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Taiyang Xiao Long RWBY t

Taiyang Xiao Long RWBY t


RWBY: Summer Rose and Baby Yang Xiao Long

Taiyang Xiao Long by The8thSphynx ...

Knowing how protective Taiyang is, he probably wanted to be with his wife, Summer. (Plus Tai didn't want Summer's ex-lover anywhere near his wife!

Which Character Inspired Taiyang Xiao Long?

Taiyang Xiao Long presented as a character analysis (Volume 1- Volume 4) | RWBY Amino

It was peacefully quiet in the room except for the snores from Taiyang Xiao Long and his wife Raven Branwen, both sound asleep.


yang and taiyang · Taiyang Xiao LongRwby ...

Jaune Ark and Ruby Rose Lancaster Jauby RoseArk Team RNJR Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose

Taiyang Xiao Long, Rwby, Ravens, Crows Ravens, Crows, Raven

Taiyang and Raven

Taiyang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long The Golden Adventurer by LobbyRinth ...

RWBY - The Xiao Long Song by Lightning-in-my-Hand ...

Rwby, Tai Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long

Noted in Volume 4 and during a few small talks by Yang in Volume 2 as well as an appearance in Volume 3, Taiyang appears to be the overprotective fatherly ...

Taiyang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long - Sketches.jpg


... Yang Xiao Long - Sundowner by LobbyRinth

RWBY, Taiyang Xiao Long

RWBY Yang Xiao Long JP figure.jpg

Taiyang Xiao Long · Rwby Wallpaper · Rwby Characters · Qrow Branwen----I don't know why, but Qrow looks

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Taiyang Xiao Long, Bullshit, Raven, Rwby, Crow, The Crow

RWBY Taiyang Xiao Long

The picture not only showed the younger versions of Qrow well as his sister Raven Branwen and Taiyang Xiao Long, but first time revealed the official ...

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I really like how this shot turned out and I can't wait to see the others when they get posted!

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The "Tai" Dye Dad [ Rwby Chibi | Taiyang Xiao Long ]

[Rwby Chibi | Taiyang Xiao Long] http://emperial-dawn.deviantart.com/art/Uncle-Tai-Rwby-Chibi-Taiyang-Xiao- Long-695069718 …

CosplayLove RWBY Volume 4 Taiyang Xiao Long Cosplay Costume Custom Made Women Men For Christmas Halloween

I feel like Tai doesn't get enough appreciation though he's been through so much · Rwby ComicTaiyang Xiao LongRwby ...

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RWBY Taiyang Xiao-Long Genderswap by Lupus-Malum ...

RWBY taiyang and raven

THEY ARE THEIR OWN PROTECTION SQUAD (i can't believe weiss trusts and believes. Rwby BumblebeeRwby ShipsTeam RwbyRwby RedTaiyang Xiao LongRwby ...

11:25 PM - 15 Oct 2015

Taiyang Xiao Long

RoosterTeeth, RWBY, JauneArc, taiyangxiaolong

The strap appears to be meant to hold a weapon to Tai's back when the weapon is not in use. So I don't think it's for a mace, as maces would properly ...

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (A fem!taiyang Xiao Long X Male!reader)

RWBY taiyang and yang. Taiyang Xiao LongRwby ...

Yang xiao long by adsouto-db02xc4.jpg

Emperial-Dawn ❄ #SupernovaSyd 🇦🇺

RWBY: Yang Xiao Long by a22d ...

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Xiao Long... PUNCH

Taiyang Xiao Long is the dad of both Yang and Ruby. He is a loving and caring dad, But a bit overprotective when it comes to his daughters.

... when she was a kid, but for some reason, the lighting they decided to use made it look brown. Refer to the concept art of Yang and Ruby as children for ...

Color illustration sketch of Yang Xiao Long by Einlee.jpg

Tai sends zwei- (Volume 2-field trip)

RWBY Yang Xiao Long Japanese figure.jpg

this is why we won't be able to see fox in volume 4 #. Rwby ComicRwby MemesTaiyang Xiao LongRwby ...

Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader - Ain't Stoppin' Pt.1 by YellowNinja123 on DeviantArt

Taiyang Xiao Long, Rwby Red, Rooster Teeth, Ravens, Red Vs Blue, Fan Art, Fandom, Crows Ravens, Crows

7:14 PM - 28 Jun 2017

You're Yang Xiao Long, my sunny little dragon.

By now, I'm sure many of us have made the connection between Ozpin and the Wizard of Oz. If it wasn't Ozpin, then it had to be Glynda Goodwitch (It doesn't ...


RWBY - Taiyany Xiao Long: Ink Cross-hatch

RWBY Volume 4 Ch 4 Reaction- Father of the Year Taiyang Xiao Long!

Yang Xiao Long (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork).jpg

AA T ¶ ⒞

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Team STRQ: Taiyang Xiao Long

somber flight raven branwen taiyang xiao long rwby rwby rp incorrect rwby quotes rwby twitter rwby tweets incorrect quotes out of context rwby tweets ...


Ruby and Yang are not blood-related sisters, But they are infact half sisters. Yang revealed this on Chapter 6 of Volume 2 (Burning the Candle), ...


Taiyang Xiao Long by shojoboy1024 ...

Taiyang Xiao Long, Bullshit, Raven, Rwby, Crow, The Crow

... at their phone doesn't mean they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe they're just looking at pictures of Yang Xiao Long. #rwby pic.twitter.com/kiLmdQrPUu

Rwby merry christmas by bean1215-d9lbh74.jpg

Professor Port and Professor Oobleck visit the Xiao Long houshold (RWBY Volume 4) - YouTube

I didn't absorb this fully and thought taiyang was the name of some kpop

Raven is the sister of Qrow Branwen (aka the uncle of Ruby and Yang). She is also the first wife of Taiyang and the mother of Yang.


Taiyang Xiao-long

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Taiyang Xiao Long by InaryAnimations ...

Jaune Ark and Ruby Rose Lancaster Jauby RoseArk Team RNJR Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose

Taiyang Xiao Long, Bullshit, Raven, Rwby, Crow, The Crow

rwby, yang, ruby, tai

Yang Xiao Long ☼