25th L'Anniversary 2017 pamphlet

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan | TraVKgem | Pinterest

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan



Recently A-To-J Connections was lucky enough to interview Takeru, vocalist for visual kei band SuG and designer for the brand million dollar orchestrA.

Kamijo ♥ Versailles ♥ Vocal


DIV - Chisa <3

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Sato Takeru Indo 佐藤健 on Twitter: "on a date? XD - Sato Takeru and Taka OOR (Taka's instagram http://t.co/CH4EJkCsr9) http://t.co/Z9nEekNhkd"

Six-Time Champion Takeru Kobayashi of Japan


Zin - Jupiter

ZIN, vocalist from japanese visual kei band Jupiter

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Zin: Jupiter

Subaru, Kuina

“I Couldn't Accept Slavery on Independence Day”: Takeru Kobayashi in His Own Words

Zin. Jupiter.

Oh sweet baby Jesus this man.

Interview With K-1 World Champ Takeru Segawa

Takeru Kobayashi flexing his muscles and motioning to the crowd. “

Manabu and Takamasa

Sato Takeru

Zin - Jupiter

Yo-ka - Diaura

Zin - Jupiter

Digimon 2 Digimon Adventure Takeru Takaishi T.K.Takaishi Cosplay Costume Customize Free Shipping

japanese, yoshiatsu, and dadaroma image

Koudai and Kuina

Zin - Jupiter

Zin - Jupiter

Sebastian Stan & Takeru Kobayashi Are VMAN Men

Sebastian Stan & Takeru Kobayashi Are VMAN Men

Japan's Takeru Kobayashi, a 131 lbs.

Takeru art for the 2nd Digimon Adventure tri. Music Cafe! More info is coming soon... More at WtW- https://t.co/Gnne6DHqWw… https://t .co/xchZZ3keoD"

L'Arc-en-Ciel 25th L'Anniversary 2017


Zin - Jupiter

Rock Clothing, Versailles, Visual Kei, Eat, Pretty Boys, Music, Rock Outfits, Handsome Boys, Musica

Digimon Adventure Takeru Takaishi T.K.Takaishi Cosplay Costume-in Boys Costumes from Novelty & Special Use on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group



Ruki - The GazettE

Kazuki and Subaru

Chisa DIV [DIV MAGAZINE] March 2015 I did my best I hope you guys like it! My back hurts from scanning so much hhahaha but it was worth it enjoy!

Zin - Jupiter

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Yuu & Yo-ka


13fiction ゚゜゚*☆ jrock fanservice?


327 Me gusta, 26 comentarios - 翠(SUI) (@official_sui) en

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#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan | Jupiter visual kei | Pinterest

Uruha. The GazettE.

Zin | TraVKgem | Pinterest

Uruha. The GazettE

T.M.Revolution Musical Guest - Saturday Concert

Chisa. DIV

I don't know why, but I love this pic

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan | Visual Kei | Pinterest

Teru. Jupiter.

T.M.Revolution 西川貴教、OL「西川貴子」として雑誌「CanCam」で衝撃的モデルデビュー!

Find this Pin and more on Hiro (NB) by Hana Takahiro.

Zin - Jupiter & Keita - Far East Dizain


#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan


Aoi / the GazettE.

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan


Zin. Jupiter

Zin-Jame World


Ruki (ルキ) Вокал | 2 129 фотографий

Takemasa, Mahiro, Junji, Mitsuki - Kiryu & Subaru, Kuina - Royz &

#Zin #vocalist #Jupiter #Japan | TraVKgem | Pinterest

seventh heaven cover

Daichi: NB

Kouki. D=OUT.